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  1. Right, but despite their large and seemingly 'barbarian' nature, the Wookiees are both a.) quite sociable and capable of cooperation among themselves and b.) fully conversant with 'modern' technology (remember Han's "Wow" from Force Awakens? Think about it: they developed, all on their own, something slightly *better* than blaster weapons). This to me militates in favor of a Wookiee star fleet of some kind. Now, I'm fully willing to believe they weren't centrally organized enough to have some huge military presence--the Mon Cala *barely* had that and they were as centralized as you come. I think of the individual members of the Old Republic as being like the individual members of NATO *other* than the U.S. and sort of Britain: This one nation has a HUGE military, so everyone else has, over time, sort of under-invested in their own militaries. But, as I say, I like the idea of the Wookiees having at least one absolutely kick-*** destroyer that slips away during the initial Imperial takeover. Since we never heard about it during the 'canonical' history of the Rebellion, I like to think of it as being like a Wookiee Nautilus: This lone avenger-ship that prowls the spaceways, a shadowy threat to the Empire who seldom leaves anyone alive to describe it.
  2. I'm overriding this one: The Wookiees have a destroyer out there somewhere. Says me.
  3. See also my other, speculative thread from Age of Rebellion: What happened to the Wookiee fleet?
  4. So here's a question/speculative exercise: What happened to the Wookiee space fleet? Presumably they had one: Despite their reputation as brutes, the Wookiees are supposedly quite technologically advanced ("Space" level in the old planetary ranking system from the D6 days). Presumably they had lots of good space ships. Now maybe the Empire knew what a threat the Wookiees could be and so devoted extraordinary resources to pacifying Kashyyyk and so most of the more-impressive Wookiee ships were destroyed (or perhaps they were lost during the Clone Wars). Still, be interesting to think about what even a severely reduced Wookiee space fleet would could be like. Like, maybe just *one* Wookiee capital ship managed to slip away and eventually joined up with the Alliance fleet . . .
  5. I dunno, title says it all. We haven't played any sessions yet but in the pre-game correspondence, that's the way it's shaping up. So here's the question: When we're ALL playing Wookiees, can we just talk normal to each other not make throat-damaging roars? Presumably Wookiees don't sound like random growling and roaring to each other: They sound 'normal'. (Btw, to our credit we're playing a large variety of classes: Scholar, Politico, Marauder, Mechanic, Outlaw Tech. I think we're going to have our background be that we're the 'cargo' from an Imperial slave labor ship that successfully revolted.)
  6. Just two points: 1.) The Nightsisters seem like they know their planet pretty well. Doesn’t seem hard to imagine at least a handful could have escaped and hid from even a concerted Imperial effort to wipe them out. 2.) ...But even if not, couldn’t they have left, y’know, ghosts? Like the title implies? We know from Chronicles of the Gatekeeper (which I love, btw) that various forms of ‘Dark Side ghosts’ are a thing. Plus, if Dathomir isn’t a Dark Side vergence then what is? Upshot: Seems like Dathomir is better presented *without* the whole ‘crashed mining ship’ angle.
  7. (SPOILERS HO!) So got Ghosts of Dathomir, read it, and, well, the title says it all: It's 'busy'--there's too darn much going on and none of it has really strong connections to anything else. There's mercenaries AND Hutt gangsters AND vaguely Dark-side affiliated thugs/cultists AND possibly the Empire and a dumb guy with a crashed ship and a kidnapped antiquities dealer and massive crashed mining platform and ugggggggggggggggggggggggh. I really harbor the feeling that if played as-written, my players would just have a really, really hard time keeping track of what's going on. Or else we'd reach one of those points where they don't know what to do next and would need me to drop massive hints to in order to get them moving again. What made me want to buy this book was the "Dathomir" part: I figured the PCs would spent a lot of time interacting with the Nightsisters (or, y'know, their ghosts, like the title implies), 'alternative' Force traditions, etc, etc. Problem is: the portion on Dathomir is *maybe* 20% of the adventure's total length. It barely mentions the Nightsisters at all (in fact it sort of discourages you from including them). It's hard to imagine Palpatine and Vader--who knew full well about them--would allow this group of powerful Force-users to continue existing after the rise of the Empire. For me, I'd massively rework the whole thing before I ever ran it: -Keep the basic setup: An obvious Force-connected artifact has turned up and is being offered for sale -The dealer goes missing -The PCs have to track him down -Drop ALL the mercs/gangsters/heist stuff and just say it was Jerserra and her gang of thugs who've kidnapped him/stolen the artifact -Make a more-obvious connection between Jerserra and the Nightsisters -Go right to Dathomir (maybe slight side-trek while PCs find the coordinates from somewhere, since it's one of those 'hidden' systems erased by the Empire, like Moraband/Korrabad) -Drop the whole crashed-mining-ship angle -Have final climax occur in the Empire-ravaged surface of Dathomir with the ragged, feral remnants of the Nightsisters and Jerserra (EDIT: Oh and got to have them fight a Rancor in there somewhere; can't leave that out) That, to me, 'flows' better.
  8. First off, SO excited they are bringing this back, even though I technically don't need it (have a copy of the original Rulebook, plus a PDF of the Sourcebook). Second, if they either release any further supplements (which seems unlikely but particularly the Rules Companion), I would say: Ignore the "Scale" rules (i.e. Capital, Fighter, Walker, Speeder, etc.). They're among the least-elegant additions to the rules. Your PCs will *never* command a capital ship (or, at least, if they do, don't try to map out the precise roll-by-roll rules for it). If they need to attack a Star Destroyer as part of a bunch of fighters, have them just make some extra Starship Piloting checks to avoid screening fire, then a moderate Gunnery check to, say, take out the shield generator. *That* is a better way to work out fighter-vs-capital combat than is trying to cram them into the same rules environment.
  9. Okay, fair enough. Here's an alternative situation to consider though: What if a PC wanted to play someone from a prior era who'd been frozen for decades/centuries? I can thinki of it being an interesting, dramatic background but would there be any game-breaking problems I'd need to consider? I'm thinking specifically of any 'hidden knowledge' this person might have. ("Oh you guys don't know the coordinates to Korriban? In *my* time, it was common knowledge...")
  10. I've been mulling an idea about my PCs finding someone from a prior era--at least many decades, if not perhaps longer--who has been frozen in carbonite. Anyone find this plausible? What exactly do we know about carbonite as a means of long-term suspended animation? Would a person age at the normal rate? Is there any extant EU lore about this? In the end, I may just handwave it ("It's an advanced, alternative form of the technology, rarely seen in the galaxy at large..."). I ask this because I want my characters to be able to get access to a source of knowledge about certain hidden star systems that were known (at least, known to the Jedi) before the Empire but which the Empire itself has carefully erased any mention of. Or perhaps these systems were never widely known and *even* the Empire doesn't know about them. I figure this would be a more-interesting idea than just "you find an old computer/disk/holocron/etc..." (EDIT: It'd be something like the PCs finding a *very* old, wrecked space ship adrift with minimal, flickering power and/or life signs. Aboard they find a still-active carbonite block with active life readings. Could be either someone who was taken captive and frozen (i.e. to neutralize either a Jedi or a Sith prisoner) or maybe the ship was damaged and the person froze *themselves* as a last-ditch means of staying alive while they awaited rescue, which ended up taking way longer than they expected ("So, what's my cousin, Nomi Sunrider up to these days? What? Why are you all looking at me that way?")
  11. TF Organa is . . . hinkier. I'm not sure I'm smart enough to use it right. From what I can understand, it's something you have to time absolutely right: Half your ships need to have already fired and then the other half can tap into this 'pool' of rerolls. (EDIT: Plus, in the context of the Torpedo Hammerheads, it seems like something that's largely replaced by Ordnance Experts). Going all-in on TF Antilles seems much more straightforward: You simply shunt damage around your (multiple) Hammerheads. I *AM* a little unclear about whether multiple Hammerheads can 'bodyguard' a friend on the same attack (i.e. you have 3 Hammerheads, A,B and C. Ship A is attacked for 3 damage. Can *both* B and C use their TF Antilles cards, each thus absorb one damage intended for A?).
  12. Nah, all black dice all the time. Don't fire until you can smell the whites of their eyes.
  13. Hmm, and maybe I wouldn't be able to bring along quite EIGHT of these guys: -Sato is 32 points -8 Hammerheads w/Ordnance Experts, Racks and TF Antilles are 46 points apiece ...equals exactly 400 points. No room for anything else, including the squadrons I'd need to make Sato work. So figure I'm fielding 6 or 7 of these guys instead.
  14. Wait, how would that work on an all-black-dice attack?
  15. Oh shoot, did I misremember that, too? Checking . . . you're right! I had thought it was only 2 Black but it's as many as you want! So: For one glorious, stupendous round, from the front arc, a Hammerhead punches about as hard as an Imperial Star Destroyer but at half the cost. And then there are his SEVEN FRIENDS. (EDIT: "Call up a Hammerhead Corv--wait, no: Call up EIGHT Hammerhead Corvettes! I have an even better idea!")
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