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  1. Actually, upon reflection, this may be wrong. Greedo's ability is a Before ability. I actually think the Greedo player wins.
  2. Similarly, with Greedo's ability, it is conceivable that both players will eliminate all of each other's characters during the same turn. I assume that same rule would apply and the battlefield controller would win.
  3. For Guardian Characters I also believe that Maul's ability kicks in and can be used after the Character who used Guardian rolls in his/her die. In other words, if there are no dice in pool prior to triggering Guardian, Maul still can use his ability to remove the Guardian Character's die.
  4. I don't think that's 100% accurate. According to FFG's Product Legality page... "New products available at the venue of Relaxed and Formal events may be deemed legal by the organizer, even if not yet released." So, if a store that is hosting a Regional (Formal Tier Event) has Legacies product in-store on the day of the event, it can be declared legal for that specific event. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/op/legality/
  5. June 17th @ PBKW in Cornelius, NC. 1st: Bala/Tie Pilot/2x Trooper 2nd: Qui-Gon/Rey 3/4: FN/Dooku and Unkar/FN/Trooper
  6. I think there is a difference between "Resolving Dice Through Cards" and implementing an effect based on what is "showing" on a die. Page 19 of the rules ("Terms" Section) has the following under the term "Showing" (2nd bullet point): "Effects which reference a certain symbol showing on a die work with any side showing that symbol, even if it is a modified side." Since Gaffi Stick uses the term "Showing" and not "Resolve", I'd argue that a die showing a modified melee damage would work. Just my interpretation.
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