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  1. Check out the info on the Evergreen Cup here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1066039783464859/?ti=icl
  2. Don't forget about the Evergreen Cup on Sat Dec 10th. See details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1066039783464859/?ti=icl
  3. https://www.facebook.com/events/1066039783464859/?ti=icl Details Store Wars, 3-man team, 5 round tournament, unlimited teams Registration: Email PNWEvergreenCup@gmail.com with name of Team and team members Cost: $50 per team preregistration NLT Sat Nov 19th , $75 afterward Payment: Can be made via Paypal to paypal.me/EvergreenCup/50 or sign up on the Facebook Page Evergreen Cup Date: Saturday December 10th, roll call at 11am, games commence at 11:30am. Location: Northwest Sportscards Game Center, 6th Ave, Tacoma Fleet Construction Rules Each team will need to bring three 100 point fleet lists, one of each faction, following regular tournament fleet construction rules. Also, I need each team to bring at least 2 official FFG 3’x3’ play mats. Exception to fleet construction: A unique pilot or upgrade (as annotated by the Dot by its name) is unique across the ENTIRE team. (i.e. Lone Wolf may only be used in one list; Boba Fett may NOT appear as a pilot in one list and an upgrade in another list, etc.) ANY officially released FFG X-wing product will be legal for use. For clarity, your team will bring ONLY three total lists to the event, NOT three lists per player. Each player will play each list at least once throughout the tournament. This will occur during the first three rounds of play. Rounds 4 and 5 will be different, as noted below. Tournament Format Rules Pairings will be team against team. Preferably members of each team will be from the same home store, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Any and all players are encouraged to play, regardless of region or even if affiliated with a store at all. The intent of this format is to include all players, catering specifically to the Pacific Northwest Region. Players will play regular 75 minute individual games in proximity of their teammates. To get the win for the team, a team has to win at least two of the three individual games against the other team each round. After a team has been declared winner, then MOV is scored and totalled from all three players for each team. Following current X-Wing FAQ, wins or losses are accrued first, and then MOV is scored afterwards. Determining Your Opponent Each Round Flip a coin. The winner of this coin toss determines which team is team A and which team is team B. After team A and B is determined, then pairings occur like this. Team A puts forth their first player and list. Then Team B selects their first player and a list. Team B then puts forth their Second player with a list, and Team A puts forth their second player and a list. Finally, Team A puts forth their third player with a list, and Team B puts forth the final player and a list. Essentially, order of pairing is 1:AB 2:BA 3:AB at the beginning of each round. This should take no longer than 5 minutes. After pairings are completed, then individual games start as normal, with each game’s players setup phase and determining initiative per normal rules. Example - Round 1: Team A has players Paul, John, and Peter. Team B has players Ryan, Josh, and Brad. Team A sends Paul with a Scum list. Team B then sends Josh with an Imperial List to play Paul. Team B sends Ryan with a Rebel list, and Team A sends John with their Rebel List to play Ryan. Finally, Team A has to send Peter with the Imperial list, and Team B must send Brad with a Scum list. For rounds 2 and 3, a player CANNOT play a list they played in an earlier round. Over the first three rounds, each team member will have played each of the team’s faction lists. Round 2: Pairings as above against a different team, however players cannot play a list they have already used. Thus, Paul has to play Rebel or Imperial list, as he has already played the Scum list in round 1. Say he chooses Rebels. Round 3: Pairings occur similar as above vs another team, and players must play the faction list they have not played yet. So if Paul played Scum list in round 1, chose the Rebel list for round 2, he MUST play the Imperial list in round 3. Round 4: Ace Rules At the beginning of the tournament, each player for each team will identify which of the team’s 3 lists he is considered the “Ace”. Each player can and must only Ace one list, so Paul and John both cannot be the Ace for the team’s Rebel list. Each player picks just one. The lists will be kept secret from all other teams of who is the Ace for which list. During round 4, pairings will occur slightly differently. Player matchups will happen first, WITHOUT identifying who is playing which list. ONLY AFTER the player matchups have occurred will each Ace reveal which list they play to their opponent. Round 5: Enemy Rules This round presents itself with another challenge. Before player pairings occur, all teams will know who is the Ace for their opponent’s fleets. Your team decides which players of the opposing team play which lists before pairings. Finally player pairings will happen last. Prizes! Overall Score (Best Store Trophy - Highest Average of Store teams) Bragging Rights! 1st Place Team: Paul LaRue Card, a Set of Evergreen Cup Custom Acrylic Templates, and the coveted Evergreen Cup Trophy 2nd Place Team: Set of Evergreen Cup Custom Acrylic Templates 3rd Place Team: Set of Evergreen Cup Custom Acrylic Templates Top 4 Teams: Each Player receives a set of Acrylic Tokens All Participants: Commissioned Alternate Art Card, FFG Swag, and a ticket for the prize pool drawing
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