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  1. Not sure if this is from Mansions of Madness (or one of the expansions) or if it somehow escaped from another game I play, but can someone tell me which miniature this?
  2. I've debated picking up an airbrush kit for that exact same thing. I really would like to try the Zenithal Priming technique.
  3. Last night we ran into the following scenario… Character spends their first action to explore. The app places the tile and says something bursts into fire (place a fire token). Then says you may move 1 space into the room. At this point if the investigator take the option to do so would they immediately take the 1 facedown damage? Per the rules yes, but the character, once in the room, used their second action to extinguish the fire. What caused confusion was this line in the rulebook
  4. Hey everyone, I currently own all the Second Edition Products: Core Set Recurring Nightmares Suppressed Memories Beyond the Threshold DLC - What Lies Within And I'm wondering which scenarios are most impacted by owning the other products? My basic thought is to take a Scenario that is highly impacted and play it with only the required products the first time so that additional re-plays can be changed by the addition of other products. Hope that makes sense.
  5. On the other hand getting in close enough to push a monster is significantly different than attacking with a 2x4, axe, gun etc… you have to get in close enough that you would put yourself in harms way and need to be careful of a counter attack (i.e. evade)… unless you're a judo master or something LOL
  6. I've actually thought of picking up a entry level 3D printer for a while and this might actually get me to pull the trigger! Would something like the XYZprinting da Vinci mini 3D Printer be suitable for printing these? It's 100 microns resolution, but I worry the print bed (5.9" x 5.9" x 5.9") wouldn't be large enough for the card cases. If you have an alternate printer suggestion too I would love to hear it.
  7. Thanks, those are actually my favorite of the ones I've done so far. Just love the final effect! I totally here you on the original bases... Too big and hate not being able to see the gorgeous tiles! Thank you! Yeah the zombies were extremely lacking in detail, turns out with some ink washing there's actually some contrast in there =) Thanks! The paint job on the deep ones turned out better than I thought it would. Like the zombies, that's a sculpt I wasn't overly fond of, now I love putting them on the map! As for getting back into painting I say go for it. After the 20 year hiatus I took from painting I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying it!
  8. Glad you like them so far. Here are the Deep Ones and tomorrow I will be adding two more sets…
  9. Probably a little A a little B, but I could take another picture if you wanted. Either way though, thanks!
  10. Next are the Deep One Hybrids. These just got finished last night so it will probably be a little while before the next set.
  11. First up were the cultists. I actually finished them about 10-12 days ago I think.
  12. When I first picked up the game I found the community here and some of the brilliant painting that others had done and decided I would take the plunge and do it as well. So follow along as I pick the brushes back up after a 20 year hiatus! The way this post will work is I will post groups of monsters as I finish them. My intent is to do all of them first so hopefully my skills improve before I get to the investigators. Enjoy the ride and any tips/tricks and criticism is of course welcome!
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