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  1. Coins cannot be harvested, you get a coin from techs or other cards, for each square depicting a coin in your outskirts and from a scout standing and staying on a coin square. But you only get one coin as soon as you arrive on that square and lose the coin when you leave the square. But this coin you only get it once, not every turn you stay there. If you play it this way than you're doing it wrong
  2. Why not use a system like Arkham Horror? You define a fixed number for strenght for eacht unit, based on their rank and add bonusses depending on techs you own. This will be a fixed number for all the available units in the game, predefined and for every game. The number of strenght is the number of dice you may roll when attacking. Each 5 or 6 rolled causes one damage to the unit being attacked. Doing it this way is always a suprise when attacking. Will you kill the defender or not. Now it's based on the number on the cards so when being trumped you always know the outcome. With the dice system you don't.
  3. You don't have to invent it, it exists. The guys from Esoteric Order of Gamers have made such rules sheets for a lot of games. Check their website. For Civ, they have a rulesheet containing the rules of the base game, the combat system and the two expansions, all explained with the actions for each turn. I always use those for my FF games. If you use these you don't need the rulebook. http://www.orderofgamers.com/downloads/Civilization_v3.pdf
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