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  1. I looked at the title and then thought about Tarkin, they don't work together however. Alternative build for the shuttle is Omicron, Krennic, Tarkin and Advanced Sensors. What else should I look at putting on the Interceptors?
  2. Never flown Interceptors or the shuttle before, reckon this will work? Turr Phennir - Daredevil Saber Squadron Ace - Daredevil Saber Squadron Ace - Daredevil Lieutenant Sai - Ciena Ree + Advanced Sensors 198 pts. Thought about adding a Jamming Beam to the shuttle on the off chance it was useful as a 2pt bid doesn't seem to be enough.
  3. For some reason my laptop stopped letting me upload photos yesterday, here's the full album - https://imgur.com/a/UgYOKDS It was an Imperial victory, due to my partner still having most of his forces flying. We started with 9 Epics on the table, only 2 C-ROCs were destroyed. Both of my Raiders survived the game, one was down to 3 hull left on the rear section and if we'd gone another turn, they would have been broadsiding the CR90. Adding Ruthlessness to the TIE Defenders did a lot of work! Removed at least 2 rebel ships due to just the splash damage, they were brutal. I ended up running the gunboats as Mango Cannon Boats but I wasn't sold on them, prefer them as ordanance carriers.
  4. All valid points. At least you can't 're-purpose' the Ruthlessness idea
  5. No probs, I'm now doubting spending 5 points on a single dice per round upgrade on something that already has a re-roll. Can an epic ship acquire a focus token this way?
  6. I like this idea.... A LOT Was thinking the Ordnance guys would help with making sure the harpoons hit.
  7. Tempted to drop the Glaives for a TIE swarm but you know how bad I am at flying formations.
  8. As per Surak's topic, the theme of the game seems to be "Go Big or Go Home", here's my current thinking for a double raider list - RAIDER 1 FORE - Single Turbo Laser, IGRM Thugs, Backup Shield Generator RAIDER 1 AFT - Tactican, Shield Tech, Quad Lasers x2, IGRM Thugs, Optimised Generators RAIDER 2 FORE - Single Turbo Laser, IGRM Thugs, Backup Shield Generator RAIDER 2 AFT - Tactican, Quad Lasers x2, IGRM Thugs, Ordnance Experts, Optimised Generators 3 x Glaive Defender - TIE/x7 & TIE mk2 3 x Rho Gunboats - VI, Harpoons, OS-1 & Advanced Slam TIE Bomber - Jonus - Swarm Tactics, TIE Shuttle, TIE mk2, System and Tactical Officers. TIE L/N - Academy Pilot
  9. Some photos of the game. 500pts of traitorous Rebels teamed with 500pts of filthy Scum VS 1000pts of loyal servants of the Empire (guess which side I was on?). Second time running the raider and the first outing for the Gozanti, me and Surak had a gentlemens agreement that we'd try and do a naval broadside with the two big epics. We had two turns (ish?) of exchanging fire at point blank range, I regretted taking an Ion Battery rather than going full Quad Lasers and came out of the engagment worse off. That said, I think it was safe to say the Empire took the win. At the end of the game (didn't get many photos at the end as it was getting a bit late in the day), the Raider was limping a bit but definitely still in the fight, my Gozanti was chugging along nicely despite getting a hammering from the Kimogilas, and I still had two harpoon gunboats, 3 defenders, a couple of TIE l/ns that were pretty much unscathed and planning to converge on the CR90. My partner still had 16 ships on the table. On the opposite side of the table, the scum player only had 1 Kimogila left and Surak had the CR90, a few fighters and most of his support craft left. My full list was - Raider - Impetuous, Quad Laser x 2, Ion Battery, IG-RM Thugs, Backup Shield Generator, Sensor Team, Weapons Engineer, Optimized Generators Gozanti - Suppressor, Shield Tech, Dual Laser Turret, Comms Booster, Docking Clamps, Automated Protocols 3 x Nu Squadron Gunboats - OS-1 + Adv. Slam and Harpoons 4 x Glaive Squadron Defenders - Crack Shot, TIE/x7, Twin Ion mk2 5 x Academy Pilots Captain Jonus - TIE Shuttle, Swarm Tactics, Twin Ion mk2 and a Systems Officer.
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