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  1. Yeah it's exactly that tension of never have quite enough leaders to do everything you want, and having to make tough decisions, that is an element of the game I love and feel is very important. If we start getting more and more leaders then we lose that, and that's on top of the randomness in even getting those missions. The rebels already have two (I think?) missions that can grant them extra leaders, the expansion gives them two more - that's a potential 4 leader surplus over the Empire which is brutal. The beauty of SRI isn't to avoid Inspire Sympathy, it's to provide added utility to the Death Star which in the 2nd half of the game usually is just a liability due to Death Star Plans. Once the Rebel player gets far enough into the objective deck to start pulling DSP, it's just not worth it to "use" the DS in any meaningful way, it's just about turtling up. But now that in addition to blowing up planets it can ALSO do massive planetary bombardment, that'll make it more worth the risk to deploy it into combat situations and risk getting hit with DSP. It's about giving more utility to the DS to encourage players to use it more. I'll respond to Exploit Weakness along with the below... All 3 of those factors you mention definitely have a value, but you have to consider the COST of all of that: 1) It requires a captured leader, so unless you draw it after you've already captured one you have to consider holding and clogging up your hand with it until the situation arises (more problematic with Imps since they tend to use fewer missions), and it also means you'd be using it over other far more valuable missions on captured leaders. 2) It's an attempt and a 2 fist meaning you have to deploy a leader which is usually more valuable used elsewhere and it'll be going up against both the captured leader and potentially another if the rebs oppose. This means that to optimize your chance of success you'd have to add two leaders, making this a very expensive card from a leader commitment perspective (and no leader specific bonus available). 3) Not only does the objective card go back to the top of the deck (meaning they can just get it back if they want it), but it's also a RANDOM card. It's just as likely (or maybe more so later in game when Rebels have more objectives than they can satisfy on a given turn) that the card would be useless to the Rebels as not. 4) The knowledge of the card has minimal use since the Rebel players tend to use Infiltration almost every turn anyways and that allows them the option to drill past the objective anyways if they want. I'm not saying it is a useless mission, just that it's benefits are not worth it's cost and given the Imperial tendency to play fewer missions anyways, it will be rare that this card would be worth the leader action commitment. I do totally agree with you though on the leader addition cards, although I actually think it's riskier that the Rebs end up with a huge leader advantage, but just in general this is an added element of luck with no way to respond that i'm not a fan of.
  2. Wooohoo, preview update!!!! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/7/7/single-reactor-ignition/ Initial knee-jerk reaction time: Exploit Weakness seems kinda terrible; an attempt mission that only dumps 1 random objective card, and sends it to the top of the deck? Meh. I like the potential of Imperial Might; good surprise move capability but also requires a decent leader investment (2 for the Coruscant optional + 1 for the following move). Reconnaissance looks potentially very powerful; Empire is gonna want to keep some Intel strong leaders in reserve for that. Behind Enemy Lines looks pretty familiar.......the resolve is nice though. Discredit Rebellion is a fantastic looking card! Love how it is potentially powerful or relatively useless depending on the situation, but also gives agency to the other side in terms of how to react. This type of layered card is a great addition. Also really like We're the Bait, except it seems a bit too strong given the inability for the Rebels to react (although I guess freeing a leader and the high intel cost makes it a difficult to use card). Would've preferred something more along the lines of DR where the Rebels could decide to either allow the troops to go or take a reputation hit. Or maybe the number of health worth of troops that get baited would vary depending on the diplomacy level of the captured leader. Seem to be several new cards (Promotion, Hire Mercenaries, My Only Hope) that are allowing for more direct control over leader pools. I feel mixed on this for while the agency is nice, it's probably just gonna end up with there always being a "best" use of these cards, rather than it depending on the situation. Secret Mission looks great and very powerful, not sure I like it being just 1 logistics AND resolve AND in Rebel system. I'm liking the potential of Prepare for Battle; another card that could be situationally great but not without risk. Assault is a good example of a variable impact card that I would like to see more of (see comments on WtB). Single Reactor Ignition completely changes the value of a Death Star and I believe will make it a threat all game long now as opposed to a liability in the second half of the game. How many copies of this will there be in the deck? Maybe a version that targets capital ships? Discuss!
  3. Something I've been thinking would make a great expansion is a similar element to the mercenaries found in the Shards of the Throne expansion for TI3. Add some Scum/Bounty Hunters (Dengar, Bossk, etc.) as leaders/ships which go up for auction that both sides can participate in to try and outbid for the services of that merc. Once acquired, that mercs loyalties could still be impacted by cards throughout the game that could cause them to switch sides at a moments notice and maybe have their services go up for re-auction periodically. Would have to come up with the auction bidding mechanism (since there isn't any kind of "money" resource in Rebellion), maybe something as simple as each side getting three cards, each worth 1, 2, and 3 credits, there will only be three merc auctions throughout the game (let's say turns 2, 4, and 6), and each side bids on the available merc blindly using one of their cards. Each card can only be used once per game, so once you use your 3 it's gone. If there's a tie, then nobody gets the merc (so there's incentive for bluffing, etc.). This would be quick and simple, require only a moderate number of extra pieces and cards, shouldn't add much time to the game, and would add theme and complexity. The biggest obvious problem with my auction suggestion is that there would be games where no mercs would even be involved, but I'm just throwing that in off the cuff. Really the key ideas here are a couple extra leaders (maybe coming with a special ship) which have flexible loyalties and are up for auction (so each side has equal shot at them).
  4. Don't forget that heroes can incur strain to gain movement points, twice per activation. So you can move two places and still double rest on one activation. Also don't forget about blocking line of sight. Using cover, keeping heroes positioned in a way that they can selectively block for each other, all in addition to the other advice given above. There's a lot of talk on the forums about balance and I think the consensus is that the core campaign is relatively balanced, but slightly favors the Imperials. That's also over the course of the whole campaign, certain individual missions (like Aftermath as you specified) are much more heavily balanced in Imperial favor. In you group do the rebels absolutely never win? Or are you just finding Imperials winning more?
  5. Interesting, I like this direction although I would probably go with keeping Wired on Zeta over crackshot. And If 99 isn't going to reliably get the initiative bid anyways, maybe it's worth it to go 100 and just keep Dark Curse over the BlackCrack? I really do love the survivability of Dark Curse, particularly given my local meta which relies a lot on dice altering and rerolls. Guess I'll have to do it the fun way and try both! Also, definitely didn't realize the true classic Soontir, waaaaay before my time, haha. I only started playing about 3 months ago I really like this list too and will give it a go, thanks! I don't have a SF Tie but just ordered one to try this out, gonna be a Sunday Funday this weekend
  6. Good point on Zeta with Wired. What would you recommend as a good cheaper alternative to Dark Curse?
  7. I love flying a classic Soontir and having had some recent experiences with how hard both Defenders and Dark Curse can be to take down I was thinking of this relatively balanced list: 35 Soontir (27), Royal Guard (0), PTL (3), Autothrusters (2), Stealth Device (3) 28 Delta Squadron (30), TIE/x7 (-2) 16 Dark Curse 20 Zeta Leader 99 TOTAL The idea here being survivability, forcing hard decisions on target acquisition, and keeping the points balanced. Soontir as flanker, the other 3 in formation with Delta and DC on blocking duty and Zeta to up the firepower. I think my biggest concern here is the relative lack of red dice, particularly if Zeta goes down early. Then Soontir would need to do a lot of the heavy lifting from an attacking standpoint. Any thoughts or advice on this? Maybe something else in place of Zeta leader?
  8. I was thinking that a different hero would take his spot, I think the game is max fun when all four heroes are playing so wouldn't ever recommend being down one. To each their own, whether or not to reduce XP is just a balancing thing at that point. As far as downside for the imperials, I don't think the idea of Iron Man is to make the game easier for the Rebels so again this would just be a matter of balancing the details to taste. There should be some kind of penalty to having a hero go down, that's kind of the whole point.
  9. How about a middle ground between the two, make it similar to the campaign in XCOM where a withdrawn hero has to "heal" and is unavailable for a mission or two? And keep track of the XP pool for the heroes in the "barracks" alongside the main group but with some kind of penalty/discount, so that they don't have as much XP as the main group but can still contribute to later missions. That way there's still a penalty to having a hero withdrawn from a mission (miss an important hero for the next mission or two and they only get part of the XP earned by the group during that time) but it's not too crippling (that hero is replaced by another, albeit less XP'd, hero and also can come back).
  10. I just wanted to drop in here and say that this series is FANTASTIC and I can't wait to read more! I'm waiting to fire up another campaign with a small group once I'm done painting all my minis and having this kind of meta knowledge going into it is so much fun. I love understanding how systems work and this is an excellent breakdown. Looking forward to the next part!
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