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  1. We did a 200pt quick game last night on a 3'x3' table. (Great gateway game.) Ran ISDII Devastator with Vader, Needa (maybe not directly right with the theme), TRC, Gunnery, no fighters, etc. I blew through my def tokens in the 2nd turn and tried to re-enact the final scene from Rogue One on a Vette and MC30 with fighters. I nearly lost, but popped one ship, and at one point I threw 6 blue AA at the Falcon. It was a 45min game and felt fantastic with theme.
  2. I have wrapped my original cardboard one with clear packing tape to preserve it the best I can. It looks and feels safer that way.
  3. I only regret that I have only one like to give. That Hyperlane tweak is perfect for my taste. With some a rookie group, the extra customization options will help (and I plan to use them), but hardened veterans will probably like the gravity of choosing something being near permanent. We are allowing the dropping of upgrades and generics (for lost points) in our group and I think that it avoids forcing someone to intentionally lose an asset in battle so they can swap it out. I just realized that I could echo and concur with most of these house rules and interpretations so I'll stop here, say thanks for penning it down, and hit the print button to add to my CC box for my next RL campaign.
  4. My first priority has been getting at least one copy of each. I find the novelty of different arcs and maneuvering capabilities, as well as having 1 copy of each upgrade card being the best way to keep each play exciting. You can proxy cards, but it's not as easy to proxy firing arcs etc. Getting the objectives with the campaign was a huge deal for me. For casual play, it's hard to beat the large changes that each objective brings. One list can get played several times with totally different results based on the objective in play.
  5. Currently, I'm liking my first list with a Rhymerball. In general, I hug my own AA zones to force a decision: engage the bombers on my turf, or ignore 6-8 rerollable black dice from blue range. It can be tactically countered, but it keeps their fighters busy and works against lists without squads. Spice it up with Ruthless strategists on your AA ships if you are that kind of admiral. Also, if you can get an OE Flechette Raider near the melee without getting it destroyed, it drastically changes the situation for your pilots. My point is that you should not forget your AA when planning your fighter screen. Having an intel ship to send in AFTER the battle is joined will get that 2nd or 3rd bombing run before lock down. Then turn your bombers and AA toward trying to harvest squadron points.
  6. To add data to the discussion: We are going into round 4. The score is Imps 4, Rebs 1. The Rebels won 2 Show of Forces and 2 Hyperlanes in the first 2 rounds. Rekkon, our imperial tank fleet has kept points coming into the coffers however. I'm a fanboy of this game and can't bring myself to criticize it often (I spend enough time being critical at work). However, I, as the imperial on Show of Force, was woefully outmatched in skill and list (he had a TRC90/YT4200 swarm and much more experience overall). I easily had the stations down in 2-3 turns using Glads and Rhymer. The rest was damage control for my fleet and I was moderately successful. Our other Show of Force didn't go quite as well against the same opponent/list, but it was the first round when the Imperial fleet was under the 1 upgrade per ship rule (against 5 TRC90's and rogues), but 1 station was destroyed. With the imp player handicapped a bit, it seemed a fair objective. I defended the Hyperlane another round and felt like a scumbag turtling against someone I'd never played before, but it was easily the best option. In the end, I charged out to make a quick strike against one of my opponents 3 MC80s (2 winged) and gave him the win (and myself a clear conscience). The last 2 turns were fun, but I did not enjoy having to choose sportsmanship vs. good strategy. To add another opinion: I really like the Hyperlane Raid, but a tweak to further incentivize crossing the table and/or giving the Rebel player the win on a tie are good ideas IMHO. Then, at minimum the imperials have to get one ship across the line. Show of Force stations seem easy to destroy, but requires the Imperial player to risk damaging their fleet. It may not be perfectly balanced, but I'd say that it is within bounds and doesn't have a scumbag strategy that forces the sportmanship dilemma. As an aside, I think giving the Rebels a small extra advantage would make it align better with Show of Force. Perhaps letting the Rebels place the obstacles anywhere on the table (to clutter their backfield a bit, would do. In future games, I plan to houserule Hyperlane Raid to "Rebels win a tie". Thematically the imperial can turtle and 'wait for reinforcements', but will be giving up 40 points by default if he doesn't try to Red Rover at least 1 ship.
  7. Screwing around, I try to fly whatever doesn't get flown by 'normal people'. Jousting several Neb-B frigates backed up with the Falcon and Y-wings were a regular on my end until JJ went and made Y-wings popular. I'm too much of a hipster to fly something popular. Now I'm looking at E-wings. I watch the meta discussions and my next flight is using whatever is out of vogue (often for good reason). I enjoy this game so much because I seem to not be alone in having a penchant for championing the underdogs. My next project is large base carriers rigged for durability that are not supported by flotillas, and commanding generic wave 1/2 squadrons. I also tend to avoid good ships like the Assault MkII even though they'd fit my playstyle, simply because they look less like my childhood.
  8. We need more topics like this. Armada nerds confessing their deep secret builds that they didn't want to show their tournament friends. I think it's great discussion. The Invincible above needs MOAR TIES and Rhymer (chasing rockets across the field trying to shoot or distract them before they hit whatever outpost we were supposed to defend), in an Minefield object - just for nostalgia.
  9. This is the 400pt version of my CC list. I'm not a usual imperial player, but I'm having a blast with a version of the following list. It takes some patience to play because you rely on the Gladiators for AA to protect your Rhymerball, but anything coming close enough has to deal with either the Glad AA or the Glad's main (black dice) attacks with Jonus. The Raider with Flechettes is VERY fragile so he is hard to use, but it's REALLY effective if he's able to shoot at an enemy fighter ball. The objectives are hidden because I haven't shown those to our CC opponents yet. It has no VSD, but the shuttle and Tarkin allow you to easily command the ball with the other ships. My CC version has another Glad and Screed for more consistent black dice. Rhymers Glad Raider Faction: Galactic Empire Points: 400/400 Commander: Grand Moff Tarkin Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 points) - Skilled First Officer ( 1 points) - Ruthless Strategists ( 4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 72 total ship cost Raider-I Class Corvette (44 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Flechette Torpedoes ( 3 points) = 51 total ship cost [ flagship ] Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) - Grand Moff Tarkin ( 38 points) - Bomber Command Center ( 8 points) = 69 total ship cost Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 points) - Demolisher ( 10 points) - Skilled First Officer ( 1 points) - Ruthless Strategists ( 4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 82 total ship cost 1 Major Rhymer ( 16 points) 2 JumpMaster 5000s ( 24 points) 1 Lamda-class Shuttle ( 15 points) 1 Zertik Strom ( 15 points) 3 TIE Bomber Squadrons ( 27 points) 1 Tempest Squadron ( 13 points) 1 Captain Jonus ( 16 points)
  10. The previously ineffective 3rd Corellian Patrol fleet (Rhymer's Raiders) responded to a call in the Polanis system where a recent imperial show of force had been conducted. Apparently, Rebel propogandists were active in the area putting their own spin on our attempts to preserve order. A Most Wanted flotilla was identified and the ISB had information saying they were planning to sabotague the Gladiator-class star destroyer 'Screed to Halt'. Two full bomber wings went toe to toe. The Rebel, Biggs Darklighter had scraped together a band of freighters to run interference for a wing of B-wings (commanded by a specialist task force) and was met with Rhymer's own wing who had authorized the use of Ruthless Strategies. The tactical situation was clear reckless hull points meets unkillable damage distributors. Both were using embedded Relay squadrons to ensure maximum efficiency. Both bomber wings and their escorts were left in ruins after getting a volley or two of fire to their targets. It would have been a one sided slaughter for the insurgents had it not been for a concentrated effort from the star destroyer AA crews. In particular, a Raider class corvette employed newly developed flechette torpedos to extreme effect, buying the Empires fighters a chance to regroup and the AA gunnery to do it's work. The imperial commander on the scene is indebted to a previous engagement where it was said his bomber/ship captains needed to synchronize their attacks. I fear the favor has been returned as the Rebel commander will certainly have learned a similar lesson here. The Gladiators did what they were built to do and worked through the rebel 'convoy' as they passed one another. Those that could scatter were able to beat the blockage, those who could not were scarred if not destroyed as each side gave 'passing honors' to one another. One commendation of note is the recommendation to promote Captain Jonus. His work at guiding the Gladiator ordinance single-handedly changed the efficiency of the imperial ordnance. While not among the first imperial 'veteran' commendations in the third fleet this campaign, he is on his way toward major after leaving the medical bay. (EmFrank was a blast to play against. Our fleets matched up for an utter brawl and when the breeze started to blow against him at the end, it was obvious that he enjoys this game regardless and that makes him a pleasure to rumble with. I think we both learned some tricks from each others lists and I look forward to our next match-up.)
  11. If I had an opponent who regularly evaded me (via disengagement or Hyperspace) I'd rig my fleet to go after him. All you need to do is nip one squadron to force him to lose or fight (hyperspace costs points). There is so much good fiction in this regard. The elusive commander is hunted by a vengeful and frustrated nemesis. That's why I'm playing the campaign. It may be less pew pew, but more story and flexible, alternative goals in battles beyond just winning via points. If you are being overly evasive, all the opponent needs to do is learn to nip you (1 squadron) to consistently pull ahead in resources and points. The evasive tactic comes at a cost that will eventually make it hard to stay elusive (assuming the chaser is wise enough to build a harrier fleet to hunt fast prey).
  12. We're doing a Vassal campaign and I have been running 3 Glad-II's a Raider-I with a Rhymerball. Escorts? That's what those glorious hunks of metal over there (and there and there and there) are for. It's not wrecking face, but try flying it in a Show of Force. It was magical. My opponent was better and with a better list, but the stations were essentially doomed in 2 turns. I'm a novice with Imperials hardware, but this list is fun to run with.
  13. Round 2. SkyCake vs. deDios. I'm no journalist, but 3 Gladiator class destoryers, a Raider corvette and a cloud of bombers descended upon a couple of 'farming stations' over Sacorria. After previously losing a few ships over Talus to a trio of Disney leisure liners (as they identified themselves) the third fleet was all business. A horde of corvettes and YT-style freighters up quickly came to the station's aid. They 1st station fell to long range bombing within the first 2 turns as the corvettes scattered (I didn't know they had that token, but now we've seen it). The fighter engagement grew heavy while the Gladiators survived volley after volley of TRC aided fire. One reached its target and that was all that was necessary for the station's grav generators to fail. The Demolisher broke formation to attempt to strike the Rebel command ship, but did not put sufficient fire into the vessel before it moved away and the Demolisher was destroyed. The imperial fleet quickly moved away to make the jump to hyperspace while the remainder of the bombing wing fought for escape and survival. Just a hit or two away from escaping Admiral Screed's command ship helped dispatch a corvette before buckling under capital and small unit fire. The battle lost, but the mission objective complete - an imperial convoy arrived later to load the supplies gained from the battle to give much needed resources to the Corellian sector patrol fleet. My first time meeting SkyCake and it was a sporting, enjoyable game. He exemplified the Fly Casual attitude while rocking my fleet late into the night. Great write up on our first battle above Fanfan. That was really a 2 turn game, but it was a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing you and your fleet again. Thanks for defending my competency.
  14. Thanks ya'll. That's what we were thinking. Our Vassal game is allowing it, so if it gets out of hand - I'll let the forums know what happened.
  15. Demo's post is what I was wondering, but can't specifically find it. Do 'set aside' upgrade cards count as part of your fleet total, or does the 500pts only count what you take to each battle? My specific scenario: If I were to add a certain ship or squadron to my fleet, it would put my fleet points at 505. 1) Do you see it legal to unequip an upgrade card (worth 5+) points and 'set it aside for later' as the rules allow to make room for my new toy? 2) Or do I have to wait until a scarred unit is destroyed to make room for my new toy? 3) If "yes" on 2, can a person voluntarily destroy a unit (e.g. a squadron) without compensation between rounds to make room for the new toy?