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  1. deDios

    Valuable Payload - Vassal Mini Event

    Mon Cala training exercise has concluded with 50-16 (7-4), in favor of deDios vs. Quadro. After the Quadro’s MC 75 craftily maneuvered (as 1st player) to deliver it’s ordinance into Madines MC80. Madine disengaged his remaining one hull point and panicking crew to grab the token, land on the station twice, and do a miraculous turn to avoid leaving the exercise area. Tycho was lost delaying a hungry fighter screen, and the MC75 just missed grabbing its cargo on turn 6. Nice to meet @Quadro28, and enjoyed the banter/game.
  2. deDios

    Valuable Payload - Vassal Mini Event

    I dropped in a fleet (past the deadline). Put me in if it gives you an even number of players, don't put me in if it causes a 'bye'.
  3. deDios

    FAQ drop before worlds confirmed

    This thought isn't helpful, but as long as we're sounding off, again.... I'm ok with flotillas in general, but try not to use them because I feel they are too easy of an answer and I like exploring options. One thought that would be interesting for future waves/updates is make each unit of the same type cost increasingly more than the last. First flotilla naked costs 17, second costs 19, third costs 22, fourth is 26.... Same could be used with other small base ships. I always thought that would encourage diversity without preventing spam if someone has a fun idea. That probably wouldn't boost sales of multiple packs, however.
  4. deDios

    Raddus Odds of survival

    For the MC80L, I too like the Star Cruiser for head-on and side-on attacks (especially for the more stable dice and lower cost). However, if you are going to chase as 2nd player, the Battle Cruiser with Caitken & Shollan and Spinals (+Ion/Turbo's to taste) has not disappointed me. I hated losing Gunnery Teams, but once you are safely behind the battle lines, nothing at speed 3 can clear your red range (even without using ETechs). I felt terrible for a newer tournament player that ended up in that situation with me because he was utterly powerless to stop the damage. Also, you can wait on that MC80L activation until it is convenient for you, but they need to move their prey ASAP to avoid the extra blue dice. For the record, I still like to hyper in to make a crossed-T and turn hard into the pursuit, but it just keeps hitting afterward even when they are speed 3.
  5. deDios

    Hammerhead Swarm

    With Mon Mothma I think solar corona is boring, but a very good choice to keep those evades in play. With careful deployment I was able to go into the outside 1 foot of the table and produce a firing line coming straight out of the Corona at your opponent.
  6. I would add it with the recent rash of Leia lists. I lost track of how many Shields it regenerated with one (expensive) command dial - maybe 6 or 7 per turn during the first rounds of engagement, and the dice were uncannily accurate with CF dial and token going nearly every activation. Another version had one less HH and took QBTs, and Toryn Farr to hand out speeding tickets, and various unique rebel officers to personalize the hammerheads. Antilles Maneuver (400/400) Rebels Commander: Commander Leia Organa Objectives: Solar Corona, Opening Salvo, Contested Outpost [flagship] Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60) - Commander Leia Organa (38) - Phoenix Home (3) - Shields to Maximum! (6) - Disposable Capacitors (3) - Ray Antilles (7) - Lando Calrissian (4) - Projection Experts (6) = 127 total points Hammerhead Scout Corvette (41) - Task Force Antilles (3) - Cham Syndulla (5) = 49 total points Hammerhead Scout Corvette (41) - Task Force Antilles (3) - Jyn Erso (4) = 48 total points Hammerhead Scout Corvette (41) - Task Force Antilles (3) = 44 total points Hammerhead Scout Corvette (41) - Task Force Antilles (3) = 44 total points Hammerhead Scout Corvette (41) - Task Force Antilles (3) = 44 total points Hammerhead Scout Corvette (41) - Task Force Antilles (3) = 44 total points
  7. deDios

    GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    Never gets old guys. The tag team is even more classic.
  8. We were just talking about how nice it would be to do something in Dickinson. Most everyone there would have to drive 100-300 miles, but it would cover a 'region' that doesn't have a lot of Armada options (Minot, Bismarck, Colstrip, Rapid City). It's too bad the store closed down. This conversation may not produce any concrete events, but I'm glad y'all responded so we have an idea of who is playing around here. It's kind of my playstyle to create options. If we keep finding a couple of guys each week on this conversation, it'll be worth annoying the rest of the forum from more civilized parts of the galaxy.
  9. @SgtDurandal & @durandal343 Sounds like we are farming the same moisture vaporators. I've got a note to Bismarck players to figure out who they are. We (the 2-4 of us) mainly play in my basement. The closest Store championship I know is Fargo, so I'm going to see if we can rig something up (at least once a year) in the western dakotas within range of you guys, us, maybe the S Canadians.
  10. *shameless bump* (hoping for a couple of random prairie dwellers to find this post) It was so cool at the Winnipeg regional to run into a solid group of players that are not a plane flight or a Mogrok nomad trip away. Are there any store championships in Regina SK or Rapid City SD? It's hard to find lists of store championships in Canada. I'm working on making a case for a decent Store championship in Minot or Bismarck ND.
  11. I'm praying I don't miss my second regional in a row due to 'environmental factors'. The forecast says the heavy snow will hit north of ND just as we arrive in Minot (unless we make the final cut... that sounds funnier when I say it sarcastically). The Calgary guys aren't going to be so lucky methinks. Does anyone know how Provincial Hwy MB-2 is for being cleared? Going up to Brandon to use Canada Hwy 1 costs us 20 minutes, but I wonder if it is worth it in icy weather. We will have to use the port of entry south of Brandon because of the late hour of making the border crossing on the way home. Also, can fuel be gotten easily on MB-2 late at night? Nearly all the small towns here have automatic pumps for late night stops, but you never know about fuel that is measured in Liters. (BTW, I'm a voice for converting from our measurement system based on the foot of a German-French king, but we still use gallons.)
  12. deDios

    Happy Friday which side to you play

    Rebels. I like high maneuverability hijinks and I get more options for that from the dodgy dissidents.
  13. deDios

    FFG poll! Vote Armada up!

    Resurrected a twitter account I made years ago for some work initiative thing, just to cast a vote. smh
  14. Driving distance in Canada is measured in parsecs right?
  15. Sorry to hit the main channel with this, but I was looking for a roll call of Armada players in this region that feels like it is farthest from the bright center of the galaxy (if there is one). If you play Armada in ND, SD, Eastern Montana, SE Saskatchewan, or SW Manitoba - can you sound off here? I'm from Minot, ND and know that someone around here is buying ships from Barnes and Noble. Who are you people?! I've also heard of players from Bismarck. BTW, Paradox says they're interested in Tourney kits if we can just find a few more players. Rebellions, and local armada communities in remote areas, are built on hope, right?