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  1. @duck_bird, you made my morning. Since worlds will likely never be a thing for me because my busiest work season is right now, your AAR is a blessing. I've always flown Madine lists for the same reasons you mentioned; I've been experimenting a lot with VCX's and Ketsu lately; and you flew against two of my favorite 'Armada famous' opponents! Thanks for sharing a happy 'what might have been' fairy tale for me (as you undoubtedly made less bone headed mistakes than I would have). Long live that long haired california drifter and his fish tailing corvettes! That playstyle leads to so many impossible, "There's no way you can.... It's ok, we've got Madine" moments that it usually leads to a ton of laughter for both sides.
  2. My two thoughts. Recently I have had up to 10 players, 7 of them being new, at my home learn to play because of 200 point campaign rules we stuck together with help from @Blail Blerg. This campaign sounds like exactly what we were running, and it was extremely attractive to the new guys. The youngest was eight years old and the oldest was a 50 something retired lieutenant colonel. With everything in between. This campaign would be a boon for me peddling my armada wares in my hometown. Most importantly to me would be if this announcement means they will continue to produce the current expansions in sufficient quantities for these guys to buy in. I have much more hope for that now after this announcement.
  3. Have you played RoboRally (there are other games too), that starts a timer on a player only when he is the last one working? In Armada, the command phases could be untimed, but when you finish your commands, you start the other guys clock. Obviously, each players' clock runs on his activations. This is a house rule I could implement while teaching the noobs to speed up through their learning games when they are tempted to paralyze. I don't know if I'd house rule it as a game over, but just to show them how much time is being used.
  4. You're looking for players not commentators, but this is the most fun ideas I've heard of in a while. The fun of list building being brought into a tourney format. Please post some AAR's (both normies and booger eaters) - because this is gold. In lieu of admitting that my home/work life doesn't support getting involved in vassal tournies very often, I'm going to blame Biggs for having all his best ideas during my busiest season, whether that is actually true or not. Coaching track (that's 'athletics' for you old worlders) gets that much harder when I know y'all are doing something like this without me. @BiggsIRL, we've never met, but you've provided me so much entertainment on here. You are a credit to the Rebellion - the Imperials may even have to admit that (overlooking the defection for just a moment would be appropriate).
  5. This app has streamlined our last two campaign nights with 10 guys each time, by allowing us to not have to carry our cards around and make quick fleet changes. Can’t tell you how much our gaming group appreciates it. Two features that are becoming increasingly desirable: 1 is a second filter, aside from the rebel/empire, that shows only fleets of a certain type or size. 200 points lists, 400 points lists, and 600 points lists would be nice to filter by. 2 is simply adding “task force” to the fleet types with the automatic size of 200 points. This could help with your implementation of number one above. Also, a personal preference for me would be to have newer fleets on top of the list rather than on the bottom because I keep so many of them, and don’t like to scroll all the way down every time. Without these I am still getting a ton of use out of it, but these would be significant creature comfort‘s for my group.
  6. Then he got defeated by a noob with a glowstick. I was hoping to be proud she didn't 'poke yer eye out' and then escaped, but she beat the blaster bolt stopping amazing sauce guy. That really wrecked the vibe for me.
  7. I'm still using this app A LOT. Thanks @vitasmortis. If you are adding quick settings for Sector Fleet, etc. Could you add a Task Force 200pt quick setting? The ONLY thing I don't like about this builder is that I can't recommend it to my non-apple buddies. I hope you are well and still enjoying the game.
  8. My subjective view on 200pt (particularly in campaign): I did feel like it would take considerably more skill to "not lose" with an MSU-ish list or even dual medium bases, than with a large base. There were lists (Yavaris B-wings) that could definitely hold their own with the large bases, but required considerably more skill and experience to build and yield. That being said, a tournament among very skilled players might not see as big a need for different scoring rules, because of the better player ability to coordinate the entire fleet to damage a single target, better understanding of common card combinations, as well as an understanding that big ships protect your points from tiny losses when list building. Three things happened with players that weren't very experienced (in this and other 200pt teaching sessions I've run): 1. They wanted to run lists that were not viable against a defensively built large base and had to be talked out of reasonable lists that they wanted to fly simply because they were likely to lose by 50 points to a large ship list. This was kind of a bummer for our casual newbies. 2. They faced each other with one large ship each and nothing exploded. They weren't sure how to win without considerable list coaching. I don't pretend everything is viable, but pretty specific combinations seem to be needed in a 1-vs-1 large base to have either one pop. 3. Large ships could easily hit a small target and scoot to take a narrow campaign win to allow the building of bases. This is partially intended in the campaign, but left experienced players flying large bases feeling torn between an obvious winning tactic, and any fun for the learning opponent. In my opinion, the half hull rule for all ships is also worth gathering data. A tricked out corvette that is damaged is only worth a couple of fighters in points, and ramming (particularly with small ships) becomes less attractive. I will try to track all my future 200pt games with regular, half-the-large-base, and half-the-hull scoring to see what players think seems the best score to represent how the game felt to both competitors. That said, my busiest 13 weeks starts tomorrow so my data will dwindle until summer. Spring break sounds like a possible data oasis for another campaign here.
  9. I don't have numerical data, but I have some anecdotal case study. We ran a short corellian campaign using 200pt Task Force rules (and maxing fleets at 250pts). We had 4 teams and had to rotate a couple of fleets in and out because of people joining/leaving. We used the task force rules to the letter, and adjusted the campaign objectives using the keep large half. ***I'd love to have the campaign objectives added to the Task Force Rules page.*** If the graphics artist were still in the house. I wish we had kept better notes, but we were in a hurry - therefore it will be more 'objectively impressionistic'. These victory margins are determined by using the usual rules for MoV. I will include List Type (Player Skill) - Victory Margin, Large Base Ship Condition 1. ISDII/fighters (rookie) vs MSU rebel (rookie) - slight Imp victory, ISD mildly damaged 2. ISDII/fighters (skilled newbie) vs MC30's/fighters (average) - slight Imp victory, ISD very damaged 3. DualVics (newbie) vs Yavaris/Bwings (veteran) - large rebel victory 4. DualVics (newbie) vs MC30's/fighters (average) - slight rebel victory 5. Interdictor/MMJ (veteran) squads vs Raddus Lib (veteran) - solid rebel victory, MC80L heavily damaged 6. Rebel MSU (newbie) vs Cymoon/fighters (8 year old) - Large Imp victory, Cymoon minimal damage 7. ISDII/fighters (skilled newbie) vs Raddus Lib (veteran) - solid rebel victory, minimal MC80L damage 8. I can't remember the other game Side note: The "half hull = half points for large ships" rule has even more merit in the campaign because a small victory has large consequences.
  10. I absolutely enjoyed that garm-spiration. You could say that I'm garm-spired. I would have stayed with the unique squadrons and Opening Salvo just because I never get to use them, but everything else here is gold. AAR requested. This is my favorite type of list building. It's like adopting every stray animal you find on the street because 'someone needs to love them'. Our last 200pt Task Force Campaign night had 10 people so we were on to the 5th commander for each side and all the good uniques were taken. This is the stuff I play Armada for. The meta is my no fly zone (explains my poor tourney performance, but usually popular presence). Stay low-brow gentlemen. You made me smile on a Monday.
  11. TL;DR Has anyone tried a 200pt Corellian Campaign using Task Force objectives? Has anyone tried an 8+ player campaign? Any tips for me getting this thing running Friday night? With regionals and world cup going on, I didn't think I would be looking at this right now, but if you need a break from the hype and practice runs with your 400pt fleet I'm looking for some tips. My 'local meta' used to be 2 guys. We brought a couple of dudes to a store championship 6 hours away (8.5 in the blizzard), and planned on making it back for regionals this weekend. That fell through (and I'm so sad to miss Norm, Yik, and maybe JJ at the same tourney) so I try to console myself with a 4 player 200pt Task Force tournament (thanks @Blail Blerg) in my basement. ...And suddenly we have 8 people (possibly 10) interested in playing a 200 pt Campaign this weekend. Every person that has tried this game once in the last 3 years suddenly decides they are available to play at the same time. /rant THIS IS THE ONLY REASON I'M CONCERNED ABOUT ARMADA RIGHT NOW. GETTING SHIPS FOR ALL THESE NEW PLAYERS IS GETTING HARDER. I have the saved travel money to spend and several of them are willing to buy in, but key expansions are difficult to find. What a great problem to have! I don't need new, I just need a consistent supply of product for a great game that still has wide appeal. /rant
  12. Until recently, I never saw Liberties around here at tournaments. I brought mine to be an anti-meta hipster. You Aussies seem to love them Lib's. I lived down there for 7 weeks, 8 years ago - but I must have caught the vibe. Oi! Great write-up. Thanks for keeping the MSU on the map!
  13. I've been looking for any write-ups on the FFGHQ regional. Can anyone point me to something? I'm curious because those fleet lists looked interesting in the data project.
  14. Anyone else having trouble replaying the vlog on this one? Gave up too quickly. Got it fixed. Thanks for sharing your vlogs with the benchwarmers. This is my pro bowl.
  15. When the other guy clearly outfoxes me and I don't want to sound too disappointed: "Impressive. Most impressive." (Confident, low voice is mandatory.) Often, about mid game, when I'm flying a Liberty: "The damage doesn't looks so bad from out here." or "Engage those Star Destroyers at point blank range and we'll try to take a few of them with us." With the current squadron meta: "TIE fighters (& defenders, & lambdas, & decimators) coming in.... There's too many of them."
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