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  1. Armada Fleet Builder app for iOS

    Woohoo! I can quit proxying support officers for strategic advisors, intel officers for Bail Organa, and NK7's for HIE's. On that note, NK7's return to their status as being useless to me again. Thanks again for your work @vitasmortis FYI - Minor bug: On my iPhone 5 all the new cards are added, but all of the previously loaded upgrade cards now have doubles.
  2. There are 2 of us from ND that are trying to work it out to make it and we're not registered yet. (Barring my kid doesn't become a 3' mobile vomitcano like he did for the MN regional or something.) I talked to 1 Minnesota regular who was likely heading that way - I don't know if he registered or not. However, no Bothans were harmed in getting this intel, so its veracity is dubious. Any regulars know a particularly good, CHEAP place to stay in Winnipeg? Bumping into @Drasnighta or @SkyCake would make my trip.
  3. Regionals data Feb 10, 2018

    Dost I see-eth justly? In Toronto, 2 lists in the top 4 had only 3 activations? That is music to my list designing soul. Albeit that it takes a lot of skill, but that opens up a lot of list ideas that previously seemed impossible by watching the overall meta from 'a certain point of view'.
  4. Um, fast sales...

    I called the nearest store that hosts a championship (5 hours to Fargo, ND) and preordered with them. They had it ready for me to pick up on my way through to a regional (that I didn't get to attend because of sick family) two days after release. They then shipped it to me reasonably because of my change of plans. They informed me after the fact that they knocked a significant percentage off of special orders like that (and they followed through). They made it very easy to support that F(sorta)LGS - (Paradox Games in Fargo btw). I figured I'd should give credit where due.
  5. Armada Fleet Builder app for iOS

    Thanks Dras. I shouldn't harass the guy. Biting the hand that feeds me and all.
  6. Madine Liberty Adjustment

    Thanks all for taking the time to share your advice. Honestly, you are steering me back toward what I usually run (except I like vettes over a pair of flotillas whenever I can squeeze them in). In some ways, I'm a little disappointed that a more creative approach is against conventional wisdom - but hearing your well thought out reasoning helps me understand why my old ways are worth continuing. After the next tournament, I'll go back to creativity. I get such precious few opportunities to play outside of my home, that I need to make them count.
  7. Armada Fleet Builder app for iOS

    Bump. I've really appreciated the iOS fleet builder. @vitasmortis Are you still planning to update it?
  8. Tarkzantis

    I hate this and smile at the same time.
  9. I want so badly to try some new ISD craziness, but with a tournament closely following the new release - I'd like to be familiar with my list since I don't get many games in. I usually fly a Liberty, 2xTRC90, 2xFlots; OR a Liberty, Admo, TRC90, Flot list. I'm was looking to up my game against ISD's (cough *Wave 7* cough). Can you spare a moment for the apostle of Admonition to say something about these MC30's in this role? The Foresight to Admonish Liberty Points: 383/400 [ flagship ] MC80 Star Cruiser (96 points) "Swiss Army Battleaxe" is to kill cheap activations, wreck carriers, and sap large shields - General Madine ( 30 points) keeps us moving fast from the pesky squads - Mon Karren ( 8 points) - Intel Officer ( 7 points) this might switch out for Bail or a Strategy Adviser - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - Engine Techs ( 8 points) - Dual Turbolaser Turrets ( 5 points) - H9 Turbolasers ( 8 points) I dunno what else to put here (unless I drop MK and add HTT for similar effect) - Heavy Ion Emplacements ( 9 points) MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63 points) "Wet Work" for that one big high-risk close-up hit - Admonition ( 8 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Heavy Turbolaser Turrets ( 6 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63 points) "Boogieman" lurking at long range for finishing work - Foresight ( 8 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Heavy Turbolaser Turrets ( 6 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) 1 Tycho Celchu ( 16 points) 1 Shara Bey ( 17 points) Is this a very poor idea, or just an odd list? I'm told the latter is my jam.
  10. Vader Cymoon

    I can't decide between a Cymoon-Tua and an ISD2-Chimeara (same cost) in this list... I also seek an opinion about one of the support ships. ISD2 gives flexible fleet commands, medium range AA, and 9 rerollable dice in blue range (w/o CF). Cymoon gives accuracy shinanigans, 6-7 rerollable dice at red range (w/o CF), and strong close range AA. Commander: Darth Vader I have 15 spare points to play with. [ flagship ] Imperial Star Destroyer Cymoon 1 Refit (112 points) - Darth Vader ( 36 points) - Relentless ( 3 points) - Minister Tua ( 2 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - Early Warning System or Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - Spinal Armament ( 9 points) - Quad Turbolaser Cannons ( 10 points) - Intensify Firepower ( 6 points) = 192 total ship cost OR [ flagship ] Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer (120 points)- Darth Vader ( 36 points) - Chimaera ( 4 points) - Fleet Command of Choice ( 5 points) - Support Officer ( 4 points) - Gunnery Team ( 7 points) - Early Warning System or Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - Spinal Armament ( 9 points) = 192 total ship cost with supporting cast... 2x Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) = 130 total ship cost 2x Gozanti-class Assault Carriers (28 points) - Agent Kallus ( 3 points) Only on one of them, obviously - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 63 total ship cost Another option is to drop 1 assault carrier and strip the Glad ERacks to add a: Raider-II Class Corvette (48 points)- Instigator ( 4 points) - Disposable Capacitors ( 3 points) = 55 total ship cost
  11. I had a very maneuver dependent Madine list for last regionals. It had a Liberty some vettes and a pair of flotillas. I've also campaigned a bomber wing with double Gladiators and a flechette raider that benefitted greatly from flying in tight formation. Both did reasonably well. ...That being said, I practiced deployment AND two-round opening moves with different maneuver-dependent objectives (Intel Sweep, Solar Corona, Contested Outpost, Sensor Net, Salvage Run, etc.). If it is an objective that benefits from Intel, give the 'dummy player' Intel to mess with your plans, play them as 1st and 2nd player to see the possibilities. That has simulated a lot more experience that I would otherwise bring to any table. I rarely play the 3-6 turns against myself (lack the mental discipline), but learn A LOT from practicing the opening moves. My first tournament, I had a very veteran player compliment me on the precision of my opening formation and smoothness of my first moves to be a good formation without using nav commands - a very encouraging moment in my early days of playing. Lastly, I usually have two formations for each competitive list I fly. One is usually straight on, and the other is built to run diagonal (great generic options). Often this requires some interesting positioning at the deployment to have everyone be where I want them AND moving at the speed I want them using minimum nav dials (so tokens can be banked). I will also have a specific deployment plan for each of my fleets objectives. No plan survives first contact, but someone with no plan rarely survives. That would keep a person busy, but I only know 1 other regular player within 300 miles so I'm doing what I can. Vassal is AWESOME, but my kid/work schedules make it hard to commit to tournaments. My dummy fleet is usually an ISD, Demolisher, and a small set of generic fighters (just to see positioning). I wish I would have practiced against a fat MC80 Home One with an Admo MC30 before last tournament. Heavy front arcs and heavy side arcs are different approaches. MSU lists are too much of a pain to simulate so I wing it when I meet them.
  12. I'm realizing now that this should have been posted in the Fleet Design subforum, oops. This ship is so fun to configure. DTT's would be great, but Spinals already have the Modification spot used. Good thought on the MK title being partially unnecessary since brace/scatter are the only really good defense here. That makes H9's a bit more attractive and rules out Heavy Turbos. H9's seem a bit unnecessary on the SC with 4 rerollable blue dice, however. I'm still conflicted about going to the Star Cruiser variant. The Battle Cruiser likes having more 'chaser cannons' in the additional red die (especially with the brothers), but three blue may be a bit too lean even with the reroll. I may have to try it in flight.
  13. The points saved on one flotilla (Strategic Adviser) give me an idea.... I've always struggled with the Lib against other large base ships. MC80 Lib Battle Cruiser - Madine, MonKarren, Heavy Ion (new), Stategic Adviser (new), ET, Spinals, XI7??, Caitken & Shollan (new). I ran some dice and if an average set of reds (3.75 expected damage) happen, then reroll the blues (unless you already have the crit). Total damage 3 shield (due to crit) + 4-6 standard. Once the shields are down, reroll the reds for max hull damage. I've always disliked using Leading Shots and sometimes don't need it. This looks it may gives a better chance against an ISD or MC80 Home One. FYI, I often pair this with an H9 Admo for my light (flotilla) work. @GiledPallaeon, @Vergilius, what do you think about 'our' prospects with the Liberty here? What's the other Turbolaser Upgrade that fits since XI7's don't jive as well with the Heavy Ion Emplacements? I might just want to keep 'em to increase the chance at one shotting small base ships. I went Battle Cruiser so the red dice can do work after I get back behind them and they are trying to run away.
  14. Wave heaven now shipping

    I don't think this is any accident that the street date is two days before the regional tournament at the FFG store in Minneapolis. Marketing and hype genius for local players. I'm trying to get my family to need a trip over there (8 hours) that weekend, and now I could also buy plastic without having to wait a week for it to arrive (because I live on the edge of the American Outback). As I recall, the new ships and upgrades would be tourney legal there on Feb 3. What a wild day of games that would be! I presume that is usually a large competitive field.
  15. We had a particularly nasty TRC90 + rogues list that was plaguing our sector ( @SkyCake). His list was very effective and a nightmare to face. Your grand admiral can accomplish A LOT by predicting and lining up favorable fleet/objective match-ups. That was fun, but took a Thrawn-like talent to do well (@Rekkon). Consider using a tool or spreadsheet to track what you know about yours and Rebel fleets. Look for ways to mitigate bad match-ups through battling with the right objectives. Against the TRC90s, I had to focus on objective play and strategically inflicting and minimizing loses (I ran Glad2's with ruthless strats and a large TIE-b wing). When my bombers got going, can med/large rebel ships melted. It took a lot of finesse to fly, and was useless against MSU swarms. For example, my run against the TRC90's was a station supply raid. I hit the stations and hypered out ASAP with supplies earned to minimize my loss. Our big ship & no squad guy turtled on a defensive objective (Ion Cannon Base defense is a beast to crack anyway) to handle the pests. That campaign was a blast and my biggest advice is PICK A FLEET YOU ENJOY FLYING. You will be stuck with it for a few games. We had one guy, a talented player, try something wild (and a really fun 500 pt list) that wasn't his usual style and he seemed a bit burned out by the end.