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  1. My nine-year-old is a bit of a freak. He’s been playing Armada for over two years, loves to design fleets - and played one of the fleets in our recent eight person rebellion in the rim campaign. The same campaign featured a 60+ aged military logistician, who came to respect the Ewok commander for his unorthodox effectiveness (and predictably ridiculous die rolls). Nobody else wants to play against him when we choose matchups, because he is a reasonable match for someone with just a few games under their belt, and it’s extra humiliating to lose to someone who needs a booster box to reach much of the table. He primarily plays rebel MSU, and has a strong preference for a-wings. I just wish I could get him this excited about normal nine-year-old things (aside from Pokémon).
  2. Thanks for your work. I’ve been using it more frequently lately. Quick proofread: on squadron comparison charts, the interceptor is missing swarm.
  3. The tiniest of adjustments I would recommend would be to order the defense tokens in their natural order of being decided upon. Scatter, Evade, Brace, Redirect, Contain, Salvo. With the greenest noobs (practically rodian), I've had better luck getting them to think through it this way.
  4. I really like that concept for Dual Liberties,which I've been working at for a while (before having an affair with Salvo token shinanigans recently). I've had good results with Infested Fields on a list a bit like this. The ability to move 2 obstacles to take surprise routes, obstruct your vulnerable sides, and compensate for driving a Lib without Madine... ... coupled with the exoworms chomping, or at least threatening, fighters (and taking the pressure off of your Achille's heal)... ...makes a great 2nd player game with Liberties IMHO. I've also liked using a small Biggs Ball (Biggs, Jan, 1 xwing, 1 YT1300) for 64 points to get one more deployment and to really delay a larger squadron force from harassing those precious side arcs. FWIW.
  5. I've also used Armada FB on iOS, but lately I've been using https://flagship.barronsoftware.com/login?redirectUrl=%2Ffleets because it has the updated content, it does a very neat job of tracking RitR information (cool that our group can see each other's campaign lists, but not modify them even when we aren't loggin our battles through it), and videege is very active in fixing errors and making his text exports work with the vassal shrimpot on discord.
  6. It is just a clerical nitpick, but this page is also missing the RitR Objective mention in the icons on the bottom.
  7. Sorry. I meant that in the app it was mistakenly saying that Vanguard adds an evade when it should be a redirect. My grammer. BTW, I ran this builder's export into the VassalBot on Discord to make a vassal list for the first time, and as Videege irons out the typo's it is going to work as well as the other builders. That was my first time trying that !vassal thing and it is wonderful! Thanks Ardaehel for helping me troubleshoot the nuances.
  8. I think the Vanguard title for the nebulon frigate talks about adding an evade token Rather then a redirect. if you’d like to unsubscribe from these updates, or get them all in a weekly digest send me a message to shut up. Ha ha. I hope my proofreading is helping.
  9. @CommanderDave, @JJs Juggernaut, and @PartyPotato and I can have pity PODdy.... Maybe winner gets one of those shiny participation certificates. Q: I see that better players have me 3 to 1.... A) "I like those odds." B) "Never tell me the odds." C) "I have a bad feeling about this." D) "E Chu Ta" D) All of the above. Have a great tourney all, and thanks Biggs for putting in the grind.
  10. Interesting bid numbers so far....
  11. Another quick clerical vix. The Command Pelta should have 1 blue for Anti-Squadron. Take time to smell the roses (or if you are near my home, just stay inside and work on Armada because it is -15 degreesF again).
  12. I tried a double Lib version using some of the helpful tips here (Thanks All!) against Irishmadcat the other day and it was a disaster. Granted I flew it more poorly than I've ever flown a single Lib, but it would take some serious squadron savvy to avoid the butt whoopin' I endured (he played a strong list very well). One good squadron attack and a big activation from a Skyhawk and the first one was dust and the second in jeopardy. I'm thinking of advancing to the rear, and heeding the advice here to something a little more well rounded. BEWARE the sirens of Liberty! I'll bet I keep working with one, just for nostalgia. I'm a sucker for the niche gear. Now, how about pairing it with a Salvo AFII.......
  13. Sorry to trickle in a typo, but on the highly anticipated objective, Marked for Destruction, there is a place in Special Rule where "Then assign an objective token to the attacker" should read "assign an objective token to the defender". I don't know if anything can be done about this one, but just to do some field journalism here... our group was using the app to manage a campaign (and loving it), but had to drop a couple of guys after Christmas break who were then replaced with 2 new guys. Unfortunately, the 2 new guys couldn't manage the fleets that they assumed command of, and they couldn't be added to the campaign roster to make a new one. There are a myriad of ways to deal with this, but all of them took some creative jury rigging or sharing of login credentials. We easily are making it work, but I wonder if there is a functional reason we need to lock the roster once setup is completed, or if adding a new player after the fact could be made possible. That seems like something that could be explored while you are messing with scaling the number of participating fleets. This is not any kind of deal breaker for me, I love having the guys being able to access the campaign info themselves when not at my house. I hope you are enjoying the build, we are!
  14. @videege Still using this a lot and enjoying it! Quick tweaks, on the fleet builder, I think that Admiral Ozzel is missing from the Officers section (not the Commanders). Also, when I "Copy Fleet", then change the name, the new name does not stick. It keep reverting to the old name after entering and exiting the editor. This may also happen when renaming any fleet, but I haven't played with that yet. Can I add one upgrade to your list of upcoming statistics? SW7's would be easy because of the 1:1 change from Acc to Dmg; it would be a hope to model both "convert all" and "keep 1 acc" as options. Thanks again! My old favorite fleet builder quit being updated just as you showed us this one and I'm glad to have it (as is my 8 person campaign crew).
  15. Eh, FWIW. There is another major impulse in fleet design. It's maybe a subset of formulaic, but came to mind considering the OP question. Some of us are explorers and some are perfectors. My usual local nemesis is a perfector. He used internet data and commentary to build a great formulaic fleet and then plays it to work at perfection and considers other new meta-making fleets for their merits to either adapt towards or against. I'm an explorer. I'm always looking for the next unturned-stone of combinations that will do something neat that others haven't found to work yet. I run a lot of 'bad' fleets with odd combos trying to make a subtle trick work. However, aside from the new experimental concept, I often build the rest of my fleet to make a thematic reason for the new experiment to have some theme. It's a "what if" of both mechanics and story many times that I play. Preparing for a tournament is a thin sliver of my armada time. That tends to be far more game-mechanics based, but those fleets have almost taken on a story of their own because I've flown certain ships and unique upgrades so much it's hard not to think of them like a fleet that has gained and lost members over time in some small corner of the canon that no one ever put into a novel, comic or screenplay.
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