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  1. Advices for Hwk-290

    I find Greedo crew extremely funny, and I try and use him whenever I can.
  2. Best turret for Palob?

    Yeah it is a little pricey, but you can use Palob's ability to steel a token for defense. It's a little cheaper than this. Also it gets around the the fact that the Hawk can only reroll 1 die for the sync.
  3. Best turret for Palob?

    I just thought of this one. How a bout Expertise, K4, Blaster Turret, and if you have the points Engine Upgrade. This way you have both rerolls and the ability to modify.
  4. Sorastro's Painting

    I'm about to varnish my first set of stormtrooper and I have a couple of questions. They have probably already ben asked and answered but there is 64 pages. With the Army Painter Anti-shine spay how many coats should I do? Also, what the drying time between coats? Thanks in advance, and thanks to @Sorastro for the videos.
  5. Getting engaged

    Okay so I just realized we were playing it wrong. We were having the non-hunter enemies engage during the enemy phase and then attack. Now I realize they engage during the upkeep phase. Thanks for the help
  6. Getting engaged

    Cool. That makes things just a little bit easier. Now when an enemy engages during the enemy phase it still attacks, right?
  7. Getting engaged

    Can you engage an enemy that is already engaged with another investigator?
  8. Why is Atlach-nacha a Streets of Arkham mode only card?

    Thanks for the info
  9. Just what the title says. After reading the card a few times I can't see why it has the ! icon printed on it.
  10. Captain Nym Questions

    Yeah this is me just reading too much into it.
  11. Captain Nym Questions

    Correct the dial bombs would not go off until he chose to turn them back on. But I also like the way you just put it. To be honest it doesn't matter to me which way it works. I just wanted the clarification.
  12. Captain Nym Questions

    I get what you're saying, but if you prevent, let's say, an alarm clock from ringing it will not go off until you turn it back on.
  13. Captain Nym Questions

    I also have a Rebel Nym question. Nym drops a seismic and prevents it from blowing up. On the next turn he drops another seismic and stops that one from exploding also. Now does the first bomb blow up or does it stay one the board until Nym decides to use it?
  14. New X-Wing 101 Article: I am their Father

    This was the age and method I taught my son. The first game we played was just moving and shooting. Then I would introduce one new concept for each time we played. I think it was only 3 or 4 games before we were playing by the full rules. Now one year later and he's reminding me of rules that I forget.
  15. New X-Wing 101 Article: I am their Father

    The Falcon is there for two reasons. 1: The Falcon is just cool to see on the table. 2: Being a PWT it's more forgiving. This lets the kid throw dice keeping him/her interested while they learn the other concepts.