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  1. Well... hobby board games (aka, not Snakes and Ladders) are a bit of a luxury item to begin with. It seems like Australia, in general, has inflated costs across the board though. I think that is more of a country thing than a company thing in this case. From what I understand, video games are very inflated as well there?
  2. It's likely just because they're completely separate platforms. FFG would have to have a sign-in system in place and hold account information, etc. That's a pretty expensive piece for them to build for this app. I don't disagree that it sucks, though; I'm somewhat in the same boat. I started out using my phone to play the game and then started using my laptop for the larger screen; it would've sucked if I had to mess with DLC at the time as well.
  3. Hey guys, Just wanted to show you my foamcore storage solution. It was my first project, but I designed and built it myself. The larger part is an insert for a photo box I picked up for a couple bucks. It has 4 channels for holding sleeved cards. In the center part, I made two custom boxes with hinge-less lids that clip on; they hold all of the game tokens. The pictures are too large to post, so here's some links to my blog where I posted pictures/descriptions: The first blog post is about the larger box: https://jestermax.wordpress.com/2017/01/02/first-foamcore-project/ The second one is about the smaller component boxes: https://jestermax.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/insertable-foam-core-component-box/ Not as fancy as the leather-bound box, but I'm still super excited about it; it's already made it a LOT easier to get set up to play
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