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  1. Not very impressed so far ... The collection isn't considered at all when squad building. It won't check if you own the ships, doesn't show how many copies of an upgrade card you own, etc.
  2. For the generic "attacking/engaging/spot the closest hero" actions they could randomly prioritize which hero to engage. Just show a randomly ordered list of hero portraits in the monster activation screen. If you have multiple choices choose the first hero in the list as target. Should be easy to implement.
  3. The Delve and save games: There is no way to save and quit the game after a stage is complete. You have to click through a series of modal dialogues (the menu button is not clickable at this point) and do the whole setup and monster placement of the next stage. If you then quit and reload the game you won't see the monster and hero placement anymore. If you didn't setup the physical board and made a picture of it your campaign will be pretty much screwed at this point (as it happened to me with my current campaign). There really should be either a dedicated exit point after a stage or a manual saving functionality. Or at least the possibility to restart the stage setup when you are stil in the first round of a stage. P.S.: Any tips how i can resume my screwed campaign appreciated.
  4. Thanks all for your answers. So they all have their own boss stage in The Delve? Perhaps i'll skip some of the ugly small miniatures (especially Eliza Farrow) and get the rest. The bigger miniatures seem all to be looking great though. They really should add a little more value to the lieutenant packs, at least a side quest in RTL for each lieutenant or something like that.
  5. Playing the RTL app exclusively (including The Delve), i would like to own all the lieutenant miniatures which may appear in side/main quests and delve stages. Owning 4 expansions that sums up to 14 lieutenant packs i'd have to purchase. So i would gladly skip those lieutenants who don't appear in any quest/stage. Is there any knowledge if they all appear or if some of them never will be seen? I know, they all can appear in perils, i don't mind that, shouldn't happen to often anyway ...
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