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  1. I had to import mine from the US at some expense. Its a sorry situation and pretty much vindicates the people who pointed out the problems with a game using proprietary dice. I'm surprised there haven't been more 3rd party alternatives produced, even as a sort of cottage industry on etsy or something.
  2. This is great. Going to run the Tower of Zenopus this weekend using Genesys; your conversions were very useful in preparing for it.
  3. This was actually a very useful discussion. Cheers guys.
  4. Also Modiphius and Cubicle 7 and a few others. For my part although I love the high quality design and production, I would be quite happy with something less expensive, eg black and white interiors and softcover books. The OSR is putting out some beautiful books this way.
  5. I just went through the same process and landed in a very similar place, with almost the same list. (And for the same reason -- deeply unimpressed with 2d20 and Star Trek Adventures.) I based my changes on what we see the characters do in the show. Thus I deleted Computers, on the grounds that the usage and operations side of this skill seem irrelevant in the show -- everyone can use and program them with ease -- and the construction and repair side is covered by Engineering [INT], which replaces Mechanics. Engineering is everything we see Scotty, LaForge, Torres and O'Brien do. I dropped Driving and Astrocartography (which becomes part of Helm/Conn [INT]), and I merged the two Ranged skills, but kept Piloting [AG] for small craft. I kept Operating but called it Starship Operations [INT] (i.e. Ops), which is essentially operating sensors, transporters, holodeck programming, tractor beams, remodulating shield frequencies etc. Basically everything you see Harry Kim do. Engineering is distinct from this in that it involves fixing and modifying said systems. I added Science as a knowledge skill (Spock, Data), as well as History/Archaeology and Law (both for Picard ), all [INT]. I added Animal handling [PR] and Investigation [CUN] (for Tuvok), EVA/Environment suit [AG] . Instead of Gunnery I have Starship Tactical [INT]. I thought about but rejected a Gambling or Gaming skill -- you could just use Deception. All other skills I kept. Now I'm working on species archetypes, careers, equipment and ships.
  6. Looks fantastic, I'm in. Didn't like the LotR LCG , missed Middle earth Quest. Always wished they would take some of love they devoted to the cthulhu games and give it to lotr, and now it finally looks like they have.
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