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  1. Hi, I saw a note under the UK header that had a group in Stevenage and there was also an individual in Harlow. Bummer is I moved from Bishop's Stortford to Shropshire last year and have just got my first set and a few expansions. Is the old toy/ game store still open in the Harvey Centre in Harlow as they might help. There's also a game store in Saffron Walden who might be able to put you in contact with players.
  2. Great, thanks for the info - core set should arrive tomorrow so I guess I was a bit impatient but he isn't named in the Amazon or BoardGameGeek site that is usually helpful.
  3. Hi, I've just ordered my first set of 'original' SW X-Wing miniatures and saw an online tutorial that suggested Biggs was a good pilot to have in your squad. I know he's an X-Wing pilot, but which expansion does he come with please ?
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