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  1. I don't know who's idea it was to make Catherine de Medici the leader of the French, but after giving it some thought, I have some issues with it. She wasn't even French, she was Italian and she married into the French monarchy. She also didn't have much authority as queen and only ruled a Regent through her sons. If we are to believe that we're building the French empire anew in an alternate history, my train of thought gets derailed at Catherine de Medici. There are plenty of other options the developers could have chosen from. Like Vercingetorix, Charlemagne King of the Franks, Napoleon Bonaparte, Joan of Arc, maybe even Voltaire just to name a few. Don't get me wrong, the addition of Gilgamesh of the Sumerians gets high praises from me, and switching from Abraham Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt is a nice touch, though I still think it should be George Washington for the Americans. But Catherine de Medici? She simply wasn't even half as influential as the individuals listed above. How do you put a mythical God King like Gilgamesh next to Catherine de Medici? It just seems like a brutal oversight to me. If anyone else has criticism of the current leader choices, I'd be interested to hear them. If we complain enough, the developers might just update them assuming there's an expansion in the works.
  2. Barbarians in capital city?

    I think the resolution would be the same as if they had attacked a reinforced control token, with the obvious exception being that you don't flip your capital over. You lose two trade tokens and the barbarian token is removed and returned to the pool awaiting the next star icon on the event dial. It would simulate your government bribing the foreign hordes to prevent continued invasion. At least that's how our group interpreted the rules. Also if you have the ancient wonder Petri, barbarians can't even touch any of your cities. But that's the only wonder I can think of that affects barbarians. Currency is another way of thematically bribing barbarians away from you instead of attacking them for the trade token. Barbarians can occupy City-States, and currency could be used to "liberate" them from barbarians, but I seriously doubt they can occupy your capital.
  3. Nexu, Mobile, and Difficult Terrain

    Awesome dude, Thanks!
  4. So my friend bought this game and I don't have access to the rule book currently, but we we're playing last night (I'm using Mak, the bold renegade) and I was blasting away at this red Nexu and everything was going swell, till it wasn't and I had to fall back (incoming probe droids). So I disengaged (3 spaces) and on my activation hid behind a wall of solid red lines and rested. Here's where the actual question comes in, the Nexu on its next activation moved its 6 spaces and performed its leap action OVER the red lines to slash me. Does this mobile ability include attacks as well as movement? I wasn't arguing about his Nexus' ability to crawl over impassible terrain, rather to attack through it from three spaces away. This also brings up the line of sight issue as well. Also for future reference, if a Nexu moves through blue (difficult) terrain, will it's leap be reduced to two spaces instead of three? That situation didn't occur, but it might save me one day if that's the case. And finally, would a Nexu be able to leap over the dashed red lines to slash as well? Clarification will be much appreciated!
  5. On The Boat

    That's excellent, I had no idea! Maybe we will get some NCR material after all. We only need one Ranger, wouldn't even have to feed 'em much!
  6. On The Boat

    Were the NCR mentioned in any of the installments prior to New Vegas? I never played FO1 or 2 but if I missed that in all the hours I played FO3 I think I'll be disappointed in myself. Personally I feel that if they include some NCR material, they'd be obligated to include Caesars Legion and Mr.House material as well. I'd hope they wouldn't make expansions for each and every faction separately. But the real issue with that is Obsidian developed New Vegas, not Bethesda. FFG might not even have any rights to the NCR material, or anything from New Vegas for that matter, which would be a real bummer.
  7. Nuka-Cola caps - what is their purpose?

    If I had to guess, the Red ones are standard Nuka-Cola caps and the Blue ones are probably Nuka-Cola "Quantum" caps. In the video game, the latter is a far more beneficial and likely an even more refreshing beverage than the standard Nuka-Cola. But I'm going to agree with Fnoffen about how in practice, they probably just have different values. If we're lucky, they'll put out some Sunset Sarsaparilla star caps eventually and really set things off!
  8. Astronomy vs. Astrology

    Excellent point! I suppose just for the sake of argument, Astrology seems to be an early era tech card, a time of human history when the sciences weren't as well defined as they are today. For example, Physics was known as Natural Philosophy during the life of Isaac Newton, and Astronomy wasn't much of a science at all until our buddy Galileo proved the Earth wasn't the center of the universe and brought the field some credibility. Point being, maybe the pseudoscientific aspect was exactly was the creators were going for, as it is a tech representing early human history, when man was swayed by mysticism more than evidence. Still, bravo on the distinction, you are absolutely right!
  9. Profanity?

    Although killing children is completely impossible in the Fallout series (sadly enough, I sure tried), with the correct perks, not only can one engage in cannibalism but eating human flesh actually heals you! It's considered a crime against nature if you're caught, but extreme Taboos aren't exactly forbidden in the Fallout universe.
  10. Squeeeeee!

    Squee, indeed! I'm somewhat disappointed that Napoleon Bonaparte isn't the leader for the French though. And I echo the sentiment that I think that the art for the original looked better, but hexes are going to be a massive game changer. I liked where they were going with the square blocks from the original, but the hexagonal format is simply superior, in my opinion.
  11. This Game Looks Great!

    Just take my money already FFG! I truly hope they capture the charm of using your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats in social encounters and that there is some version of V.A.T.S. for combat. Not like there's a single deal breaker about Fallout, so much potential. Here's rooting for 5 and 6 player variants as well!
  12. 2 Players?

    You could try playing the 6 player variant and control multiple houses, that might work for a two player game. i.e Baratheons, Tyrells, and Starks vs the Dornish, Greyjoys, and Lannisters. I've never tried it myself but would be interested to see if it works. Thematically it makes a bit of sense, since the game takes place during the War of the Five Kings, and both Baratheons and Tyrells vouched for Stark support, and Tyrion attempted to marry Myrcella off to a Dornish Prince while the Greyjoys went after the Starks. All in all if you get the game, I doubt you'll be disappointed. It's an excellent substitute for Risk.
  13. Power gap between players?

    I'd be interested to learn how your "Honeypot" player gets multiple boost die for her attacks. Do the PC's spend advantage and collectively give her all the boost die? Or does she have some talents or abilities that stack and provide it? I was under the impression only things like taking aim, assistance from other PC's, or perhaps a superior firing position grant a boost die.
  14. SPOILERS WARNING - Following Debts to Pay

    My PC's utterly failed Debts to Pay, they never even found the droids and couldn't have cared less about the miners. They found the money under the desk and hightailed it out of there. Its important to note that they have no intention of returning the money to Bargos the Hutt either, and this is the second time they've insulted him. The Master Bounty Hunter card is in their future I fear.
  15. I don't think defying the Jedi council made Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan any less of a candidate for an ideal Jedi, quite the contrary it may make them even better Jedi. That's tantamount to saying that if you disagree with Congress you're a bad American, which is obviously wrong. Also if Yoda isn't an ideal Jedi, who is? When 900 years old I reach, look as good, I will not.