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  1. Har! I would be interested to learn how such a silly weapon worked out! Like a Darth Maul double bladed weapon with one end as a vibroblade and the other end a lightsaber? Or would the lightsaber come out the same end as the vibrosword, and make a light spear of sorts? If it feels wrong its because it sounds absolutely ridiculous.
  2. Har! Souvenir of Cloud City Casino Bespin, that's hilarious! I'd feel like Lando Calrissian with a Colt-45, or a DL-44-45 in the Star Wars cannon. I'll have to look that up, I work in an office so I can get The Man to spot me the ink.
  3. That's a great idea, thanks Oden! Maybe start out no stakes while in hyperspace en route, flesh out the system more, then work their way up when its not just a half brained pursuit. I figured, generally, the PC's would have the advantage no matter what because of destiny points, even with the Sabaac shift. My main concern is when they get to the tables on Nal Hutta, and I throw out the Dandy Gamblers and their "All the Luck in the Galaxy" ability, where two force points is equivalent to a despair. Too many Sabaac shifts could easily ruin the game and alienate the crew.
  4. Oh wow, that's a great link, thanks! I'll definitely keep that in mind. Also they stole their current ship, I'm sure they'd just steal another one, pretty sure I even have an adventure book for it.
  5. So I've been working up a little scheme for my PC's. Since they're such a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and I'm such a gambling man, I've thought about putting the two together and giving them a chance to get there hands on some serious loot, or lose it all of course. I think Sabaac is perfect for this scenario but I don't want the card play to overshadow the dice mechanic. A little summary of the Sabaac rules is there are two pots the Sabaac pot and the Main pot. Intially everyone antes into the Sabaac pot and the Main pot after which two cards are dealt and another phase of betting begins. Before betting a player may draw/dismiss a card, or place a card face up in their disruptor field. The Sabaac pot in now closed and all future bets go in to the Main pot. After each round of betting, there is a chance for a "Sabaac Shift" to occur where the values of all cards not in a disruptor field are changed. After 4 rounds of betting (the building phase) the pot can be called. Winning conditions are having the total value of the cards in your hand equal 23 or -23 which is known as a "pure Sabaac" which wins both the Main pot and the Sabaac pot, or with an "Idiots Array" which is having the "idiot" card (value of zero) a 2 of any suit and a 3 of any suit (making it 023). The "Idiots Array" trumps the "Pure Sabaac" and also wins both pots. If no one has a Pure Sabaac or an Idiots Array, the player with the hand closest to 23 or -23 wins the main pot and game play continues. So my idea so far is this: 1) Build a Sabaac deck with two standard poker decks (jokers removed) making for a total of 104 cards, then remove 32 cards at random and place 4 jokers back in to the deck (the "idiot" cards) for a total of 76. With spades and clubs as negative values, and diamonds and hearts as positive values, and jokers being zero. 2) Make the buy in for the Sabaac pot their most valuable asset (their ship). 3) Have the GM (me) roll a Despair dice after each round of betting with Despair meaning a "Sabaac shift" occurs and they draw new cards from the deck for all cards not in the disruptor field. 4) Have them play against a Hutt crime boss, a Black Sun Vigo, and a couple Dandy gamblers, with opposed Charm, Deceit, maybe even intimidation checks when the PC's try to raise/bluff against the other players. 5) The PC's may spend Destiny points to draw new cards or perhaps even use them to cheat (a couple idiot cards up their sleeves with appropriate stealth checks i.e.) 6) Force sensitive players may use the force die to mind trick opponents to believe the card values are different than they really are. ( i.e. the two light points roll would Add two points to the "perceived" value of any card, dark side rolls would Subtract from it) 7) Figure out what to do if my PC's go in to their normal murderous "Terms of En-rampage-ment" mode, and try to blast there way out with the money. If anyone has actually run a Sabaac game, I'd be very interested to hear how it was done. All advice is welcome. Thanks!
  6. The current one is pretty awesome as it is. But hell yeah I want a new one! A six player variant would be incredible, and I wouldn't mind being able to separate the artillery from infantry, to be able to support my infantry with said artillery. I would also welcome the addition of roads and naval units with more aquatic tiles. The current versions already come with hundreds of pieces, what's a couple more?
  7. I believe that Trandoshans aren't force sensitive, using something like the force (which is independent from their smell, sight and hearing etc.) would be considered cowardice for a Trandoshan, and the successful hunt of a Jedi is considered to be worth a great many points to the Scorekeeper, the deity of the Trandoshan. That's my current understanding from the limited extended bits of canon I've read. I think there's one sentence in the EotE book that says there was a Trandoshan Jedi Master once, but I chalk that up to legend. That's what I told my Trandoshan player, at least, and he loved the idea.
  8. Even Andre the Giant got drunk, and he had a brawn rating of at least 6! Though after the first 100 beers or so, his presence dropped from 6 to 4 temporarily. I can easily see how being drunk would make a normal PC take setback dice or even have their Intellect or Cunning reduced accordingly. I echo others sentiment, that getting drunk isn't even worth rolling for, considering that if that's their choice, its going to happen. Rolling for the specific effect would be a great narrative twist though I think, one which I will have to try out. Thanks for the idea, Prost!
  9. If it makes you feel better, I have a PC that demanded a sex bot as well. Granted, its a medical droid that provides "Sexual Healing", a plot device which we all agreed would be humorous and hasn't even come up yet, but still. Who would have guessed sex bots to be so prolific, especially so far away from the Core Worlds !
  10. Thanks for the advice everyone! I am new to this so you've been a great help.
  11. So I spent a good couple of hours getting materials together for my group to run "Debts to Pay". I drew up maps on isometric paper and rehearsed some unique character voices for the droids and other NPC's for my crew to enjoy. Since this is their second mission, I decided that narratively it would make more sense that Bargos the Hutt would contact them via sub-space transmission while in hyperspace after making off in their stolen YT-1300. Little did I know that my mechanic would immediately give Bargos the Hutt the finger, then hang up on him by pressing the F-You button with his extended middle finger while telling Bargos the Hutt to F-Off (technically it was Bargos' protocol droid, but you know what blabbermouths protocol droids can be). So I'm thinking that because they made me do my contingency run "Trouble Brewing", which wasn't nearly as well rehearsed, that I'll be spending all my Dark Side points to upgrade all their combat checks to include the Despair die and all combat checks against them to use Triumph die in an attempt to critical them and their vehicle to death in the future. In addition, I'm thinking about really hammering home the strain when they get Threat instead of just knocking them prone or adding it up until the crew generates enough Threat to have their cover blown etc. etc. On the one hand, I don't want to discourage them from playing, but on the other hand, if their so **** stupid that they'd give the finger to a Hutt crime boss, perhaps they've got whatever I can throw at them coming to them. Suggestions on effective in game punishment would be appreciated. Thankee kindly!