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  1. The current one is pretty awesome as it is. But hell yeah I want a new one! A six player variant would be incredible, and I wouldn't mind being able to separate the artillery from infantry, to be able to support my infantry with said artillery. I would also welcome the addition of roads and naval units with more aquatic tiles. The current versions already come with hundreds of pieces, what's a couple more?
  2. I believe that Trandoshans aren't force sensitive, using something like the force (which is independent from their smell, sight and hearing etc.) would be considered cowardice for a Trandoshan, and the successful hunt of a Jedi is considered to be worth a great many points to the Scorekeeper, the deity of the Trandoshan. That's my current understanding from the limited extended bits of canon I've read. I think there's one sentence in the EotE book that says there was a Trandoshan Jedi Master once, but I chalk that up to legend. That's what I told my Trandoshan player, at least, and he loved the idea.
  3. Even Andre the Giant got drunk, and he had a brawn rating of at least 6! Though after the first 100 beers or so, his presence dropped from 6 to 4 temporarily. I can easily see how being drunk would make a normal PC take setback dice or even have their Intellect or Cunning reduced accordingly. I echo others sentiment, that getting drunk isn't even worth rolling for, considering that if that's their choice, its going to happen. Rolling for the specific effect would be a great narrative twist though I think, one which I will have to try out. Thanks for the idea, Prost!
  4. If it makes you feel better, I have a PC that demanded a sex bot as well. Granted, its a medical droid that provides "Sexual Healing", a plot device which we all agreed would be humorous and hasn't even come up yet, but still. Who would have guessed sex bots to be so prolific, especially so far away from the Core Worlds !
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone! I am new to this so you've been a great help.
  6. So I spent a good couple of hours getting materials together for my group to run "Debts to Pay". I drew up maps on isometric paper and rehearsed some unique character voices for the droids and other NPC's for my crew to enjoy. Since this is their second mission, I decided that narratively it would make more sense that Bargos the Hutt would contact them via sub-space transmission while in hyperspace after making off in their stolen YT-1300. Little did I know that my mechanic would immediately give Bargos the Hutt the finger, then hang up on him by pressing the F-You button with his extended middle finger while telling Bargos the Hutt to F-Off (technically it was Bargos' protocol droid, but you know what blabbermouths protocol droids can be). So I'm thinking that because they made me do my contingency run "Trouble Brewing", which wasn't nearly as well rehearsed, that I'll be spending all my Dark Side points to upgrade all their combat checks to include the Despair die and all combat checks against them to use Triumph die in an attempt to critical them and their vehicle to death in the future. In addition, I'm thinking about really hammering home the strain when they get Threat instead of just knocking them prone or adding it up until the crew generates enough Threat to have their cover blown etc. etc. On the one hand, I don't want to discourage them from playing, but on the other hand, if their so **** stupid that they'd give the finger to a Hutt crime boss, perhaps they've got whatever I can throw at them coming to them. Suggestions on effective in game punishment would be appreciated. Thankee kindly!