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  1. Tue, I fully agree with you! It would be the best thing ever - the possibility of making our own scenarios and share it with other community members. Steam Workshop is a very good idea, but what with the other platforms (iOS, Android)? I wonder if is it possible to have such tool on those?
  2. I still waiting on my own copy of Polish edition (it should be in next week the latest! , but I fully attach to questions from cvtuttle! I need more and more! Placing new scenarios in the app is something that you, FFG, should and MUST do for us. Unless, you want our fury to be released... If you decide to make our own scenarios in the app (by some kind of app-driven tool maybe?) would be the best thing EVER for that community! You will gain new worshippers then and by the end (and best for you) - more money for The Game (with DLCs). Be the first who will start The New Era Of Board Games and let my dreams come true!
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