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  1. Thanks @MasterShake2 for sharing your list and the thought process behind it! Really liking the unorthodox nature of the list, and how you approach flying it. Would love to see more in-depth comments or a couple of batreps Cheers!
  2. Thanks @YourHucklebrry, @PhantomFO and @Tbetts94 - all good suggestions. I think all the suggestions in this thread provide good pointers for how both Rebel and Scum may be able to play vs. Elite Tie Swarms under the so called "Second Edition" rules. Thanks again everyone for your contributions! Further ideas and comments are also very welcome!
  3. Thanks @gennataos, @TechnoGolem and @ficklegreendice for the suggestions! All of the flying tips make sense! A Scum squad of Boba(80), Fenn (68) and a Zealous Recruit (44) looks pretty good vs Tie Swarm on paper, and has 8 points left for customizations. For example, to upgrade ZR to Skull Squadron Pilot (+6 points for PS4) or to get Marauder/Han Solo gunner for Boba (+7 points). I'm gonna give this squad a run for sure @gennataos Deadman's Switch is a really cool idea, I may try it on Boba For Rebels, one option could be something like Luke(62), Wedge(52) and two Blue Squad Escorts (2x 41) which leaves just 4 points for customization. Wedge could become Biggs to provide better cover for Luke (exchange of offense for durability) but that could leave the squad much weaker in matchups vs ace lists. How would you guys build a 4X (or a similar) rebel list that has a fighting chance vs. an Elite Tie Swarm?
  4. I also like the fact that the Tie Swarm is a strong list archetype. And I know that they are hard to fly effectively. Still, I thought we can discuss some of the ways to counter play the swarms using just the ships/cards allowed by the Second Edition rules. Especially from the perspective of the Rebels since they seem to be in the toughest spot IMO. Hey @Tbetts94 any suggestions from your end based on your testing/games?
  5. Agreed in general - Boba doesn't like being in R1 of a swarm (if he can help it). Still, if he can bump one of the Ties, and possibly hurt (or even kill, at Init 5) another tie with his 4-die R1 shot with re-rolls, he can hurt the ties far more than a Bounty Hunter could. Good point. Still, Ties could decide to fire at Biggs instead, and possibly kill him before he fires (with Howl firing at Init 5 and 3-4 Inferno Squad ties firing at Init 4). Losing Biggs in round 1 would be a huge blow for the Rebel player. Rebel answers seem to be very very limited. Even a high-PS proton-torp alpha strike squad of say Wedge/Luke/Dutch will have a hard time killing one tie in the first exchange (due to Iden neutering your best shot) and then would probably lose one ship in return (whoever is in the crosshairs). I'm hoping it's just that I'm missing something obvious (please enlighten me! ) Also, if you do come around any 2.0 batreps vs Tie Swarm, please share the links here
  6. As most of you already know, FFG Squad Builder offers several rulesets for squad building, including Second Edition (only the re-released expansions are available) and Extended (all ships and cards from conversion kits are available). In my (very limited) experience with 2.0, the Elite Tie-Swarm (Howl, Iden and 4 more elite Ties, usually with a few cheap Talents) seems to be super strong, and very hard to beat, especially in the joust. Moreover, under the Second Edition ruleset, some of the best counters to the Tie Swarm (like TrajSim Proton Bombs) will not be available, so I think it's fair to assume that a Tie Swarm will be one of the top squads to beat, and a frequent sight in the early 2.0 "Second Edition ruleset" meta. So what do you think is the best way to counter the Elite Tie Swarm for each of the factions? (under Second Edition rules) My 2c for this conversation: Empire has a decent arc-dodging ace in Supernatural Vader, and can always opt to "fight fire with fire" and bring a Tie Swarm of their own Scum have Boba (who is reasonably durable with reinforce and/or re-rolls) and Fenn (who can throw 5 dice at R1) but need to play a perfect game to have a chance of winning (Boba can survive 1 round of full swarm firepower. Fenn probably can't) Rebels seem to have the least options available. Supernatural Luke with his ability (and possibly regen) is reasonably tanky vs Tie Swarm, but pretty much anything else will simply disintegrate if caught in the arcs of a Tie Swarm. So long story short, it seems that we're left with "bring an arc-dodging ace (or two), and hope you don't make mistakes". Or I am missing something? Please discuss!
  7. I've been tinkering with similar lists as well - here are some ideas: Consider changing Trick Shot and R4 on Dutch for Selfless for additional help with spreading out the damage This list has four different PS levels so might be hard to fly in formation (!) Spreading the ships in two pairs makes this easier, but it's still not easy (and reduces the value of Biggs) Biggs having the lowest init means he will likely need to fly in the front row, which is not ideal One idea would be to replace Thane with a Selfless Red Squadron Veteran (I3, 46 points) or Leevan Tenza (I3, 46 points) or Kulbee Sperado (I3, 48 points) and fly that ship in front of Biggs A list with Biggs and 2 other pilots with Selfless would make it pretty hard for the enemy to remove a ship in the first round of fire
  8. Maul will also set a new precedent, since ships with a crew slot will now be able to get both talent and force power, which is not possible w/o Maul. For example: Boba Fett with Talent, Force point (via Maul) and a dark side Force Power on top? Yummy! So they will have to balance with this in mind as well.
  9. How about this list: - [88] Rexler Brath / Juke - [56] Whisper / Juke - [56] Soontir Fel / Lone Wolf 200 points on the dot. Sadly no points for Init bid, but Soontir's Lone Wolf talent could easily become Predator or something else like Predator or Crack Shot to free up a few points Thoughts?
  10. Once again, let me just say that Fly Casual is a great tool thanks a lot for the hard work! ----- I've ran into this bug twice, with different lists. Once in 0.5.3. and once in 0.5.3. hotfix 1. The issue is that AI gets stuck when trying to assign the Krennic condition (at the start of the game when choosing a ship to which to assign the "Optimized Prototype" condition) Screenshot with console open is attached. LMK if you need more details.
  11. I can heartily recommend this - I've played in the previous iteration of the online campaign and we had a blast ? Can't imagine a better way to send off the 1e into a well earned retirement ?
  12. This looks like an excellent Epic campaign - nicely done! Can we get the descriptions and the batreps for the other main missions (beyond Episode 1)? Couple of suggestions on the rules: You may want to pre-set who has the initiative in the scenario (thematically it should probably be the "attacker" in most missions) IIUC unique pilots are the only "persistent" resource between missions, and players have access to all the unique pilots for chassis they own, right? This setup strongly favours the chassis like X-wing or Tie Fighter which have many unique pilots available. To make the matters more interesting, you can consider limiting the unique pilots to at most 2 per chassis to put all of the chassis on even footing. There could be an incentive to limit the losses in the mission. For example, for every 100 points left on the table at the end of the mission (rounded up) a player is awarded 1 Asset Point. This will IMO increase the realism Do players have unlimited access to the unique upgrades for their faction (for the chassis they own)? What about access to unique crew and astromechs? I suggest pricing some/all of the unique upgrades in Asset Points. For the unique titles (i.e. ships) the model may be that one "buys" them to permanently become part of their squadron Another model may be to buy the help for a single mission. Want Palpatine to help you in Episode X? Sure thing, but pay for it in "prestige" (i.e. Asset Points). There can be a hybrid model: buy Palpatine for 1 mission: 1 Asset Point. Get Palpatine permanently: 4 points? You can specify if Unique Pilots can be used as crew (where applicable). For example, a player can put Luke in a YT1300 as a Gunner (and same "mortality" rules would apply) Hope this helps Cheers!
  13. +1 - this is amazing work. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Hi Sandrem - I've tried the FS and it looks really promising! I've ran into a couple of situations where debug console opens automatically. Other than typing "close" and hoping the game state recovers -> is there something we can do from the app to share the call stack / repro for the issue? In general, what is the best way to file bugs for FS?
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    Do we know how much does the PS1 pilot cost?
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