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  1. I'm probably not remembering the points first round then. I didn't play that game so...
  2. I've played a 4-person campaign and we are just about done with a 6-person campaign. I don't see the campaign as terribly imbalanced, but I'd say that if anything Show of Force is a much better special for the Empire than Hyperlane is for Rebels. In the 6-person campaign, the Rebels tried a Hyperlane and the Imperials declared a Show of Force. The Rebel lost the Hyperlane, which netted the Empire 120 points. The Empire destroyed the stations but lost Show of Force, netting ANOTHER 80 pts. So, out of the gate the Empire got 200 resource points. The Rebels determined that Hyperlane Raid sucks, and immediately began focusing on bases. In a twist, the campaign has now swung extremely hard for the Rebels. Our 4-person campaign was extremely close and the imperials managed a win in an All Out declared by the Rebels. I think the score was tied, or at least within 1 point.
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