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    Notturno81 got a reaction from Thrift Thopter in Has this game been discontinued?   
    I'm also very interested in this. I bought the core game one week ago and consider to go for expansions. Anyway if it's discontinued I'd like to ask if FFG is going to release the second edition...
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    Notturno81 got a reaction from Matrim in Skype   
    @Matrim This is great idea. We have been playing AH that way for a couple of months and it works almost perfectly. We only used messenger and recently switched to Discord app as via Messenger the quality was really poor and the glitches made the game uncomfortable. Of course it is better to see someones face and all that emotions (especially when the auto fail token is drawn - then you probably have to mute the sound when there are kids around you:D) We play as following: One prepares the scenario and mix all encounter cards. The others just organize them. The rest is going as you described it: one person tells each time what card has been drawn for which character. Of course not so formal but trying to give some color to it. Regarding chaos bag each player has his own as we trust each other.
    Of course we can try a scenario one day If you want to
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    Notturno81 got a reaction from Eruantalon in Lost in time and space - Last mythos pack for Dunwich   
    Yes. it is removed from the game to avoid possibility of using it again in the same scenario by picking it back from discard pile. Then you shuffle it into your deck for the next scenario.
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    Notturno81 got a reaction from xalapagotica in Magiczny Miecz Translation Project...   
    Wow I remember these days early in the 90-ties... We skipped classes in winter just to dig into the game. Thousands of hours over the board. It was really something these days and it has pushed our imagination to its borders:) I remember the character "Morlok" who originated from the expansion "Cave" He was really hard to play with, as he lost one life each turn being outside:) The expansion "Gród" (Burgh) was much more fancy than the "City" today as it offered much more than just "shopping" The idea of two artifacts needed to enter the Castle of the Beast from two opposite directions gave also a little bit more variety to the game...
    Today we try to implement some of these mechanics into the Talisman:)
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    Notturno81 got a reaction from talismanisland in The Lost Realms - A Fan Expansion   
    Hi everyone!! I've just signed up to say that you work is incredible!! Great ideas and artworks. Maybe a little brick in the whole project: When i saw this card "Owl princess" I came up with the idea it could be a follower who could bring us any object from any realm of outer, and middle region or even other expansions. As this ability is quite strong the princess would be discarded after one use or the character could use the follower each time when rolling 6 for his movement.
    Maybe it's too late too share new ideas, however it is good to say just hello:)
    Best regards 
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    Notturno81 got a reaction from talismanisland in The Lost Realms - A Fan Expansion   
    This is also great news. I've put two cards from Deep realms in slaves and I want to do the same with lost realms:)
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