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  1. Hi folks, I'm playing my first campaign with Rita Young right now and have question regarding her special ability. After you evade an enemy: Either deal 1 damage to that enemy, or move to a connecting location. (Limit once per round.) What if I'm engaged with two enemies? Do I get the attack of opportunity from the other one, while moving to the next location? Comparing with Ursula's reaction: Our seeker gets an attack of opportunity as she performs an "investigate" action after she moved. I understand that Rita should get an AoO as she performs a "move" action after she evaded one of the enemies and being still engaged with the second one.
  2. I think it would be great if FFG give any notice about Battlestar Galactica which is based on this idea:) Anyway in Arkham Horror wouldn't it be too hard to have an hidden enemy among other players? The scenario itself can beat you pretty well...
  3. @Matrim This is great idea. We have been playing AH that way for a couple of months and it works almost perfectly. We only used messenger and recently switched to Discord app as via Messenger the quality was really poor and the glitches made the game uncomfortable. Of course it is better to see someones face and all that emotions (especially when the auto fail token is drawn - then you probably have to mute the sound when there are kids around you:D) We play as following: One prepares the scenario and mix all encounter cards. The others just organize them. The rest is going as you described it: one person tells each time what card has been drawn for which character. Of course not so formal but trying to give some color to it. Regarding chaos bag each player has his own as we trust each other. Of course we can try a scenario one day If you want to
  4. Nungunz this is really bad luck:D Anyway this idea is just awesome. I can't wait with what they will come up next:)
  5. @Bludgeon - Do we also have a polish translation in our group?
  6. Actually it's not the first exceptional. In "Where doom awaits" we will have "Ace in the hole":)
  7. Yes. it is removed from the game to avoid possibility of using it again in the same scenario by picking it back from discard pile. Then you shuffle it into your deck for the next scenario.
  8. So we know for sure that the gold pocket watch isn't an exile card which was supposed in another thread:) I see Jenny with furiousness in her eyes while holding the Chicago typewriter:) Oooo yeah!
  9. I'm also very interested in this. I bought the core game one week ago and consider to go for expansions. Anyway if it's discontinued I'd like to ask if FFG is going to release the second edition...
  10. I was struggling a little bit with "Double or nothing" card, cause I wasn't aware that the "trigger abilities" aren't doubled after the test. However I'm still not sure regarding for example "Liquid courage" and this card. In this case we make a test after healing one horror. Depending on the test result, we have a positive or negative effect. Is it possible to use "Double or nothing" and take a risk here? I found the explanations, that it can't be applied when there is a condition "if" (if you succeed). Anyway we just start the test with two various effects depending on result. Should I treat them still like trigger abilities?
  11. One question regarding dissonant voices which forbids us to play assets and events. What about test icons on these cards? For example: If dissonant voices card is in play, may I use the flashlight only for intellect skill check? Actually the card isn't used as an asset, so what is the right answer?
  12. Thank you all for explaining that. Anyway there were another possibilities in the described situation (like discarding the beat cop) to defeat the priest. Samea i agree with the concept of "Simple way of thinking" That becomes problematic to me when we are trying to give more fabular flavour to the game and starting to imagine some plots.It can happen that the rules, which should be on the top, are just forgotten or even it's more a lack of accuracy by interpreting them.
  13. You get to take only *one* action at a time. Actions are Move, Fight, Investigate etc., but using the Action Trigger (the black arrow) is also an action on its own.When you want to use, say, the Machete in a Fight, you do *not* use a standard Fight Action, but the Action Trigger on the Machete card. This Trigger then initiates a modified Fight action. You have to decide which Action Trigger (or regular Option) you want to spend an action on. Unless some day there would be a card that allows to "chain" multiple Action Trigger. Ok so this is "either... or..." regarding weapons. and it's not possible to spent two ctions to make a combo? (machete and the 45) I was thinking about AH board game when it's possible to use two weapons from two hands and I was wrong then:))
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