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  1. ↑This! Geez....... I picked up D2e around 4 years ago and have the entire collection... and now you guys have me wanting to find D1e somewhere to give it a shot. lol!
  2. Likely, it's one of those situations where there's a relatively low number of people who use it (compared to the numbers that play/GM the game) but the ones that use it use it a LOT. I, for instance, have over 20 quests on there, myself, and there's a lot of fairly popular full-blown campaigns by different users. I'd hate to think FFG abandoned it because it didn't get much use... because of the outcry for support that never came because it didn't take off like they had hoped, leaving us that rely on it to create custom content for 5-hero games with no other tools to use.... Wouldn't be surprised, mind you, but would hate to hear it nonetheless.
  3. Yeah, that's my big hiccup when thinking about purchasing any more FFG stuff. It's not like things like Descent 2e have little-to-no following, or is a decade old or something.... I get the feeling it's just a poor existing-customer focus mindset from the management at FFG (and Asmodee, at this point). They put all their effort (it seems) into selling new products and little or no resources spent supporting what they've already sold to folks. My 2cp worth
  4. Felin, if you do, be sure to let us know what they say. That's an excellent question.
  5. It should be noted that I'll be creating a quest for each and every class, so I'm not asking for a vote on which classes to do quests for, but asking for ideas on quest material (based on the couple responses that just specify the archetype & class but no quest details).And this is an anonymous thing, so thank you for taking the time for the two submissions I did get, whoever you are
  6. He's not in any that I've seen. I threw together a google sheet full of D2e info a while back. Here's a snipit of it if it helps. Edit: I know there are some holes in the monster/quest data. I got that off of the D2e wiki and it lacked the info at the time (still may?).
  7. Also note that if your morale counter reaches 0 and you fail a mission, you have to go back to TOWN to reset the morale counter. If you go straight to another quest (which it sounds like you did) then it remains 0 and the first death will fail the quest.
  8. I had the same problems you did while using Chrome & Firefox, both. (Firefox would prevent me from adding expansions as usable options in the editor, but Chrome would prevent me form placing tiles sometimes. I'd have to create the quest in Chrome and then edit it in FF) and there's a few of my quests that have been reverted back to a very early state of creation. I've had an email string going over the couple months with the same "Zach" that I usually get the canned responses from (and I suspect everyone else too?). "Thank you for contacting us with your concerns. I have forwarded your e-mail to the appropriate people/persons involved to start an internal discussion. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us again!" " I have forwarded your previous support ticket to the web master in charge of updating the Quest Vault. We apologize for the delay and they will fix this issue as soon as they can." "Thank you for contacting us with your follow-up. I apologize for any miscommunication that may have happened as we do currently support the Quest Vault. I can assure you that this is not going to an unmonitored mail box and I have personally talked to the web team to update the Quest Vault to be more current. However the Quest Vault may not be their highest priority to monitor 24/7/365 and we appreciate any reports to better improve the service. If you find any further issues with the Quest Vault please feel free to contact us again and we will be sure to forward it to our web team (and their manager if necessary)." "Thank you for contacting us with your concerns. We apologize that we are not able to support the Quest Vault better and we will strive to make more improvements in the near future. I have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate persons involved (and their managers) and they will get to updating the website as soon as they can. If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us again!" Granted, I'll probably just end up getting black-listed, but I figure I'll start bugging them about once a week. I think we all should... softwaresupport@fantasyflightgames.com ?
  9. I've created a thread here that talks about a google form/survey I've made to gather ideas on the subject. With the results, I'm going to use the D2e Quest Vault to create the side quests and post them in the same thread. Please check it out! -Agnati
  10. Edit: TL;DR - I threw together a google survey to get ideas on class-specific quests to create with the Quest Vault (except Chains that Rust classes... for now(?)) and then share with the community. So I've created a couple dozen quests on the D2e Quest Vault system and was inspired by eternaldreamon's idea on this thread about creating (non-official, obviously) a side quest for Descent's classes. I've put together a Google survey here (https://goo.gl/forms/SVXrIyhk3996CfwE2) and I'm asking for ideas. I think the questions are descriptive enough. Here's what I'm looking for, and I've submitted a sample Bard response in blue Any other questions you guys think would be helpful? Please submit any ideas you may have. After I've completed the quests, they'll be available in the Quest Vault and I'll also post a link to them on this thread. Also, feel free to post a brief synopsis of your idea as a comment below so others know the idea has already been submitted. May also be useful for "voting" for a winning idea for each class after some submissions have been made.
  11. My reply may be less than helpful as an answer to your questions, save for a demographic measurement, but I'm an avid fan of the D2e game, its mechanics, and design with the map tiles, scalability, etc. I own all the expansions & lieutenants and half of the hero/monster packs (storage space always becomes a limiting factor). I've been using the Quest Vault for around a year and am equally frustrated and disappointed at its abandonment in favor of selling new products at the cost of ignoring existing customers. Most recently, I've been recreating the Kindred Fire quests so that I can Overlord the campaign for my group of 5 players/heroes and lacking map tiles and monsters for expansions that are specifically called for is also frustrating. That being said, I'm a veteran computer tech with a lot of hardware/software experience, but very little programming (and I mean non-existent, like, having used QBASIC in college 15 years ago), but I'm a quick learner and more than happy to help where and how I can. When the time comes, just point me in a direction...
  12. I have that same problem while using FireFox to create the quest. Chrome seems to work, and I haven't tried IE. Not sure they will try to fix it or not (not hopeful), but for a while I'd create the quest with Chrome then edit it with FireFox. -Agnati
  13. I've got a half dozen quests where the published and downloadable versions are full and look fine (minus a typo here or there) but when editing it to correct an issue, it's wiped any or all of the text and/or map tiles. It's sad that I've spent about $800 on this product and expansions, only to have the #1 tool for replayability abandoned without a word. You'd think the entire D2E QV team died in the same bus accident and no one knows how to open the support application or something..... I'm with you, this is beyond discouraging. I'm not sure I'll ever buy another FFG product because of this. Especially when they have JUST (relatively) released an expansion and a RTL campaign... so they haven't abandoned the game as far as new customers, only abandoned support for existing ones.... very sad and the poorest of customer service...
  14. Judging by the longstanding issues that I've had for months and have found folks talking about on these forums for the better part of a year, I don't think FFG gives a crap about Quest Vault or the people trying to use such an incredible concept. In my experience, though, FireFox does't let me add the expansion packs to a new map creation (when naming and giving a description for it) but Chrome does. Haven't tried IE.
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