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  1. That is the start for max encumbrance calculation. Then items specifically state they increase the encumbrance a character can have.
  2. Yeah crafting is broken any way you look at it though...
  3. Hello! So is there any rule on limiting or restricting what can be used for encumbrance increasing items? I know FFG Star wars does not have "equipment or body slots" for gear but I have seen some pretty silly things like a military backpack, utility belt, cargo clothes, load bearing gear... When I see that I just think of the old lady from the Labyrinth movie...
  4. No I was more meaning brawl weapons... Another Repulsor Fist question. As it is considered a weapon could you use talents like tinkerer on it to give it a hard point?
  5. Can you put another weapon on top of a repulsor fist. IE some knucks or something? I know it is considered a "weapon" but would it make sense to be able to add something like brass or vibro knucks to the repulsor fist?
  6. Hello! I recently started playing in a discord open world game and am seeing things I have not seen before. This one is can you choose the 1 advantage "Boost to next allied active characters next check" multiple times? It seems it would make the 2 advantage to a specific ally much less usefull.. Thanks!
  7. Understood! That is a bad guy though so I am just wondering if there was a rule or ruling made for PCs
  8. Can you get skill ranks above 5? IE character has 5 skill ranks then has a piece of gear that gives them +1 skill rank. Sorry if this was asked before and if it was if you can link me that post that would be great!
  9. Hello! So there is a chart in the engineer book for what you can use advantage and such for with mechanics checks. One such choice is two advantage to give the item one more boost die if that is what you are attempting or remove one more set back die. I have seen this used in an online game ALOT when doing mods like balanced hilt, custom grip, etc.... Does two advantage for a permanent extra boost or remove a setback die seem over powered to anyone else or is it just me?
  10. Remember that they are crafting items that cost credits. So yes they could potentially get some pretty interesting items but unless they are crafting something very simple and cheap it will be a very expensive exercise. Also if you feel they are still abusing it, flip a destiny point here and there. The fear of a despair should temper their beardy crafting somewhat. Also don't forget the timeframe. For the more complex items they will often need days to complete. Unless there is a crazy amount of downtime this should also be a consideration. You can always throw an encounter in the middle of "crafting time" to spice things up as well.
  11. I have decided to drop out from this game. Good luck to everyone else and win that race!
  12. If I might suggest... When in a round situation every PC should clearly state each round what they are doing. IE: Maneuver: Accelerate to speed 2 Additional Maneuver: Accelerate to speed 3 (marked off 2 strain for PC and vehicle) Action: Drive. insert die roll
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