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  1. Remember that they are crafting items that cost credits. So yes they could potentially get some pretty interesting items but unless they are crafting something very simple and cheap it will be a very expensive exercise. Also if you feel they are still abusing it, flip a destiny point here and there. The fear of a despair should temper their beardy crafting somewhat. Also don't forget the timeframe. For the more complex items they will often need days to complete. Unless there is a crazy amount of downtime this should also be a consideration. You can always throw an encounter in the middle of "crafting time" to spice things up as well.
  2. I have decided to drop out from this game. Good luck to everyone else and win that race!
  3. If I might suggest... When in a round situation every PC should clearly state each round what they are doing. IE: Maneuver: Accelerate to speed 2 Additional Maneuver: Accelerate to speed 3 (marked off 2 strain for PC and vehicle) Action: Drive. insert die roll
  4. It might very well matter if your difficulty should have been higher and/or there are setbacks because you could potentially roll a lot more threat.
  5. There is nothing under the Damage control action that states if you'd need tools or not. Under the mechanics skill it does state any damaged device may be repaired with the proper tools. It also says at the game masters discretion it may be impossible to complete a repair without the necessary tools or components. You might want to run it by the GM before you start rolling to see if there is any extra difficulty, as noted in the mechanics skill, or possible setbacks for trying to fix a bike you are riding at high speed at night time.
  6. How does one exactly do damage control while driving a speeder? Wouldn't you need a tool kit to even attempt it?
  7. Hal watches as the racers take off the start line. Smiling he pulls out some of his recent stash. Taking the neutron pixie applicator he finds a seat by the make shift stage. Using he medical knowledge he finds the optimal spot for injection. He takes a deep breath and injects the drugs. He eases back and waits for the rush... Takes two strain to activate master doctor. Does the stim application action taking four more strain. Increases his cunning for the duration of the scene by 1. 2eP+1eD: 1 success, 1 advantage [2eP=S/A, A] [1eD=Th]
  8. actually it should have been do
  9. Play by post seems like an excellent way to get some gaming in for those with busy schedules or those with no local groups to play. Yet most PBP games in my experience rarely get off the ground and if they do they tend to have a flurry of activity then slow down to single line posts. So why is this? What can be done by both GMs and Players to mitigate this? What practices and requirements can be put in place up front that will keep a game going long term? Discuss!
  10. Doc catches Zara just before she hits the line. "You want a little boost for the race?" he asks with a grin.
  11. I had the same problem at first. I now try to think of it as "What is the difficulty in a vacuum?" On a sunny day on Naboo with a gentle cool breeze the difficulty would be XXX if the PCs attempted this. Then I drop em into wherever they are and anything that makes it more challenging is setbacks.
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