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  1. Which tournament was this? I’d love to see the players and lists
  2. 1) redline 2) proton torps 3) redline with proton torps ... yes thats me
  3. I also think points alone can’t fix it. Maybe just a single charge will be bearable for 8-10 points
  4. Remember that feeling you got when you realized how busted tragedy genius nym was...
  5. Wait till someone 3 straight/bank + boosts to deliver a proton from the other side of the board through an asteroid field. Feels good I don’t want to argue about who carries it better though. But I will ask you this. Have you tried it on redline and the lambda? And then follow up question if you did did you play to abuse it?
  6. Yes collision detector on whisper is pretty broken. Imagine you could also put it on redline and sai. Wait... Oh ****
  7. Any ship that can take collision detector.
  8. Lukasz has Jonus and 3 bombers
  9. That's the thing isn't it. In my opinion if you can actually correctly identify why you are bad in game or after you are probably reasonably good at the game.
  10. A wise man once said https://imgflip.com/i/2b7mg9
  11. I agree Alpha x-wing intergalactic loremaster 2000 until defeated The Zak Mathews carolina krayts podcast invitational champion! Shot thanks
  12. dolfiejay

    Scrub Club

    Scrub Club podcast. Our first attempt so be gentle https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/scrubclub/episodes/2018-02-11T12_40_29-08_00
  13. Gauteng Regional South Africa 42 players Winner: Quickdraw Nu Nu Countdown Runner up: Nym Miranda Top 4: Dengar Asajj, Asajj Sol Sixa Binary Pirate Top 8: Trip Wookies, Double Lancer (I can't remember the other 2) Still a couple of lists outstanding but here is the link http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/get_tourney_details?tourney_id=3916
  14. The David Sirlin article thats being thrown around these forums is being taken out of context and most certainly does not apply to everyone. The article in question "Introducing the scrub..." is but a chapter in his book "Playing to win". He starts the book off by explaining that its not for everyone and if it is not for you thats fine. Most people won't even get to the introducing the scrub chapter if they read the book from the start and will also as a result not be offended by it. Furthermore this article out of context is pretty rough on most people as it is not the full picture. He later on has a a chapter on sportsmanship and he gives advice on how to practice. Anyone who has read the whole book and agrees with it will be a great sport when you play against them. They will also not bring a broken list to casual game night and prey on unprepared people with a different mindset. Thats just wrong and nowhere near anything David Sirlin advocates. The introducing the scrub article should definitely not be used to try and change people's view on the game. In my opinion the game needs players of all kinds to exist. I think the only blanket rule you can apply to everyone is don't be a ****.
  15. Attitude is the only thing that needs to change. You love this game and you know it. Embrace it for what it is and we can all have fun again.
  16. If you were some nowhere scrub like me sure. But you're not. You're Travis the Johnson Johnson. You are an xwing celebrity whether you like it or not and peeps follow your lead and listen to what you say. So yeah sure I don't have to listen to you but tons of members of the xwing community globally is going to listen to you and not me. I still want to play this game next week and you don't. I don't give a **** if you wanna play or not but your words and actions affect the guys that I'm going to play with in the future.
  17. This is the problem I have with you. You don't like the game anymore because you think it should be something else. Turrets, regen, defense stacking and bombs are part of the game now. Around my area we embrace this and try and beat it because that is the game now. Pro tip we still enjoy it. You think it has become no skill you have 2 decent options. Abuse it, win everything with the no skill tactics to prove thats what it has become. Or let the rest of us enjoy it without trying to sour it up.
  18. There you go again. So peeps that play broken **** are not "good" or "skillful" to your standard, gothca.
  19. Calling things unfun is not going to fix anything. I'm only slugging this out cause I'm pretty drunk. This applies to you to as well zak but at least you are not trying to convince the community that its all "unfun" now. Everyone does have an attachment to this game, and I am no exception. I want the game to live past these cries. If travis does get out good for him but what mess did he make before he left that the rest of us have to clean up?
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