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  1. Which tournament was this? I’d love to see the players and lists
  2. 1) redline 2) proton torps 3) redline with proton torps ... yes thats me
  3. I also think points alone can’t fix it. Maybe just a single charge will be bearable for 8-10 points
  4. Remember that feeling you got when you realized how busted tragedy genius nym was...
  5. Wait till someone 3 straight/bank + boosts to deliver a proton from the other side of the board through an asteroid field. Feels good I don’t want to argue about who carries it better though. But I will ask you this. Have you tried it on redline and the lambda? And then follow up question if you did did you play to abuse it?
  6. Yes collision detector on whisper is pretty broken. Imagine you could also put it on redline and sai. Wait... Oh ****
  7. Any ship that can take collision detector.
  8. Lukasz has Jonus and 3 bombers
  9. That's the thing isn't it. In my opinion if you can actually correctly identify why you are bad in game or after you are probably reasonably good at the game.
  10. A wise man once said https://imgflip.com/i/2b7mg9
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