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  1. Got my second chance and was able to get an xwing ticket. i also got an Imperial Assault one, and would like to play in it. =( looking for a 1B or 1C x wing ticket! PM if you want to trade please!! -Ryan
  2. The Law

    World's Tickets

    i was able to get one from IA and X-wing.. Looking to trade 1A for 1B or 1C =)
  3. I'm so excited to paint miniatures again.
  4. 1. Open groups can be whatever you want that is either Empire or Scum. You can bring in a Boba Fett, Dengar, HK Droids, Vader, etc.. downfall is, the rebel players can see if it is scum or empire. 2. any figure can activate an objective token. They can even pick up supply tokens. 3. Each trooper can attack whatever target he wants to shoot. Generally, you'd want to shoot the same person to kill them faster. Rather than spread out damage. But yes, figures in the same group can attack different targets.
  5. @Mightyhawks Low activations can be played. But you need to be smart about your activations. Remebering you can pass can be to your advantage. I would focus more on keeping a theme for your command deck though. IF you're wanting to run IG, then i would focus more on having movement cards that get you movement points so you're able to move IG and get those two shots off all the time. Also, Hunter cards are top tier right now. So with hunter cards, if you have your activations be all hunters, you're not having wasted cards in your hand if one of them dies. With the Rancor, yes he's tanky, but he also dies pretty quick to focus fire.
  6. I have a few questions in regards to starting out. I've only played skirmish competatively, and I'm looking to start a new campaign with the wife starting with the core set first. I have all the expansions, as well as all the waves of ally/villian miniatures. Here are my questions.. Can I use the agenda cards that come with the expansions in place of some that came in the core set when starting out? Can i replace the Green cards that came in the core set with some that came in other expansions/ally packs as long as the time period is correct? Same thing with the grey cards you add? ^^ Can I have the rebels use other heroes that came in the other box expansions or strictly use the core set heros for the core campaign? With the reward cards that came in the allypacks, do you add them to the core set rewards deck? Same with the item cards? ^^ I think that should be it.. Thank you!
  7. When i posted the response i got from FFG, he said this... TO: " No s**t Sherlock, I have been telling people that you were, Just not you, cause I was TROLLING you, as i had said in the post. Which is also 1 of the reasons i never posted on FFG's forms. " to which I replied " Whatever you have to say to keep yourself from sounding like a fool posting on here. It's cool. I get it."
  8. Well boys, we can finally put this to rest...
  9. This is correct. I played this list during casual games, someone had an issue with the way kanans ability worked, I explained the exact same way I have been. TO got involved saying no, that doesn't work, which led to the whole thing.
  10. I've explained it to him every single different way that I could possibly think of. He just does not understand it. I left the argument with this: "So, let me get this straight...Since Kanan has been released, he has been used in pretty much all major tournaments. He has been played this exact way since he has been released. Based on your logic and reasoning, every.. single.. person.. who has played this has been wrong? I very highly doubt it. You sir, are clearly the rules lawyer above all rules lawyers. You clearly exceed the expectations of a ballbag. Oh the lord mighty TO, king of all rules says the enemy ship has to be attacking Kanan in order for him to remove an attack die.Admit it. you are wrong. You are LITERALLY the only person who is wrong about this entire argument. There is not one person who agrees with you. For the last time.. Lets break this pilot ability down.. so stupid simple even a child can understand it.When an enemy ship is attacking, ( Great, an enemy ship is attacking. TRIGGER)You man spend a focus token (Cool, triggered from an enemy ship attacking. Who is he attacking? Dont care, I can spend a focus)If you do, the attacker rolls 1 fewer attack die. (Alright, so I spent a focus token, to make king TO cry more because he has to attack Biggs, and roll fewer attack die)Stupid, Easy, Simple to get. No adding rules, no interpreting them in different ways, No explanation of having to be the one being attacked. Nothing. And with this I end. I will be playing this list, I will be playing it exactly how I have been playing it. I pray I am paired up against you to see you throw a hissy fit and embarrass yourself in front of the store, and not behind the safety of a computer screen, where you can edit your responses so you don't sound like a ballbag."
  11. Lol, your logic is definitely not far off. He he probably did report you. I just can't wait to have this debate in person. I'm sorry you received a warning from him
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