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  1. Gotcha. I want to make sure I match the quality of Nether Realms and Deep Realms.
  2. If I were to find a printer to print these professionally, what would the "plastic" card stock used be called?
  3. Ah well, we can always dream. Like I said earlier, that 5th Edition would have to be really special to make me invest in it.
  4. I wouldn't have thought Nomad would either, but considering they created the special Mephisto characters and other characters not for the "official" game there is already a precedent set. Can't see why not if they have Jon's permission!
  5. *Wiping my drool off of the screen* Unofficial or not, this feels like a true expansion to me. Good job Jon, Cookierobber and everyone else who worked on it! Now, can I officially ask for info about getting these printed professionally. Any info would be greatly helpful!
  6. I will be paying attention to this with very much trepidation. I've grown quite attached to the 4th Edition, so this better be rather spectacular for me to invest in it.
  7. Absolutely gorgeous, Leavon! This is obviously a labor of love for you.
  8. 1) Your name-calling could be considered "The age of kindergarten." 2) Leavon has stated in one of his earlier post on the first page of this thread that he was working on miniatures as well. 3) Unless Leavon is on your payroll he has the right to create anything that he'd like. 4) You should appreciate what Leavon created already instead of blasting people that dare have a different opinion than you. It just seems like we can't have anything nice because there's always someone around to spoil it unnecessarily. Leavon and everyone else: Sorry for the rant, it's just that I was taken aback by the sheer audacity of magicrealms's post.
  9. You, my friend, are a perfectionist! I'll have to think on this for a bit...
  10. If it comes down to it you could use that original gold template you had for the Forge template (possibly make it silver) and use the new template for the Border deck...
  11. We've all moved on from this, magicrealm. You should too.
  12. Only problem is that it looks too close to the Nether Realms icon. My pick is this Abstract icon: http://game-icons.net/viscious-speed/abstract/abstract-119.html
  13. Strongly disagree with this. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, while the terrain pieces are an awesome addition to the game, miniatures for the Mephisto characters/DE exclusives would be on a completely different level - they would complete the game in a way the terrain pieces just don't. While there are tons of other companies that make minis, talisman doesn't use generic minis for any of its characters - they're all custom models, and it's not possible to find matching minis for any of the Mephisto/DE characters. The terrain pieces are cool, but the minis would be unbelievably awesome. how old are you ? 7 or 8 ? Internet is full of mini companies, not to find a Mephisto model shows incapability to use Internet, sorry to say that. icequeen, firelord, holy spring, etc can be recruited from other Talisman character models, so easy it is. absolutely no need for heroes and monsters. that would be a waste oif time and work, which should be spended on the Accessoires instead. btw Mephisto is an Event Card which would not touch the board. what do you want with that ? but thanks, you are a representive example of those world-of-warcraft-Pollers Leavon would fall into and loose his Quality immediately. Don't be an ass. I was talking about the Mephisto CHARACTERS - that is, the characters initially released in the German gaming magazine Mephisto, which have since been added to the digital edition (exorcist, courtesan, etc.). Yes, you can find models that are somewhat similar for a lot of them, but not a perfect match, unlike with the actual talisman minis. And believe it or not, other people have opinions too - yes, you've made it quite clear that you would rather he worked on the terrain pieces, but that doesn't make it some kind of objective truth. Plenty of people earlier on in this very thread were extremely excited about the idea of having minis for the Mephisto/DE exclusive characters, it's not just me. Agree 100% with Cookierobber. I would personally LOVE to have Mephisto minis!
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