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  1. I might create a family tie between one of the group's and the last crimson guard. Then create a bureaucratic tie between the remnant group and another group, like the ship Captain. Like a shipment of food stuffs that they are waiting to get paid for, but the remnant isn't paying for something if it doesn't have to. Which can lead to some reason for a team up. I would also ask the players for the hooks they want their characters to have.
  2. Well the only way the characters have of interacting with the NPC is through dice. So if they can't figure it out just use plot armor. Otherwise let the players roll and adjust accordingly.
  3. I have a player who has this crystal, and until I opened it to any force power used in combat it was literally useless. Even if the pc spends three or four fps on regaining strain, that is balanced by a dramatic damage decrease as well as giving the pc some utility.
  4. The best part about lightsabers is not breach, it is sunder. Though I cannot recall if the cortosis quality makes makes that moot or not.
  5. I suppose it depends on how one wants to portray things like rancors.
  6. Hmm. I will have to contemplate this. Rancors are portrayed as taking down walkers during the Clone Wars. As it stands they do 1.5 points of vehicle scale damage. Which doesn't seem to add up for me.
  7. Are the Wound points of silhouette 2 and larger creatures treated like vehicle hull points, and thus 10 to 1 versus character scale? I mean I can see that working for something like a Rancor. Which shouldn't be something that someone can just take take down with a blaster pistol in my opinion.
  8. I work with my players to avoid that very thing.
  9. I always thought the K-Wing was introduced in limited numbers during the Rebellion.
  10. I really like the Nomi Sunrider and Ulic Qel-Droma era of play, so I am planning a minor campaign plot in the Cron Drift. I need an old Supremacy Class Attack ship, (found here: http://swtor.wikia.com/wiki/Supremacy-class_attack_ship) and am really not great at statting them. The ship had a Hyperdrive mishap during the ancient war due to an exploding sun caused by Exar Kun, and may or may not be recoverable depending on the actions of the players.
  11. I always allow the Force Sensitive to use either Lightsaber or Discipline +Force Rating to bond/enhance their Kyber crystal. Adding mods to the hilt is mechanics, but I have allowed the players to use their force rating in addition as the whole process of building lightsabers is more mystical and time consuming. Of course letting the droid double check the modifications to the hilt as seen in Rebels the show is not necessarily a bad idea. But I love the idea of forcing someone to bleed their crystal as a method of rebonding with crystal after falling to the darkside. IT is very thematic.
  12. You could always give him a stygian crystal that could be used to fuel a cloaking device.
  13. I am using them as Light saber training exercises that a master can give an apprentice. It is narrative fluff, but I have them make light saber skills and reduce the cost of increasing the skill by five if they follow them properly.
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