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  1. Getting a marshal isn’t a hassle at all, especially since a judge is usually called first for disputes, and a player refusing to share dice will absolutely get a marshal’s attention.
  2. Even if the intent behind the sharing rule is u-n-k-n-o-w-a-b-l-e, I can say with a good degree of certainty that if you deny your opponent's request to share dice/templates, a judge/marshal is going to tell you that you are, in fact, going to share dice/templates. No amount of arguing of the definition of "request' is going to change this, so the exercise is pointless.
  3. I don't disagree that people will take angled deflectors on ships they shouldn't. But the comparison with expose is rather silly. Expose was a universally bad card. As admitted in the article, there are solid use cases for angled deflectors (looking at you, Lt. Sai), and some of those use cases can indeed be pretty degenerate. Degenerate combos are always a cause for concern. If angled deflectors isn't a double digit cost, there will be problems.
  4. Difference was CT was definitely tied to unannounced content. This upcoming skirmish map is rather old, even if it is accompanied by ewok art. If more ewok art show up in the world's prizes (honestly that might be the biggest indicator of the future of the game), then sure, that is probably more convincing. As of right now though, I don't think this is a sign of what's coming on its own.
  5. Not to burst any bubbles, but this skirmish map is from the Captain Terro expansion. The ewok art is rather curious, but I wouldn't read it as a sign that a new box is coming. http://boardwars.eu/ia-maps/
  6. They were junk tier in 1.0 because there was no reason to ever take an Upsilon over a Lambda ever.
  7. Doing that is horrible game design. The "we'll just power creep out of bad metas" is what killed x-wing 1.0.
  8. 2xBlast 2 is still pretty stupid, that shouldn't come back.
  9. I generally accept this argument when you're talking about anecdotes, but we're talking about a pretty good sized set of data. The other thing is that "well we should try to just figure it out" ignores that really good players have in fact been trying to figure it out for quite some time. The end result is I've seen several prominent players simply give up and just pick up SC. Any sort of notion that SC may not necessarily be a major problem for the game is nothing short of delusional at this point.
  10. I'd rather have a balanced game then worry about whether the things in the game matches the fluff to the letter.
  11. ... for the Dash players, Double tap Dash was FAQ'd out of the game.
  12. I mean that's also true in extended, you are just permitted the delusion that such is not that case there.
  13. Stuff I might consider auto-includes. Some movement cards. Force Surge On the Lam and Tools for the Job for Ezra/Hera At least one copy of pummel. Strength in numbers for Wombo Combo w/ the Spectre Cell bonus attack Dying lunge Heart of Freedom edit: oh yeah rebel graffiti Rest is seasoned to taste I think. I'd personally stay away from Hunter cards since only Sabine can use them and she isn't always necessarily making an attack on her activation.
  14. Needs moar emphasis: No one is making the argument that SC is unbeatable.
  15. Nobody is making the argument that Spectre Cell is unbeatable, just that it has a very consistently high floor, is generally unpleasant to play against, and that's not good for the game.
  16. Unfortunately I don't think we'll have the "gentlemen's agreement" like we kind of had with ugnaughts. The barriers to build the list aren't there like there was with ugs, and people will generally enjoy hacking and slashing with the Rebels gang, unlike the sitting in your base while the junk droid plinks stuff. If Lothal Wastes does indeed get into the map rotation as expected ... buckle up and enjoy the ride.
  17. He will almost never make it to end game. To get any use out of him at all he needs to be up close (meaning he can be shot at) and he will generally die easily to a single activation with only 10 hp.
  18. They aren't isolated bubbles, but they don't really directly compete with each other either, considering that IA sales are mostly driven by its campaign mode. There's skirmish, but they're pretty different games comparing with Legion that draw different types of gamers. It'd be like saying Armada and X-Wing directly compete with each other (they don't).
  19. A list doesn't have to win everything to be bad for the game, but feel free to hold on to the "It didn't win this one time so it's obviously fine" fallacy I guess?
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