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  1. Rancor Pit doesn't sound very relatable to X-Wing.
  2. “A squad list may only include one ship that has a printed initiative value of 5 or higher.”
  3. Several grand championships have taken place since 2019 worlds.
  4. you are correct. 14 points is insanely LOW.
  5. Spoiler alert: even in extended, a good chunk of your collection is not relevant.
  6. Telling a player who never played or collected 1.0 product that they need to find out of print ships to be competitive in extended feels far more exclusionary to me.
  7. Just like the people saying "But teH BobA is beAtaBlE", you're attacking an argument no one is making. No one is saying Hyperspace is the perfect format, but that it is a better and more fun format than extended is.
  8. Why do people keep trying to refute a point that no one is making?
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