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  1. So you think Fel will get targeted before Jax, even with Jax playing the range 1 game? My biggest concern is this list vs 360 arcs on large bases. Think it can compete?
  2. Hey guys, I follow the forums frequently, but rarely ever post. I wanted to get any input on this list for an upcoming championship. My guess is most people will be playing some sort of mindlink list. I think three aces would be viable and I have two options: Soontir Fel (32) PTL (3) Autothrusters (2) Quickdraw (36) Crack Shot (1) FCS (2) Sensor Cluster (2) Special Ops Training (0) Lightweight Frame (2) And EITHER - Countess Ryad (32) ASTS (0) TIE/x7 (-2) OR - Carnor Jax (32) Adaptability (0) Royal Guard Tie (0) Shield Upgrade (4) Autothrusters (2) I am leaning towards Carnor to disrupt the mind link focusing, but at the same time, I like Ryad as a stand alone with better survival. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. Are you able to put Palp on a tie bomber with title? It reads that each pilot can not have a point value greater than 4. Can that be read as 8 combined with Palp taking 2 crew slots? I wanted to fly a palp list without the shuttle and thought this might be neat, but curious of legality.
  4. Could maybe do that bare bones, but I don't think it would be as strong as a ghostaroo build. I'm still leaning towards a stress bot build. But was also looking at Captain jonus with 2 SYCK and a Y with HLC
  5. Hey all, in a local tournament and one of the weeks our list must consist of a ship from each faction. So 3 ships total. Pilots can cross factions for this list, so you could have a scum party bus with Vader, 3po and Luke on it if you wanted. I had a few lists in mind. One was a play on dengaroo but instead of Dengar I fly a ghost with manaroo, then use an AP as my imperial filler. I also thought maybe a stressbot rebel Y with a rail gun misthunter and omega, the goal being to toss stress with both the Y and the mist while outpioleting the opponent with omega Then I was also thinking Biggs protecting a deck, or some variation. Or maybe manaroo tossing locks and focus to omega ace for 2-3 crits Any good ideas? Are there any lists that would just be unbelievably cheesy?
  6. I have an upcoming squad tournament and for one of the weeks our list must contain one ship from each faction. I was kicking around some ideas but not sure how viable they would be and where the best synergy would be. Have any of you had success with these rainbow builds? I'm very new to the game so still learning what ships fly best with others and their abilities. The first list I was looking at was: Manaroo Recon Spec Poe R5-P9 Not sure what would go well with this list in passing focus from manaroo. Thought it would be fun having a focus battery for poes shields. My other idea was to fly a TieD with title and ions with Dance Bonearm in a Hawk, converting ion to damage, but then not sure what to add for rebel. Any ideas on that would synergize with these lists? Or other viable rainbow lists? Thanks!
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