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  1. All small ship bases get displaced like a squadron getting overlapped😀
  2. Dupy

    Vassal World Cup Results

    Wish you brought a bigger gun. Sigh. Then look forward to the next tournament😀
  3. Dupy

    Vassal World Cup Results

    @CaribbeanNinja was a great opponent and played a great game for the consolation prize in our bracket. That Mothma really hurt my limited anti ship firepower. Thank you. I wish @mhdand @JJs Juggernaut good luck in the coming round! To the dust bin with this fleet! Or, perhaps make em y wings instead of z's. I'm sure a y wing swarm hasn't been tried before.
  4. Dupy

    Vassal World Cup Results

    Not the best of games. @mhd, this is one best forgotten.
  5. Dupy

    The Salt Break Thread

    Ahhh, yes. The diving board on Ancient Art. It was the drops on both sides that get you. Good times.
  6. Dupy

    Vassal World Cup Results

    @JJs Juggernaut played an awesome game. He managed to radus drop well in spite of my squad picket. And held the profundity drop to get it just right and finish the liberty. Just a pleasure to not get tabled!
  7. @JJs Juggernaut vs. Dupy is scheduled at 7am Central. In 4 hours. Now if i could get back to sleep, I'd be happy.
  8. I submitted, and submitted again. Question is if I'll submit again. The ticking clock leads to poor decisions.
  9. I agree with dropping the scout to a torpedo mc30. Bright hope is good. But, for slicing, quantum storm can really reach out and touch someone. Those two changes net you 5 more points to play with. Perhaps get those h-9s and guarantee an acc on every shot from the torp. Hondo can get you that squad token for Cham without sacrificing a dial.
  10. Count me in. Gmt-6, central time.
  11. Dupy

    Lib and nebs

    I agree with @Hawkwing. I've run a similar list to his. It maneuvers well and is fun to fly.
  12. How important do you find the affm? Have you found it critical for maneuvering the z's? I've been tossing this around and picturing a couple Flotilla, a cr90 jainas light boat, and either 2 nebs, or a liberty-liberty. Those ships might help survivability, especially the light life boat. I've got mine built with Hera, but am not sure if she would be worth more than 4 more z's or jan to lend some braces to the z's.
  13. With that many z's... Blount seems required.