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  1. The outstanding (?) two trees are one thing, Signature Abilities are another. Kinda feels like the last two trees and signature abilities should be in a Jedi Order sourcebook. I'd go with Temple Guardian and Archivist as specs in that case. But as for Signature Abilities I wonder if Force Ghost would be too... terminal as one of them.
  2. To paraphrase Wilde, ‘To have one long-delayed Star Wars book as a result of a bad print run may be regarded as a misfortune, to have two looks like carelessness.’
  3. I suspect whatever happened with printing and shipping to delay previous products, ongoing predictions will be tricky until we can perceive a clear product strategy. As we move out of career books for the three core games, there will probably be a schedule of era books, area books and perhaps a campaign adventure book or two. But getting those into a regular release schedule might take a while. The Rise of the Separatists book jumped straight from development to the boat without hitting the printers, making me suspect that the Upcoming section of the website isn't really that useful as a tool to guide us. We're now looking at just one SW book in the release schedule, despite intimations here that plenty of folks are currently playtesting or developing future products. On one hand there will be more stuff, on the other hand, pending some major change in FFG's communications strategy (obfuscated I'm sure by Lucasfilm), expect to hear about new products out of the blue and then don't hold your breath for any of them to appear until the Force wills it...
  4. So Rise of the Separatists just went from In Development to On The Boat. Which was nice.
  5. Either really. With the announcement of the new Era book some people are revealing that they've known about it for a while now so I was curious.
  6. Out of interest how many people here have been or are contributors to the SW RPG?
  7. So with the 30th Anniversary set in stores, the only outstanding product is Cyphers and Masks... Has there ever been a time with only one product on the horizon? I'm assuming that they're waiting for Gencon to do a big, big announcement of future products because, assuming they are actually developing other books, it makes zero sense to not be talking about anything further for this line.
  8. Thank you Absol. Now we wait patiently, meditating on the mysteries of the Force. Like Qui-Gon did on Naboo. Obviously without dying shortly after at the hands of a Juyo expert. Though the irony would not be lost on anybody.
  9. If it's any consolation over here in the UK we haven't even got Dawn of Rebellion yet. Asmodee just announced next week's game releases... and DoR isn't on the list. The earliest we'll have it will be March 13th...
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