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  1. But no Bow/XBow or Shotgun has Spray in the first place...
  2. From a look through the Core Rulebook and Enemies Within/Without/Beyond there doesn't appear to be any Shotgun/Bow/XBow with the Blast quality, however there also doesn't seem to be any Bows/XBows that I saw with Scatter either. There doesn't seem to be any special quality that Bows/XBows/Shotguns all share. Both XBow and Bow obviously have Primitive, but no Shotgun I've seen has it. The only Bow/XBow/Shotgun I found other than the ones in the Core Book is the Purgatus XBow which only has Reliable. There doesn't seem to be any quality that they all share, so I have no clue what it was meant to be/if it was an error :S
  3. Well.... Our Ordo Xenos Inquisitor has sorta authorised us to do so if needs be since we're..."deniable" and "acting under our own free will". At least in the current campaign, we were also given a bunch that they confiscated from some PDFs that defected to help the T'au. The trade in was more me thinking, offering them a trade in isn't the same as just saying "We found heresy and are turning it in" since it's kinda asking for benefits for handing it in "implying it is a choice" xD. As the Tech-Priest I've avoided using the heretical Pulse Rifles, but one of the Arbites /may/ have shot half the face off a nob with one of them tonight...
  4. Wasn't sure if it might be Heresy to offer them Xenos weaponry. Still fairly new to the Lore as a whole.
  5. I guess that could work, I agree that the multiple items/mods trading definitely doesn't seem as good as it could've been. I feel it doesn't warrant it's own post so I'll put it here; Are there any precedents for trading in non Inquisition tech? Such as some of the Xenos weapons in the Enemies Within book etc?
  6. So I know you can trade in weapons that are at least 1 tier harder to obtain than the item you are Requisitioning, in order to make the test easier by the difference in their Availability. However, logically, a modded item is more difficult to obtain (represented by having to make an additional Requisition test to acquire each Mod). So my question is, when trading in a weapon that has one (or more) mods equipped, how do you calculate the Availability of that weapon? It is logically going to be higher than the Availability of the base weapon, but not as high as just adding the modifiers of the weapon and mods together. Does anyone have any insight as to how this is meant to be done RAW? Or if not any methods you (and your group) usually do it. The only way I can think that RAW seems to allow/give the ability to do is to remove all the mods yourself, and then (providing they aren't ruined during the process) have a bunch of mods and a weapon to train in separately. However this seems incredibly inefficient, both from a min-maxing player point of view, as well as RP wise. There's no point a (possibly unskilled, probably less skilled than the people it'll be sent back to) PC attempting to remove mods to the weapon, before sending it back instead of letting the 'professionals' do it and sending the weapon back as a whole (which you may well have acquired it as).
  7. @RMcD I think what TheWorldSmith is saying is that, because it is NOT stated within the description of the Sororitas Power Armour that it requires charging, just as it does NOT mention any capabilities of acting as a voidsuit, therefore the item does not have these properties. Just because "normal" Power Armour does, does not automatically mean the Sororitas version also has these properties. If you reread the description; "[sororitas Power Armour] still retains many technological enhancements that give its wearer and edge in battle." The keyword here is MANY, and not ALL. The description then goes on to list the features that it does retain compared to the normal version, Unnatural Strength (1), and always counting as braced. Yes the word 'many' doesn't really fit when talking about 2 things, but I assume fluff wise it will retain many other properties not worth listing and this is stating the only mechanical benefits/constraints retained are those listed. So, no it doesn't suddenly require a charge every 1d5 hours, unlike the DH1E version, however it does no longer retain the +5 BS or rebreather and comm-link built in. Please do feel free to correct me if this is not what you were meaning WorldSmith, however even if it's not, this is how I read and interpreted the description of this item.
  8. With the Mechadendrite Use (Weapon/Utility) talents, I read it as "In order to use any Mechadendrite weapon, you need MU(Weapon)". So to use the attack from the Utility/Medicae/Manipulator Mechadendrites as a weapon, you need the Weapon version of Mechadendrite Use. However when reading through a thread that involved Mechadendrite Use (it was something about wanting other weapons as dendrites and twinlinking them) I got the impression from the posts that the only benefit from Mechadendrite Use (Weapon) was the ability to use the Balistic Mechadendrite, which implied that you are able to use the attacks from the non-Ballistic Mechadendrites with only Mechadendrite Use (Utility). I'm now somewhat confused about what exactly you are and aren't able to utilise (having all of the Mechadendrites) but only having one of the Mechadendrite Use talents. Some clarification on the RAW would be great thanks. (Though if you use some homebrew/houserule in relation to this I'd be interested to read it and possibly propose it to my GM)
  9. Okay thanks both of you. Since it's along the same vein but slightly different. With the Adeptus Sororitas, are they specifically below a certain rank until they get the Elite Advance for Sister of Battle? To the nooby eyes of myself it seems a similar situation, but I could be way off as I don't know enough of the lore. From what I'm aware they are kind of the same sort of thing. A notable ranking within their own Adeptus _______ that is generally something an initiate would aim to become. Feel free to correct me on if this is correct or not.
  10. I'm rather new to the whole of 40k and to the RPGs. I recently joined a new DH2 campaign where (with the help of a 40k lore nerd friend for RP stuff) I made an AdMech Assassin. During and since creation of my character, I've been unsure exactly what sort of rank he would have been. I know that in OW, you are a Tech-Priest outright, and that in DH1 there was a Ranking tree where throughout the campaign you can increase your rank and at some point become a Tech-Priest from just a Technographer, and eventually a Magos. Looking at the requirements of certain things you can get in DH1, that you can also get in DH2, there are plenty of things that you need to be of rank "Tech-Priest" or above to get in GH1 that are readily available in DH2, and even start with from char gen (Mechadendrites for example). Additionally, it does in the Utility Mechadendrite description in DH2 refer to the character with the 'dendrite as a Tech-Priest, rather than just an AdMech. However it doesn't state anywhere specifically what constitutes a player being a Tech-Priest (or higher) or whether you are just another AdMech climbing the ranks with the hope of becoming a Priest. This may be something that anyone with Lore knowledge can easily interpret, however since I lack that knowledge I am turning to you wonderful folks. Is there a rules definition for what make you either a Tech-Priest or not?
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