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  1. soooo much good card art. love the Mount Doom box art! thanks for posting it
  2. That buying guide on TFTC is really a great start point....i started buying in last year in "order of release" but sort of wish i had not been such a slave to my "completist" tendencies and just bought what appealed to me in terms of LOTR lore (like i dig Silvan stuff way more than Dwarves) Searching out stuff on ebay and BGG marketplace has been a good way for me to find people dumping large amounts of cards for way below the retail price. also check out Seastan's "Minimum Purchase" play-throughs on YouTube to get an idea of what can be done with a 1 core set and some expansions. the guy is a total genius. here's one of the videos: https://youtu.be/nhsdemT5paE?list=PLuyP-hlzlHjewgoSr56i8AtRqDbWzQCwx
  3. hey there....i live in Bklyn (sunset park area) and totally love this game! only been playing for about six months and only solo or with my kids. would be cool to meet up and play some. i have 1 core set and cards up through Darrowdelf cycle plus a few Saga expansions. so maybe not the most powerful modern decks but still pretty fun. Let me know!
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