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  1. Well, those are not AP/HE shells like proper bolts, indeed. Nor fragmentation. Accordingly, they have Pen 0 and no Blast(X). Should a purely brisant charge have Tearing? Why not? I don't see why not give Tearing to all explosives at range 0 only (direct hit, charge planted straight onto the creature/object, etc), for that matter. As in, it's not "maybe shredded, maybe lacerated" or "maybe squished, maybe thrown", it's definitely going to hurt a lot.
  2. TBeholder

    Questions On Withholding Information

    They may pretend to be idiots. Or act penitent. But generally doesn't look good for them, yeah.
  3. TBeholder

    Some Questions towards Items

    I mean, those things are definitely not like common ammunition. There already were cases when ammunition count as Exotic (for Acquisition purpose), while the weapon itself fits a common class: "Blackhammer" Shotgun and "Flametongue" Howdah Pistol from IHB. So either that, or assign worse Availability directly. Since it doesn't explicitly use common ammunition, it makes sense that its own ammunition has higher requirements than usual. Like sniper rifle rounds. Yes, extra DoS on opposed tests. And since all Per based skills have opposed uses, including the most common ones (Awareness or Scrutiny vs. stealth skills), it's going to matter often enough. That is, ambushing a Kroot, Clawed Fiend, Lictor or certain Slaaneshi maniacs is not going to be easy.
  4. TBeholder

    Some Questions towards Items

    Condemnor explicitly uses Purgatus stakes, i.e. specialized sanctified ammunition — which is why these are Ex.Rare like all other sanctified ammunition. To think of it, it should have some sort of training ammunition made, and other variants can't be much harder to make than crossbow quarrels in any other size. Now, having them perform better than a variant crossbow would be harder. If you want to still have that Pen 2, you could just make them mono edged (for knives it's Scarce, and quarrel is of a comparable size, it's just that you need lots of them), and between that, improved precision and balance, even non-sanctified quarrels otherwise performing this far above common sort (Range x1.5, Dam +3 Pen +2, Accurate) may count as Exotic ammunition (V.Rare), or at least end up as demanding as mono-flechette loads (that are Rare). Now, a Heavy Crossbow from IHB is (80m 1d10+4 pen 2), but it's heavier than the entire Condemnor with bolter part, and got 4 rounds long reload. Though if you use Variant Pattern rules from OW on it to "find" a variant that got Accurate, and maybe faster reload, give it some good sight and bump to Pen 4 with mono-quarrels, this can get hilariously lethal. Incinerator also uses special ammunition. Other than this — do it one way or another, as long as it's consistent. Assuming it's there at all. -10 for [Good] isn't that much. [Best] is above all off-the-shelf stuff, so it's just not always there or needs special arrangements. Given other adjustments, it's more about making scale modifiers prohibitive, so that at most RT and retinue have Best stuff. If you could convince GM to try Equipment Patterns variations from OW to acquire not-quite-standard local variations instead, there's more, but they come with trade-offs. Those changes include "Elegant Design" (Good Craftsmanship versions of this item count as Best) and "Exceptional Pattern" (+20 on tests to acquire with Good/Best Craftsmanship), which makes mass acquisition of [Best] stuff quite possible, but all variants come with at least 1 drawback. Of course, those variations also use post-BC rules, so certain entries would have to be dropped, modified or swapped for quirks from DH.
  5. TBeholder

    Some Questions towards Items

    1. RAW, just like melee. But "Sanctified" on a ranged weapon rather than ammunition can look a bit silly indeed, and why remove need for sanctified ammunition? In Blood of Martyrs "Blessing a Melee Weapon" works just like "Sanctifying a Weapon", but only for the next encounter rather than permanently, while "Blessing a Ranged Weapon" does something else: in the next encounter the weapon is used, it ignores the first jam and gives +10 to BS vs. Daemons or Psykers. So you could rule that a Sanctified ranged weapon gives the same advantages as "Blessing a Ranged Weapon", except permanently, i.e. for each encounter. IMHO that fits, is good enough to matter, yet still not too powerful when combined with sanctified ammunition. 2. Depends. Mostly from the usual sources, probably. Blessed Ammunition from priests, of course. 3. A Missionary is as good as his reputation. Generally, priests on Warp traveling ships and Missionaries have important jobs and it shouldn't surprise anyone they need supplies, but whether those supplies are actually available depends on the place. Especially blessed ammunition: it's Extremely Rare in FnC vs. Very Rare in IHB, so presumably there's always demand in ports, and it may be easier to bring your own and have it blessed than to find any surplus waiting for you. More can be construed with services from BoM (see 40k RP Armory sheets) and some common sense. IMO the limitations are that those services require some time and an Acquisition Test (with Scale Modifier) at least for materials (they require incense, oils for anointment and whatnot). There can be options: A. "Default" shipboard priests can provide most of those. Specifically, Confession normally should be done by the Ship Confessor (for bridge officers / Lord-Captain's trusted companions / etc) and assigned cadre of lesser confessors (for bulk of the crew). B. "Manual" simulation: a PC or NPC priest must pass an appropriate Common Lore (Imperial Creed) test. The toughest is Sanctifying a Weapon (melee weapon permanently, or ammunition): the priest must have Rank ≥ 6 and the test is (-30) C.Lore (Imperial Creed). All other services have easier adjustments and no Rank prerequisite. C. If you have no cleric of Rank 6 for Sanctifying a Weapon, find a station or dirt-side temple and roll an Acquisition Test for service (Very Rare). Scale Modifier hinders sanctifying too much of ammunition at once. D. With a temple Component, Acquisition of materials for services can be part of maintenance of that component. Also, a good chance at having a permanent NPC priest of fairly rank working there permanently. Recruitment would probably involve a visit to some world with major Ecclesiarchy presence, then roleplay it all, taking the Lord-Captain's and vessel's reputation into account. The main problem, of course, is that a Rogue Trader needs at least somewhat agreeable priests. Special case: Blessing an Undertaking implies it's done by someone other than participants, and the objective is generally Creed-friendly (i.e. "shoot some heretical pirates"/"wrest the relics of Humanity from Xenos vermin in those ruins" — yes, "dig dangerous xenotech for black market" — no). Also, the price tag (100 thrones for materials alone, 500 for the service) indicates it's a "major event" sort of a thing, but without explicit limits it still depends on how you look at "undertaking" — no reason why e.g. a shipboard priest could not bless the landing team before an important mission. Obviously, Tech-priests have their own relationship with the Omnissiah and should not apply for these services, though may appreciate blessed ammunition.
  6. TBeholder

    dice symbol and html

    See Unicode Blocks "Enclosed Alphanumerics", "Miscellaneous Technical", "Miscellaneous Symbols" (☠☢☣☤) etc. The best way to do it quickly and system-wide is Compose key (there's even some soft doing this in windoze), just configure what you need (or if you only need it in a Firefox-like browser, use abcTajpu add-on). Something like - <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <space> <bracketright> : "☐" U2610 # BALLOT BOX <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <v> <bracketright> : "☑" U2611 # BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <x> <bracketright> : "☒" U2612 # BALLOT BOX WITH X <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <1> <bracketright> : "⚀" U2680 # DIE FACE-1 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <2> <bracketright> : "⚁" U2681 # DIE FACE-2 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <3> <bracketright> : "⚂" U2682 # DIE FACE-3 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <4> <bracketright> : "⚃" U2683 # DIE FACE-4 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <5> <bracketright> : "⚄" U2684 # DIE FACE-5 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <6> <bracketright> : "⚅" U2685 # DIE FACE-6 <Multi_key> <parenleft> <2> <0> <parenright> : "⑳" U2473 # CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY <Multi_key> <parenleft> <KP_2> <KP_0> <parenright> : "⑳" U2473 # CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY <Multi_key> <parenleft> <exclam> <2> <0> <parenright> : "⓴" U24F4 # NEGATIVE CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY <Multi_key> <parenleft> <exclam> <KP_2> <KP_0> <parenright> : "⓴" U24F4 # NEGATIVE CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY <Multi_key> <asterisk> <0> <bar> : "☸" U2638 # WHEEL OF DHARMA <Multi_key> <asterisk> <0> <period> : "⛯" U26ef # MAP SYMBOL FOR LIGHTHOUSE <Multi_key> <asterisk> <plus> <o> <h> : "⎈" U2388 # HELM SYMBOL <Multi_key> <asterisk> <plus> <a> <n> : "⚓" U2693 # ANCHOR <Multi_key> <parenleft> <plus> <parenright> : "⌖" U2316 # POSITION INDICATOR <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <plus> <bracketright> : "⯐" U2BD0 # SQUARE POSITION INDICATOR <Multi_key> <minus> <Z> : "⌁" U2301 # ELECTRIC ARROW <Multi_key> <bar> <z> : "⚡" U26A1 #HIGH VOLTAGE SIGN • thunder • lightning symbol and so on. And then there are Emoticons. 😱
  7. TBeholder


    At least Forum Archive is infested from mid-September. New messages in forums unused for long tend to be from several bots that reply in a random old thread with copy of a random phrase from message up-thread, all or a fragment. Most likely just SEO-ing links in their signatures. For now.
  8. TBeholder

    Handling Astropaths

    Depends on the other party. I just don't see many possibilities when it's both worth the effort for someone like RT's retinue (i.e. with "screw you" money), but at the same time not very dangerous. This should work most of the time, but less than pretty consequences are IMHO too likely to try something as aggressive as this without being in a deep trouble already. Imperial loyalists? High risk of getting officially spanked, raising to almost certainty if the subject is aware of what happened and survives (thus freaks out, and once the first priest or zealots passing by manages to discern the words… ‼FUN‼). Also, there are paranoia, wards, blessed stuff… Null fields and psy jammers may be exotic stuff for truly important people, but there's +20 from Hexagrammatic Wards that's only Very Rare, and +10 from Resistance (Psychic Powers) that's common enough to be in many packages. The harder are tests, either the more they fall, or the more psyker Pushes through them. Underworld? Risk of getting spanked un-officially (they may be not all that faithful, but they have to deal with variety of witches and heretics now and then, thus learn how) and/or word getting out. Also, warp tainted charms or weird xenotech are not out of question. Also, remember that Inquisition is an intelligence agency among the other things, and keeps an eye on these people. Heretics? High risk of running into highly resistant (and highly irritable) Khornate or a warp-dabbler who isn't new at these games. Either way, major risk of Insanity and/or Corruption from "touching" the unclean. Possessed? Extreme risk of Corruption, possession, etc. And they aren't all floating and chain-wrapped daemonhosts… Aliens? It depends, but with Eldar it probably won't work and only annoy them, Orks tend to WAAAGH! at a drop of a hat and are not new to dem silly Warp fings, etc. Significant risk of Insanity or Corruption from alien mind. Also, uninvolved 3rd party always may notice (and pretty much anyone with Psyniscience usually have both vested interest in Warp phenomena and a way to handle these). And then there are things like Footfallen having Psyniscience +0 just because they live too close to Warp Storms.
  9. TBeholder

    Standardized ship fits?

    Caveat with 40krpgtools is that they usually don't add duplicate entries from different sources even with somewhat different stats. You can just paste the whole HTML table into spreadsheet (usually looks better if you follow with Clear Direct Formatting and Optimal Column Width), this allows to sort it, use filters and whatnot.
  10. TBeholder

    Standardized ship fits?

    Rogue Traders and standards do not mix much. They tend toward Eckstra Kustom. ? If you want any standards for equipment of human ships, this essentially means ship stats for Navy and other large organizations, excluding unique refits. So look at 40k RPG Master Bestiary, find entries with Type = "Starship" and Affiliation = "Adeptus Mechanicus", "Imperium", "Imperial Navy" and "Chaos" (since those are former Navy vessels, and most didn't have much opportunities to get high-end or Very Kustom equipment after defection, just remove Chaos specific stuff, and add Imperial equivalents like Emprah's temples instead) and you'll have sources in the rest of columns. A few will be unique, but most are configured per regulation.
  11. TBeholder

    Black Crusade Campaign Thread

    Well, yes. It''s not something common. But. Between those, there's also "let's slightly rearrange local tectonic plates" level with things knocked over, ocean water boiling away by exposed magma and forming sulfuric acid fog, and all that, and it's within reach of "conventional" spaceship weaponry. Through zealous application thereof, and after scanning for geological structure, but this was done. Mostly this means that if time isn't an issue, any single stronghold with too many void shields and enough of weapons to discourage sustained low-orbit hammering can still be tipped into a crack in continent via prolonged long-range hammering. Of course, much the same could be accomplished by old good "drop an asteroid on them" trick. As to destruction of a planet (turning it into rubble rather than "merely" a barely recognizable dead world)… Konrad Curze destroyed Nostramo via orbital bombardment. The planet had unusual composition, and this was done with a Legion flagship, but still not The Planet Killer. Caliban was destroyed by combination of crust-peeling bombardment and warp storm, so that's possible, too. Creed ordered destruction of St. Josmane's Hope by blowing up a huge reactor, though we don't know how big and hard this rock used to be. Carcharodons did much the same through clumsiness accident, when they blew up enough of hive reactors on Badab Primaris. So, it was done.
  12. To survive… on what? Depends on how Puritan the specific members of Inquisition are, of course. Picking up survivors of Warp related incidents is not anywhere as radical as setting up "controlled" possessions, at least.
  13. TBeholder

    [DH1] Question from the Archives - Help Wanted

    Uh, isn't the standard "add up multipliers first"? So it's 3x 6 = 18, rather than 2x 2x 6 = 24. Elite advance.
  14. TBeholder

    Low Gravity

    Makes sense. Rules are probably not all in one place because magboots were introduced only in IHB. So with magboots, count Mv with Ag +20, then halve Mv, no checks, correct? But also, what test difficulty (for "default" with those adjustments)? Maybe, more grades than "normal/low/zero"? Is there more on this in Rogue Trader?
  15. TBeholder

    Can Tyranids parry?

    RAW, they could with "equipment", but not any "Natural Weapons". But there seems to be no references to Parry or modifiers thereof in things they use (Balanced/Defensive/Unbalanced/Unwieldy weapon qualities, talents, etc), so they probably are not supposed to do it, only swarm or Dodge.