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  1. TBeholder

    Random ideas for a campaign

    Also look at Stars Without Number faction system. It's a simple turn-based strategy made to create dynamic "background" events. Factions have 3 ratings: Force, Cunning, Wealth to measure their infrastructure on military, covert and economical sides, assets limited by these ratings, tags for special properties (by their nature and status), etc. Also, they can get XP to purchase attribute advances by setting and reaching Goals. IMHO this could be used to handle the cluster-fluffle of all those RT dynasties, Imperial nobles, trade houses, mercenary corps, pirates, Ecclesiarchy sects, heretic cults, etc. And PF/colony income can be linked to FactionCred economy. Of course, it would need setting-appropriate Assets list and tags, and tweaking at least for movement.
  2. TBeholder

    Does the machinator array exist in any of the books?

    Yup. On the upside, shouldn't require any more advances, since it's just an upgrade expanding functionality of mechadendrites, rather than adding new. It's sorta-kinda detachable. Then again, illustrations are strange. And it's simply too heavy for a mechadendrite. Like on Crimson Exemplar illustration? Or pick a few random entries on "Shoulder Cannon" ATT page, run image search on them, pick one and say "like this, but with muzzle from [weapon] — patterns vary, Omnissiah Vult". 😆 Except the "pauldrones". Imperial gravitics is just not that good. Though come to think of it, levitating drones are available, so you could tinker up something from servoskulls. And gun skulls are allowed non-Compact pistol weapons. But rather obviously don't have what it takes to use [Integrated] weapons, such as an adequate power source. So here's a solution, and very setting-appropriate one† at that, including for Tech-priests other than combat specialized types like Secutor or Venator (who would be Crimson Exemplar specialty): have a gun servoskull with Integrated weapon, trailing behind the character on a cable. Requires: Implant: MIU Weapon Interface. Or a Tech-priest advances enabling teleoperation via servitors. But MIU-WI allows a Free [Attack] action. Servitor Comrade: Servoskull (gun skull). Needs conversion from DH|DW|RT. Any pistol. Possibly one with intrinsic [Integrated] quality (Lathe laspistol) or Integrated Components upgrade — if it's going to be connected to MIU-WI via cable anyway, may as well use a thicker cable and link to other implants. Can be used in several modes: fired "manually" with the user's statistics (BS, Talents) via MIU-WI interface, spending a Free Action [Attack] it gives. ordered to autonomously acquire designated type of targets and rain potshots with skull's statistics (paltry BS and minimal Weapon Talent) while the user operates a heavier weapon or does something else. shoot what's recognizable as a known enemy, but report anything new in its field of view whether identifiable or not, i.e. act as a smart camera watching the user's back (skull comes with Awareness skill, may as well make a good use of it). participate in Servitor Directives that don't require capabilities beyond watching, shooting and communicating to the Tech-priest. † on Mechanicus models and illustrations servoskulls "on a leash" are not quite common, but not rare either: Magos Xenologist © Fantasy Flight Games …and this already includes gun-skulls: «…including Boltpistol armed Servo Skull […] perfectly suited to represent Magos Reductor Calleb Decima from…» Do they even have mechadendrites not mounted on the cybermantle (of course, that's most of the back)?
  3. TBeholder

    Does the machinator array exist in any of the books?

    Easier than who? It already has requirements Tech Priest (i.e. Mechanicus implants) + mechadendrite. Also, it was introduced as a Talent, so needs to be converted with some eyeballing by GM. Uh, it's already integrated — connected (presumably plugged into cybermantle), powered from Potentia Coil (thus with unlimited "magazine"), etc. Even a common weapon with Integrated upgrade is better than the same weapon on a mechadendrite, both due to Integrated bonuses and not counting against mechadendrites limit. Also, [Integrated] (whether inherent or as upgrade) applies to Pistol or Basic, and doesn't specify compatibility or incompatibility with any other articular upgrade, variant or modification. The only downsides of Integrated vs. mechadendrite mounted is not being hands-free (if not specified, it's default) and no support for Bolt/SP/Launcher/Exotic weapons. But if you want that, there's another variant: MIU Weapon Interface and shoulder mount. Which also does not count against mechadendrites limit.
  4. TBeholder

    Does the machinator array exist in any of the books?

    My common sense answer is: it's not an implant available just anywhere. Of course, you could make it available — not a big stretch for a Forge World ∪ Defenders of the Omnissiah ∪ Cyber-enhanced regiment to have access to more implants. Or even make it a part of standard Kit as additional item by availability — hopefully, in a Forge World ∩ (Defenders of the Omnissiah ∪ Cyber-enhanced) regiment. Tech-Priests are Support Specialists, so things specific to them are most likely to be found in Shield of Humanity. Armory doesn't show it, however. Mechadendrite proper, no. But there are [Integrated] weapons and Integrated Weapon upgrade in Shield of Humanity. Or just MIU/MIU Weapon Interface + hands-free mount.
  5. TBeholder

    Jovian Missile Battery

    It doesn't require to keep track of ammo, however. Just another macro-battery. But it's so feeble it's useless. Mars Pattern Macrocannons inflict greater damage with better Crit threshold and shoot twice as often. Lathe Grav-culverin Broadside has options for better range or damage, thus more flexibility as well. And everything fires twice as often. And if used to suppress shields for lance (in which case its own damage doesn't matter), battery working only half the time makes the lance also useless half the time. So why anyone even makes it and anyone buys it? Since the whole point of a missile battery is great volume of fire, maybe it would make more sense with either Warhead Swarm rule from Rak'Gol guns (which is similar to Storm) or better a bonus to hit, with much the same effect on moderate DoS, but less hits on very high rolls (like Twin-linked) if it has somewhat dubious grouping? It would be comparable with the weakest cannons in average damage output (2x hits, but per 2 turns), still have issues from giving the enemies a guaranteed "blind spot" every other turn and force predictable "shoot one turn, maneuver one turn" tactics, but it would hit harder when it hits well. Also, it would be better than guns at suppressing shields for lance, but still only 1:2 turns.
  6. TBeholder

    The Witch-Cursed World

    Wait… Last 3 centuries or so? But Rogue Trader adventures happen in 8xx.M41 (Daughter of Regals was lost presumably to Rak'Gol in 811.M41). 2819-Rho was dead (with ghost beacon!) for over 8 centuries. What's with the pause for 5 centuries? Did they just consider the offer hopeless until the worst tales were forgotten or distorted into nonsense, or did they get more money lately?
  7. TBeholder

    The Witch-Cursed World

    Still, something to ponder. It cannot be anything obvious and known, between: Psychic interference. The ship that wound up depopulated on orbit without traces of struggle. It was, obviously, scanned ad nauseam both out of greed and paranoia, with no results other than "there are no mineral resources worth digging". Also it's a sunless world, so on background of interstellar cold any activity producing significant heat (including any "hidden" habitats, fortifications, etc) would be no more subtle than a lit candle on moonless night. The astropathic relay (Installation 2819-Rho) worked for 5 years before whatever-it-was got them. After going cold, the tower was also scanned ad nauseam with no results other than it's dead and cold. There's "ghost signal" from dead relay. (1) alone would point at Psychneuein, but even (2) rules it out (at Mara it was a massacre, and in general these things are not s enough to hide corpses) and astropaths would notice that earlier. Enslavers can't pick off Astropaths, and again, if they got through, where are they, all their thralls, or at least bodies? (1) and (6) point at some warp shenanigans. (1) could be an old Yu'Vath souvenir hidden somewhere, with (2)-(4) effects of guardians — they won't reach orbit, but the Rogue Trader on that ship could run a shuttle to surface "just this one time", and others just got lucky and didn't walk into dormant sandslime, etc right away (including what still lurks on that derelict). But (6) stretches it (perhaps active Yu'Vath warp-machinery could "replay" it, but these things won't be undetectable).
  8. Well, those are not AP/HE shells like proper bolts, indeed. Nor fragmentation. Accordingly, they have Pen 0 and no Blast(X). Should a purely brisant charge have Tearing? Why not? I don't see why not give Tearing to all explosives at range 0 only (direct hit, charge planted straight onto the creature/object, etc), for that matter. As in, it's not "maybe shredded, maybe lacerated" or "maybe squished, maybe thrown", it's definitely going to hurt a lot.
  9. TBeholder

    Questions On Withholding Information

    They may pretend to be idiots. Or act penitent. But generally doesn't look good for them, yeah.
  10. TBeholder

    Some Questions towards Items

    I mean, those things are definitely not like common ammunition. There already were cases when ammunition count as Exotic (for Acquisition purpose), while the weapon itself fits a common class: "Blackhammer" Shotgun and "Flametongue" Howdah Pistol from IHB. So either that, or assign worse Availability directly. Since it doesn't explicitly use common ammunition, it makes sense that its own ammunition has higher requirements than usual. Like sniper rifle rounds. Yes, extra DoS on opposed tests. And since all Per based skills have opposed uses, including the most common ones (Awareness or Scrutiny vs. stealth skills), it's going to matter often enough. That is, ambushing a Kroot, Clawed Fiend, Lictor or certain Slaaneshi maniacs is not going to be easy.
  11. TBeholder

    Some Questions towards Items

    Condemnor explicitly uses Purgatus stakes, i.e. specialized sanctified ammunition — which is why these are Ex.Rare like all other sanctified ammunition. To think of it, it should have some sort of training ammunition made, and other variants can't be much harder to make than crossbow quarrels in any other size. Now, having them perform better than a variant crossbow would be harder. If you want to still have that Pen 2, you could just make them mono edged (for knives it's Scarce, and quarrel is of a comparable size, it's just that you need lots of them), and between that, improved precision and balance, even non-sanctified quarrels otherwise performing this far above common sort (Range x1.5, Dam +3 Pen +2, Accurate) may count as Exotic ammunition (V.Rare), or at least end up as demanding as mono-flechette loads (that are Rare). Now, a Heavy Crossbow from IHB is (80m 1d10+4 pen 2), but it's heavier than the entire Condemnor with bolter part, and got 4 rounds long reload. Though if you use Variant Pattern rules from OW on it to "find" a variant that got Accurate, and maybe faster reload, give it some good sight and bump to Pen 4 with mono-quarrels, this can get hilariously lethal. Incinerator also uses special ammunition. Other than this — do it one way or another, as long as it's consistent. Assuming it's there at all. -10 for [Good] isn't that much. [Best] is above all off-the-shelf stuff, so it's just not always there or needs special arrangements. Given other adjustments, it's more about making scale modifiers prohibitive, so that at most RT and retinue have Best stuff. If you could convince GM to try Equipment Patterns variations from OW to acquire not-quite-standard local variations instead, there's more, but they come with trade-offs. Those changes include "Elegant Design" (Good Craftsmanship versions of this item count as Best) and "Exceptional Pattern" (+20 on tests to acquire with Good/Best Craftsmanship), which makes mass acquisition of [Best] stuff quite possible, but all variants come with at least 1 drawback. Of course, those variations also use post-BC rules, so certain entries would have to be dropped, modified or swapped for quirks from DH.
  12. TBeholder

    Some Questions towards Items

    1. RAW, just like melee. But "Sanctified" on a ranged weapon rather than ammunition can look a bit silly indeed, and why remove need for sanctified ammunition? In Blood of Martyrs "Blessing a Melee Weapon" works just like "Sanctifying a Weapon", but only for the next encounter rather than permanently, while "Blessing a Ranged Weapon" does something else: in the next encounter the weapon is used, it ignores the first jam and gives +10 to BS vs. Daemons or Psykers. So you could rule that a Sanctified ranged weapon gives the same advantages as "Blessing a Ranged Weapon", except permanently, i.e. for each encounter. IMHO that fits, is good enough to matter, yet still not too powerful when combined with sanctified ammunition. 2. Depends. Mostly from the usual sources, probably. Blessed Ammunition from priests, of course. 3. A Missionary is as good as his reputation. Generally, priests on Warp traveling ships and Missionaries have important jobs and it shouldn't surprise anyone they need supplies, but whether those supplies are actually available depends on the place. Especially blessed ammunition: it's Extremely Rare in FnC vs. Very Rare in IHB, so presumably there's always demand in ports, and it may be easier to bring your own and have it blessed than to find any surplus waiting for you. More can be construed with services from BoM (see 40k RP Armory sheets) and some common sense. IMO the limitations are that those services require some time and an Acquisition Test (with Scale Modifier) at least for materials (they require incense, oils for anointment and whatnot). There can be options: A. "Default" shipboard priests can provide most of those. Specifically, Confession normally should be done by the Ship Confessor (for bridge officers / Lord-Captain's trusted companions / etc) and assigned cadre of lesser confessors (for bulk of the crew). B. "Manual" simulation: a PC or NPC priest must pass an appropriate Common Lore (Imperial Creed) test. The toughest is Sanctifying a Weapon (melee weapon permanently, or ammunition): the priest must have Rank ≥ 6 and the test is (-30) C.Lore (Imperial Creed). All other services have easier adjustments and no Rank prerequisite. C. If you have no cleric of Rank 6 for Sanctifying a Weapon, find a station or dirt-side temple and roll an Acquisition Test for service (Very Rare). Scale Modifier hinders sanctifying too much of ammunition at once. D. With a temple Component, Acquisition of materials for services can be part of maintenance of that component. Also, a good chance at having a permanent NPC priest of fairly rank working there permanently. Recruitment would probably involve a visit to some world with major Ecclesiarchy presence, then roleplay it all, taking the Lord-Captain's and vessel's reputation into account. The main problem, of course, is that a Rogue Trader needs at least somewhat agreeable priests. Special case: Blessing an Undertaking implies it's done by someone other than participants, and the objective is generally Creed-friendly (i.e. "shoot some heretical pirates"/"wrest the relics of Humanity from Xenos vermin in those ruins" — yes, "dig dangerous xenotech for black market" — no). Also, the price tag (100 thrones for materials alone, 500 for the service) indicates it's a "major event" sort of a thing, but without explicit limits it still depends on how you look at "undertaking" — no reason why e.g. a shipboard priest could not bless the landing team before an important mission. Obviously, Tech-priests have their own relationship with the Omnissiah and should not apply for these services, though may appreciate blessed ammunition.
  13. TBeholder

    dice symbol and html

    See Unicode Blocks "Enclosed Alphanumerics", "Miscellaneous Technical", "Miscellaneous Symbols" (☠☢☣☤) etc. The best way to do it quickly and system-wide is Compose key (there's even some soft doing this in windoze), just configure what you need (or if you only need it in a Firefox-like browser, use abcTajpu add-on). Something like - <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <space> <bracketright> : "☐" U2610 # BALLOT BOX <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <v> <bracketright> : "☑" U2611 # BALLOT BOX WITH CHECK <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <x> <bracketright> : "☒" U2612 # BALLOT BOX WITH X <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <1> <bracketright> : "⚀" U2680 # DIE FACE-1 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <2> <bracketright> : "⚁" U2681 # DIE FACE-2 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <3> <bracketright> : "⚂" U2682 # DIE FACE-3 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <4> <bracketright> : "⚃" U2683 # DIE FACE-4 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <5> <bracketright> : "⚄" U2684 # DIE FACE-5 <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <period> <6> <bracketright> : "⚅" U2685 # DIE FACE-6 <Multi_key> <parenleft> <2> <0> <parenright> : "⑳" U2473 # CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY <Multi_key> <parenleft> <KP_2> <KP_0> <parenright> : "⑳" U2473 # CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY <Multi_key> <parenleft> <exclam> <2> <0> <parenright> : "⓴" U24F4 # NEGATIVE CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY <Multi_key> <parenleft> <exclam> <KP_2> <KP_0> <parenright> : "⓴" U24F4 # NEGATIVE CIRCLED NUMBER TWENTY <Multi_key> <asterisk> <0> <bar> : "☸" U2638 # WHEEL OF DHARMA <Multi_key> <asterisk> <0> <period> : "⛯" U26ef # MAP SYMBOL FOR LIGHTHOUSE <Multi_key> <asterisk> <plus> <o> <h> : "⎈" U2388 # HELM SYMBOL <Multi_key> <asterisk> <plus> <a> <n> : "⚓" U2693 # ANCHOR <Multi_key> <parenleft> <plus> <parenright> : "⌖" U2316 # POSITION INDICATOR <Multi_key> <bracketleft> <plus> <bracketright> : "⯐" U2BD0 # SQUARE POSITION INDICATOR <Multi_key> <minus> <Z> : "⌁" U2301 # ELECTRIC ARROW <Multi_key> <bar> <z> : "⚡" U26A1 #HIGH VOLTAGE SIGN • thunder • lightning symbol and so on. And then there are Emoticons. 😱
  14. TBeholder


    At least Forum Archive is infested from mid-September. New messages in forums unused for long tend to be from several bots that reply in a random old thread with copy of a random phrase from message up-thread, all or a fragment. Most likely just SEO-ing links in their signatures. For now.
  15. TBeholder

    Handling Astropaths

    Depends on the other party. I just don't see many possibilities when it's both worth the effort for someone like RT's retinue (i.e. with "screw you" money), but at the same time not very dangerous. This should work most of the time, but less than pretty consequences are IMHO too likely to try something as aggressive as this without being in a deep trouble already. Imperial loyalists? High risk of getting officially spanked, raising to almost certainty if the subject is aware of what happened and survives (thus freaks out, and once the first priest or zealots passing by manages to discern the words… ‼FUN‼). Also, there are paranoia, wards, blessed stuff… Null fields and psy jammers may be exotic stuff for truly important people, but there's +20 from Hexagrammatic Wards that's only Very Rare, and +10 from Resistance (Psychic Powers) that's common enough to be in many packages. The harder are tests, either the more they fall, or the more psyker Pushes through them. Underworld? Risk of getting spanked un-officially (they may be not all that faithful, but they have to deal with variety of witches and heretics now and then, thus learn how) and/or word getting out. Also, warp tainted charms or weird xenotech are not out of question. Also, remember that Inquisition is an intelligence agency among the other things, and keeps an eye on these people. Heretics? High risk of running into highly resistant (and highly irritable) Khornate or a warp-dabbler who isn't new at these games. Either way, major risk of Insanity and/or Corruption from "touching" the unclean. Possessed? Extreme risk of Corruption, possession, etc. And they aren't all floating and chain-wrapped daemonhosts… Aliens? It depends, but with Eldar it probably won't work and only annoy them, Orks tend to WAAAGH! at a drop of a hat and are not new to dem silly Warp fings, etc. Significant risk of Insanity or Corruption from alien mind. Also, uninvolved 3rd party always may notice (and pretty much anyone with Psyniscience usually have both vested interest in Warp phenomena and a way to handle these). And then there are things like Footfallen having Psyniscience +0 just because they live too close to Warp Storms.