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  1. "WFRP3 - Component List 1.3.xls"? LibreOffice Calc loads it. But needs macros enabled to actually do more than just peruse the lists.
  2. Crotalid is in Mark of the Xenos, indeed. Seeing how Mariette has no magazine (Clip 1), this would be quite a trick. Ooh, a question: what's up wit Anoxis Burst Flamer? As written, it's not worth 50 thrones. Nor makes sense in general, in that why would it have 1 shot, between its weight and having any purpose at all?
  3. minefields?

    DW Rites of Battle: Leaper Mine (Placed Explosive) - 2m, 4d10+5 I (1.0) / 3d10+9 I (1.1), Pen 3, Blast (?), 2 kg, Req. 5 RT Into the Storm, OW core: minefeld round/missile - 2d10 X, Pen 1, Blast (1); these should be fairly obvious unless there are some circumstances naturally concealing them (fog, splashy dirt + rain, etc), but one should pay attention and pick a safe way, i.e. slow down. OW Hammer of the Emperor: Snare Mines - contrary to the name, proximity trigger for a grenade. +20 Tech-Use to place, can select proximity (1-3 m) and delay (0-5 rounds). OW Eleventh Hour: Booby Traps - spot with a Challenging (+0) Awareness Test and then steer the craft around them. But any explosive, of course, can be turned into a trip mine/booby trap. Just have Awareness [and Search if they are looking] vs. (pre-rolled) Concealment with adjustments if it's more obvious or sneaky than usual, characters who failed didn't notice the trigger and may walk right into it, if that's where they go.
  4. Play by Post site!

    Please take your webmaster out of the airlock. Then put your web-designer there. ↹⃣
  5. xenostech as a skill?

    Identification can be done with F.Lore(Xenos). The rest - it isn't here, but perhaps it should have been. I'd give it perhaps "Tech-Use +0; personal experience" and maybe F.Lore(Xenos) as a prerequisite for +0 level, and "ditto +0, Tech-Use +10, Literacy (Xenos:whoever) OR Speak Language (Xenos:whoever) +0" for +10 level. It should not substitute Make It Work and other requirements - most Orky gubbinz would not become more useful, but knowing what exactly mekboys can do may help sometimes, the same with a good chunk of Eldar toys.
  6. AFAIK there are no general rules for that. Must be contamination with D&D3 heresy. But also, see this thread:
  7. One-Handed Weapon used with two hands

    (looking into Armory) there are changes for 2-hands use: Nemesis Force Halberd (in Daemon Hunter and DH2) has [Tearing] Double-edged "Mercy" chainsword (from Into the Storm) - said to have a long haft so that it can be wielded both ways (bastard chainsword?) - does not have both variants specified, but in stats has 3 more damage than normal chainsword (and 1 more than chainaxe, while having less weight), which does correspond with average human SB. In which case, when wielded one-handed it would be just an overweight chainsword without [Balanced]. Why not. Cognatine Hammer (in Faith and Coin) has +2 damage, it's a power weapon and already [Unwieldy] Power Mace (in BC) / power mauls (in OW and DH2) have [Concussive(0)], as do Polix Heavy Khopesh (in Tome of Fate) and Accursed Crozius (in Tome of Excess) Chainaxe (in Hammer of the Emperor) has +2 Pen and [Unwieldy] instead of [Unbalanced], That's all? This just depends on from which end you look. If there's no equivalent of Pistol vs. Basic vs. Heavy distinction, there's no equivalent of Handcannon vs. Carbine distinction either.
  8. Better crafting rules?

    "Spitfire"? It's not a bolt pistol shooting bolts, it's a modified flare launcher shooting modified flares. Rather unsafe, but what's worse, mostly useless (unless you are gambling on critical hits). Generic pistols with dum-dum or man-stopper rounds (either costs half as much as modified flares) perform better*. IHB also has Thollos (high-calibre and full auto) and sawn-off shotgun which may also be better than Spitfire, depending on the situation. * compare with AnyDice: output 2 + 3 + 1d10 named "Dum-dums" output 3 + [highest 1 of 2d10] named "Tearing" Rogue Trader has "Footfall-Pattern" (i.e. of shoddy manufacture by bilge "artisans") bolt weapons (heavier, with [Unreliable] and for some reason weaker). "Concealed Bolter-Cane" - an equivalent of a bolt pistol without magazine and as such inherently both single-shot and taking longer to reload. Perinetus-Pattern "Solo" Mk II Boltgun - has slightly better range, [Accurate, Reliable] and said to be so simple some Tech-priests grumble it's somewhat heretical. But it's single shot only too. In IHB, Carnodon Precision Hand Cannon said to be based on the bolt pistol mechanism, and its price is 200 thrones vs. bolt pistol's 250. So the cost is not in bells and whistles, or muzzle brake. Alas, the problem with bolters is not as much cost of the weapons as cost of ammunition. There are "Modified Bolt Shells" in Hostile Acquisitions. That allow to shoot a bolt from an unmodified shotgun (with range somewhere in between). Shotgun with this load also loses Reliable/gains Unreliable. Those are illegal, possibly for this very reason. Of course, they are made from bolter ammunition, not from scratch. If you want something that burns through carapace, Voss hellgun and pistol or Sollex "Death Light" are just enough to usually do the job, cheaper than bolt weapons, and their ammunition can be recharged. Krak grenades, obviously, make holes in things even better, but are more expensive than bolt rounds.
  9. Better crafting rules?

    You're not the first who wants this… All signs point back at DH1: Or DoS from one test giving bonus to another, or some extra rolls count toward successes total, depending on the specific challenge. If complex equipment needs to be set up separately for each increment of the task, it makes sense to require a test every time (in this case it will not give a bonus to the crafting tests and/or reduction of time, but that would come from using advanced tools as such). If it's just more of the same, it's reasonable to test Tech-Use once before the start. IMO in the 1st case if the character already knows what to do, the primary skill is Trade(Chymist), secondary are both Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) and Chem-Use (folded in Medicae in DH2). Medicae would matter more if there's e.g. testing on guinea pigs. If doesn't know, Scholastic Lore(Chymistry) first, to set up a correct process. But moonshine should be pure Trade(Chymist) - you don't need to read anything, just know how to operate a still and maybe very basic filtration. Unless there are complications, but this usually would mean raw materials with potentially dangerous contaminants. I mean, it's possible to mess up even such a simple task for truly unusual mishaps (like accidentally setting up an unwanted catalytic process to produce enough of ethylene oxide that it would make your walls unto a fiery version of soap bubble immediately upon removal of the product jar, rather than quietly give everyone in the building cancer), but this would require tinkering up some performance-oriented abomination first - a common moonshiner's still is far too simple for such things, it can only catch fire (or clog and burst, if pressurised).
  10. Dark Heresy fanmade bestiary

    Critters like Krootox and Khymera are no smarter. It's more about overall threat level. Warrior construct is better than a typical gun-servitor OR a typical close combat servitor. More comparable to murder-servitors (which also should be Elite, of course). Not as much armor, but lots of immunities and Regeneration. OW has Handler/Minion variants for such things, but they are supposed to fall under Elite as a team, and Slaugth alone… yeah. Now, a Flesh Parasite… it's smart enough to pass for a human. It's also about as tough as a Nob, plus 2 bundles of immunities, and can shoot straight, but it's just not combat-oriented and limited to disguise-appropriate equipment, so maybe still Troop.
  11. The inquisitors handbook weapons

    Inquisitor is not similar to a Sergeant... or even General. That's the problem. OW doesn't get into details much, but it mentions that the ranks are a bit blurry, because they are tied to local traditions. Then again, a squad of IG, even detached, can be just as well run by an "acting Corporal" - after a little while the commanders will take time to review the performance and either give him a real rank or demote and replace. For most units it's probably no big deal, especially if there's a Commissar to oversee. With Deathwatch not clearing it up is a bit of derp, yes, but it kind of assumes that someone is in charge, and occasionally assigns perks like "second in command by default".
  12. Dark Heresy fanmade bestiary

    As people asked: There's only "Purger of Vigil" in Rites of Battle. Because Storm Wardens are a Calixian chapter. But that's all. Uh, why? A general-purpose Slaugth Vassal Construct or Flesh Parasite - maybe Troop or Minion. Bullied human smugglers and other pets - Troop. This stuff would be Elite. Though it's not trivial to map X.Extremis -> Master, X.Majoris/X.Minoris -> Elite/Handler/Minion, X.Minoris/X.Minima - Troop.
  13. They messed it up again. But according to the other books, 10 kg - it's a small backpack worn on the belt, possibly under standard backpack.
  14. Felinids

    Also, perhaps give them more cat-like traits. S and T bonus, but also some trait like Fatigues Easily (like Feliraptor in DH - "long" activity tests use T/2 rather than T) and/or something like "Short breath: when the character makes more than TB Strength-based tests in consecutive rounds (without skipping), must pass a T test (with modifier depending on S tests) or gain +1 Fatigue"? Ambush Affinity: for purpose of XP cost may replace either aptitude with General for certain advancements: skills Acrobatics, Awareness, Stealth, Survival, and talents Ambidextrous, Berserk Charge, Catfall, Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, Meditation, Resistance(Cold), Crippling Strike, Foresight, Furious Assault, Swift Attack, Preternatural Speed, Mastery(Acrobatics, Stealth); Ambush, Feat of Strength. Meditation , Feral Fallback: much like the Kroot and Space Wolves, Felinids tend to be affected by Corruption in one specific way: turning more and more into beasts.
  15. Ship Size in Combat

    The size should matter, but except when the ship is a sitting duck (does not accelerate), it would be always used together with acceleration. Thus since Maneuverability is abstract, you may pretend it's already factored in. E.g. in a debris field what matters is how quickly you can get the ship's cross-section out of the collision course, and whether it can be done would depend on Maneuverability ~ a/r - where a is acceleration and r is radius of cross-section (from the given direction). Granted, it's crude, because proportions differ, MoI differ and thrusters can be distributed differently, so different ships would need different a/r rates for different maneuvers. But the rest of the model is not a good simulation either.