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  1. TBeholder

    Campaign Plot...er...Plotting

    So why would they want to destroy such a prize? No point, given that it's fairly easy to lift if they can rig an aircraft or shuttle. If not, just use existing updrafts or rig ventilation to create overpressure and use it to create one. And if they can open it without spoiling (remotely if they are not confident) and repackage in missiles or heavy bolts, it's trivial. The true problem here is that almost no one who matters breathes this air. 😹 The hives and heavy industry have their own ventilation systems, which obviously must have basic filtering vs. contagions and pollution at very least, and may well have full NBC protection. And any internal outbreak is going to be contained (ever wondered why Arbites have sealed armor?)
  2. TBeholder

    Faith Points

    There are Faith Talents to handle unusual status. I doubt equivalent of corruption points makes much sense. Also it smells like easy mode and "Khornate Knights". 😕 Something close to Infamy points or Pain Tokens could work, however. Hmm. Infamy works mostly like Fate points anyway. There were some kustom rules for Fate Points used only for Faith talents, IIRC? E.g. Power of Faith talent from Heresy Begets Retribution (in Palatine advances, but not a Paragon Talent or something, but with tough XP cost): Power of Faith XP:1000 type:Talent rq:Pure Faith The Throne Agent can call upon the Power of Faith when things look bleakest and even the most pious man would fear that the God-Emperor does not look upon them. Once per game session, the Throne Agent may activate a Faith Power (as if a Fate Point had been spent) without spending a Fate Point, but only when the character has no remaining Fate Points to spend. This talent may be taken multiple times, and each time it is taken the character may activate an additional Faith Power for free when she has no remaining Fate Points. Pain Tokens are more of "you do this, you can go on doing this" thing.
  3. TBeholder

    The inquisitors handbook weapons

    Perhaps also count all pistols with range >35m as having "Carbine" customization from OW. That is, they have folding or detachable stocks and count either as a carbine with stated Range (Basic, if used with one hand either -10 BS or maybe range x1/2 because it already has pistol grip), or as a pistol, with range x2/3 (for Longbarrel variant - depending on the interpretation of multipliers, maybe x3/4 if you use Extended Barrel customization instead). Switching between the profiles either as reload or just a Half action. I suspect Mars IV (Range 70) was supposed to represent the laser version of Mauser Broomhandle design popping up in 40k art, anyway. Which in turn makes sense, since there's no point to stick batteries in less convenient places when you can pull wires anywhere. And those Archeotech Laspistols (Range 90) are stated to have folding stocks and longer barrels already. Or maybe just consider it a carbine with pistol handle that can be used in melee. More baselines for non-Primitive weapons, yes. That is, anything which ate overcharge packs in DH? I'm not sure how Sollex las design would be best converted without them. That's very unlikely. An extra X chromosome, however… may lead to more or less this. But that usually also reflects on the face. Well, yeah. And in Duh & Duh it's usually "OMG munchkin players munch everything, now let's nerf everything" or "OMG jackass DM put a paladin into contrived fall/fall situation again". For decades.
  4. TBeholder

    Longest ranged weapon

    (opens the Armory) In DH1? MP Lascannon, 300. In all lines? Lascannon too, and Rogue Trader : Voss-pattern Mortar (Heavy) - 300, Sollex Electo-pult (Heavy) from Faith and Coin - 500. Deathwatch : a bunch of Tau weapons 500 (but those are mounted on their powered armor), Harp of Dissonance (Basic) from The Outer Reach - 700. BC, OW : Missile Launcher (Heavy) - 300. DH2 : Missile Launcher (Heavy), Hellrifle (Basic) (Basic) - 300. Only War also has variant patterns including "Longbarrel" (+10m to range) and even better, customizations including Extended Barrel (x1.5), thus 300 can be increased to 310 for intact regulation weapon, or 450 for modified.
  5. Yup. They are probably there as specialists or due to specific mission that requires another institution. Not combat specialists at that, because Astartes could as well bring their own fire support with them. Not medics, because they have Apothecary specialized in dealing with their altered physiology. While the game side implies being more of one group than two cooperating, yet separate groups. Which is why e.g. assassins may just as well be used as "assets" rather than PC/NPC. This means mostly Ordo of the Inquisition relevant to the mission, or Mechanicus. There are techmarines, but they have rather specific role, generally working with Astartes equipment, while at least biology, sensors and specialized weapons are best left to red robes. The most obvious example mission would be a genestealer cult that didn't reach "BUGS, BUGS EVERYWHERE!!1" stage yet, and have to be investigated and rounded up with finesse. Especially if the task's already complicated. Such as the place is volatile (literally or figuratively) and/or capture of any infected humans (those of the brood who are not hybrids, only got Genestealer's Kiss) to cure is considered - even Inquisition may want to do it, whether for political or logistical reasons, for practical experience (with this particular strain), or as a matter of principle. And e.g. Salamanders may insist on this themselves. There's still "avoid splitting the group" thing, but this can be done, e.g. Raven Guard participate in sneaking, while others help tech-priests, pilot vehicles, etc until things get hot and noisy. Or just "there are enough of Orks for everyone, Mechanicus needs to protect its assets and Astartes don't object at all to having some help with demolitions and suchlike".
  6. It's more or less a vehicle + town. Then again, the town with PCs' base needs to be mapped either way. Obviously. IMO per-squad is excessive, unless PCs or important NPCs are directly involved abstract count by platoons/companies should be more than good enough,
  7. Also, since he holds the Gates of Terra, the planet would be extremely screwed even without "psychic death rattle". Heh. We have a winner! I still think the Tales of the Emperasque solved it much better than GW did, however.
  8. TBeholder


    I'd model it by flat chance to trip and Opposed (Awareness vs. Concealment roll of whoever set it) Test respectively. With adjustments for type of the trigger and terrain. For mechanical ones, fairly low chance of tripping compensated by great total number. As a benchmark/example for "somewhat smart" mine sensors 40kRP has Screamers. TT rules for mines/booby traps were in Codex: Catachans (it was freely available at www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1180160_Codex__Catachans.pdf - now only via web archive). Plasma Charge (purpose built or a rigged plasma pistol canister - there was fluff for any other round set like this, but no rules): hurts just like the gun, always hits the triggering model, Shredder Mine (claymore like directional charge, sprays a cone like flamer), Spring Mine (jumping bomb, large blast area), Trap (small blast, just like a frag grenade from launcher). With silly point costs (more than whole respective weapons with unlimited ammunition), but they are used as "a scout already got there and set up 1-3 of these".
  9. TBeholder

    Let's take a look at that guncutter

    It could be stuck there, but long-barreled autocannons are supposed to be much larger than heavy bolter, no? They'd be fixed, and still take most of the lower hold. Also, if stuck together, that would be 1x twin-linked autocannon, rather than 2x single. If not autocannons, the nose may contain some equipment moved from rear compartment (where it's replaced with larger tanks). Or just a more streamlined nose tip desirable due to weaker engines.
  10. TBeholder

    Rogue Trader in the time of the Dark Imperium?

    Calixis probably is still accessible by going around the former Eye - via Pacificus and then Chinchare sub-sector. Conversely, traffic to the more remote parts of Obscurus (like Cypra Mundi) would go through Calixian ports now. Also, all those warp gates may or may not be still around (and stable). Beyond the light is just "darkened route" at best. Then again, so was Ultima Macharia. The rest depends on how much the existing warp storms were stirred. The bad part is that it's not a problem for 'Undred-Undred Teef. And Calixis probably will be very sorry they didn't bomb to zog Iniquity when they still had a chance.
  11. TBeholder

    [Mathhammer] Making ship armour count

    The common root of these problem is handling of salvo/burst fire as max(DoS,Strength) - which never worked well in RPG until it led to an even worse fix ("machineguns are for snipers" thing) from Black Crusade on. That said, the way it's handled in 40k and BFG is also obviously incorrect treating shots in a burst/salvo as completely independent binomial experiments. Which isn't the case: since the burst weapon or battery aims once and fires a salvo/burst, each result has 2 random components: to-hit is common for all shots, while random scatter is per shot. But in those models very low detail level is an excuse. One solution is to give a bonus dependent on volume of fire, but growing slower than DoS, e.g. +5 per point of Strength - thus +2 Strength gives +1 DoS if you hit anyway. This raises probabilities for low-medium BS or Strength and drops for high, compared to independent rolls. I suspect it should be ~√(Strength) since random scatter is 2-dimensional, with diminishing returns (to cover Orky Str 2..9 range, hyperbole +8 +14 +19 +23 +27 +31 +35 +38 +8 +14 +19 +23 +27 +31 +35 +38 or maybe more round quasi-hyperbole +9 +15 +19 +23 +27 +30 +33 +35). If you want another table just for these increments. Then again, you won't look it up every shot except for Ork batteries with variable Strength, and it can be simply added at the end of weapon stats rows in the spreadsheet. Lances may well shoot one by one, like in BFG, they have low Strength anyway. They could use ripple fire much like Pulsar, but IMO salvo vs. burst vs. ripple choice would be worth the trouble only if ships had reactions (evasion / brace for impact).
  12. TBeholder

    Armor Plating + Machine Traits

    Simple: it's mis-edited. Errata 1.4:
  13. On the other eyestalk, the name of Sheol XVII does imply the existence of Sheol I - Sheol XVI. And if Haarlocks used to own one rock out there, why not a whole bunch of nearby ones?
  14. TBeholder

    Special Xeno-Hull Properties

    No reason why this won't simply fall under existing extra armor components. Something close enough to start — Excess Void Armor: Armor +3, Maneuverability -3, Speed -2; Space 2(<LC)/3(≥LC); cumulative with the Armour Plating, SP 2. Bolted-on excess armor could skip Space cost as [External], but transfer it to Maneuverability: Armor +3, Man -5/-6(if ≥LC), Spd -2, SP 2. Aadjustments for quality: Power goes to Speed, Space to Maneuverability. Thus it's still Armor +3, but [Poor] is {Man -6/-7, Spd -2, SP 1, ML -1d5} or {Man -5/-6, Spd -3, SP 1, ML -1d5}; [Best] is {Man -4/-5, Spd -1, SP 4, ML +1d5}. "Scrap" version (using SoI artefacts rules, as a Xenotech:Ramshackle not consuming power) on top of this would have: -3 to (Space→) Maneuverability to -8/-9, ignores the first Critical hit, and -1 Morale (if the crew isn't Orky enuff).
  15. TBeholder

    Mechadendrite & Reach

    From which book is that thing? IMO, if it can grip things, it can Grapple too. Manipulator Mechadendrite, also (from DH) Servo-Arm and Servo Claw should be capable of this. Strength would default to the user's like with replacement limbs, but those explicitly have it adjusted.