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  1. Balance the encounter? What it is? In Warhammer one is not supposed to have "balanced encounters". One is supposed to think "how not to bite more than what can chew me". And pray.
  2. Indeed, it's a widespread procedure. Even basic shipboard facilities with adequate staff and medicae servitors should handle usual bionic prostheses. The deck gives +20 to all Medicae tests, it looks as good as commonly made? What IHB says about implants?
  3. Let's look from the other end. Barracks take 4 Space. Just like average crew quarters (Voidsman Quarters) on a light cruiser/cruiser or good (Clan-Kin Quarters) on a smaller vessel; light cruiser to cruiser crew numbers are in range 44-95 k. But of course soldiers travel with equipment, and aside of bunks, mess, etc some of this room must be given to exercise facilities, commissariat, their own brig, and so on. And as a hold type component, it should include bays for 4 shuttles. Looks about right - big enough for a regiment with all its baggage, but not much more.
  4. It's an abstract characteristic allowing to measure performance with one number. Thus if it doesn't work as it's supposed to between two simple cases, the first assumption is that coefficients are simply not set right. Of course, the comparison wasn't really correct: a real test should be inflicting a measure of attrition (e.g. rounds required to reduce number by half) on the same target for attack stats and suffering it from the same attacker for defense stats. We can say it's a meaningful measure and is used correctly only if it passes such a test. If we adjusted it so that for some input it works this way, but see that for other it doesn't (units are measurable in mowing down a mob as we expect them to, but their performance vs. a pack of sguigs is way off), then we need more variables.
  5. If so, this only means the numbers for supposedly equivalent Strength are assigned incorrectly, no?
  6. An Astropath legally is a member of Imperial Adeptus (except a specific one and compulsively without the right to resign), doesn't mean he won't count as a noble anymore. Probably won't be able to actually run anything because "duty calls", he got a full time job. But still a relative and potentially useful connection (especially if working for a Rogue Trader). As in, if a noble happens to serve in the Guard, and line of succession moves to him, presumably he (or some high-up back home) would have to petition for mustering out, so that he could be shipped back home to take that other job. Which may or may not be granted. In the Arbites or Administratum it may be easier to resign, but they can't just drop everything on very short notice either. But what would happen if the heir himself declines on account of "duty to the Emperor" (whatever the real reason may be)? Presumably, he will be skipped in succession, but still count as a member of family in every other way (and less threatening one at that, because not in the queue). With members of Adeptus Astra Telepathica the difference is that quitting isn't an option, "only in death the duty ends". Otherwise it may well work in exactly the same way: such and such is unavailable on account of duty to the Emperor (and may be not even in the same sector), write letters or something. In other words, if not disowned.
  7. …going to be more expensive/rare, which is easier to write as Good/Best Craftsmanship. I'd assume it's also fairly easy to add changeable electronic keys (since cognomen readers are so common people stick them on data-slates). Why not a portable cogitator? MIU gives a bonus, however. Also, the schismaticals can infect "any vox–aware device", servitors and augmetics of tech-priests.
  8. Called "vox". Stops only when they remember about security. If it has "integral comm-bead" or explicitly has remote use. Servitors and cyber-familiars are usually not wired, so when they are controlled, it's vox-link. The question is what capabilities are actually available (on both ends) in each case. The tech-priests explicitly can teleoperate some things — at least utility skulls and servitors with servo-arms, but those are obviously made to be used like this. From other DH skulls, Loud Hailer can receive vox, Augur can transmit data; again, it just makes sense that they are made with these capabilities. Constructer Interface allows to change programs of cybermastiffs and grapplehawks, "other constructs may only report data". And, of course, many cyber-constructs are equipped with microbead, so as much as they can be given verbal orders, they can be given the same orders without having to find that thing and shout at it. But if there aren't any, it probably can be installed by any competent tech-priest. Just remember encrypted ones are Depends on the terminal? It may be made to be accessible from anywhere around, or to be secure.
  9. Hmm. Medic is better as a medic mostly due to medical comrades and having Fieldcraft aptitude (thus cheaper advances). What would help using the approach of OW/DH2 is more medical and synergetic advances (Talents and Orders) tagged with Perception and Fieldcraft aptitudes (and/or involving Perception based rolls). Unfortunately, they threw most skills into trash compressor rather than restructure, or there would be more possibilities for this. A med-techpriest obviously is a valid build, but IMHO from common sense, this should be limited as to where they can serve. Bases, Mechanicus related units, operations that require attention of a Genetor. Speaking of whom, Genetor from Into the Storm could be converted into an Advanced Specialty, too. :)
  10. Medic can do other Int-based support. Yeah, not a tech-priest, but doesn't have their downsides either, and gets the specialist kit. For specialization, doesn't Hammer of the Emperor have Field Chirurgeon?
  11. Also look at Stars Without Number faction system. It's a simple turn-based strategy made to create dynamic "background" events. Factions have 3 ratings: Force, Cunning, Wealth to measure their infrastructure on military, covert and economical sides, assets limited by these ratings, tags for special properties (by their nature and status), etc. Also, they can get XP to purchase attribute advances by setting and reaching Goals. IMHO this could be used to handle the cluster-fluffle of all those RT dynasties, Imperial nobles, trade houses, mercenary corps, pirates, Ecclesiarchy sects, heretic cults, etc. And PF/colony income can be linked to FactionCred economy. Of course, it would need setting-appropriate Assets list and tags, and tweaking at least for movement.
  12. Yup. On the upside, shouldn't require any more advances, since it's just an upgrade expanding functionality of mechadendrites, rather than adding new. It's sorta-kinda detachable. Then again, illustrations are strange. And it's simply too heavy for a mechadendrite. Like on Crimson Exemplar illustration? Or pick a few random entries on "Shoulder Cannon" ATT page, run image search on them, pick one and say "like this, but with muzzle from [weapon] — patterns vary, Omnissiah Vult". 😆 Except the "pauldrones". Imperial gravitics is just not that good. Though come to think of it, levitating drones are available, so you could tinker up something from servoskulls. And gun skulls are allowed non-Compact pistol weapons. But rather obviously don't have what it takes to use [Integrated] weapons, such as an adequate power source. So here's a solution, and very setting-appropriate one† at that, including for Tech-priests other than combat specialized types like Secutor or Venator (who would be Crimson Exemplar specialty): have a gun servoskull with Integrated weapon, trailing behind the character on a cable. Requires: Implant: MIU Weapon Interface. Or a Tech-priest advances enabling teleoperation via servitors. But MIU-WI allows a Free [Attack] action. Servitor Comrade: Servoskull (gun skull). Needs conversion from DH|DW|RT. Any pistol. Possibly one with intrinsic [Integrated] quality (Lathe laspistol) or Integrated Components upgrade — if it's going to be connected to MIU-WI via cable anyway, may as well use a thicker cable and link to other implants. Can be used in several modes: fired "manually" with the user's statistics (BS, Talents) via MIU-WI interface, spending a Free Action [Attack] it gives. ordered to autonomously acquire designated type of targets and rain potshots with skull's statistics (paltry BS and minimal Weapon Talent) while the user operates a heavier weapon or does something else. shoot what's recognizable as a known enemy, but report anything new in its field of view whether identifiable or not, i.e. act as a smart camera watching the user's back (skull comes with Awareness skill, may as well make a good use of it). participate in Servitor Directives that don't require capabilities beyond watching, shooting and communicating to the Tech-priest. † on Mechanicus models and illustrations servoskulls "on a leash" are not quite common, but not rare either: Magos Xenologist © Fantasy Flight Games …and this already includes gun-skulls: «…including Boltpistol armed Servo Skull […] perfectly suited to represent Magos Reductor Calleb Decima from…» Do they even have mechadendrites not mounted on the cybermantle (of course, that's most of the back)?
  13. Easier than who? It already has requirements Tech Priest (i.e. Mechanicus implants) + mechadendrite. Also, it was introduced as a Talent, so needs to be converted with some eyeballing by GM. Uh, it's already integrated — connected (presumably plugged into cybermantle), powered from Potentia Coil (thus with unlimited "magazine"), etc. Even a common weapon with Integrated upgrade is better than the same weapon on a mechadendrite, both due to Integrated bonuses and not counting against mechadendrites limit. Also, [Integrated] (whether inherent or as upgrade) applies to Pistol or Basic, and doesn't specify compatibility or incompatibility with any other articular upgrade, variant or modification. The only downsides of Integrated vs. mechadendrite mounted is not being hands-free (if not specified, it's default) and no support for Bolt/SP/Launcher/Exotic weapons. But if you want that, there's another variant: MIU Weapon Interface and shoulder mount. Which also does not count against mechadendrites limit.
  14. My common sense answer is: it's not an implant available just anywhere. Of course, you could make it available — not a big stretch for a Forge World ∪ Defenders of the Omnissiah ∪ Cyber-enhanced regiment to have access to more implants. Or even make it a part of standard Kit as additional item by availability — hopefully, in a Forge World ∩ (Defenders of the Omnissiah ∪ Cyber-enhanced) regiment. Tech-Priests are Support Specialists, so things specific to them are most likely to be found in Shield of Humanity. Armory doesn't show it, however. Mechadendrite proper, no. But there are [Integrated] weapons and Integrated Weapon upgrade in Shield of Humanity. Or just MIU/MIU Weapon Interface + hands-free mount.
  15. It doesn't require to keep track of ammo, however. Just another macro-battery. But it's so feeble it's useless. Mars Pattern Macrocannons inflict greater damage with better Crit threshold and shoot twice as often. Lathe Grav-culverin Broadside has options for better range or damage, thus more flexibility as well. And everything fires twice as often. And if used to suppress shields for lance (in which case its own damage doesn't matter), battery working only half the time makes the lance also useless half the time. So why anyone even makes it and anyone buys it? Since the whole point of a missile battery is great volume of fire, maybe it would make more sense with either Warhead Swarm rule from Rak'Gol guns (which is similar to Storm) or better a bonus to hit, with much the same effect on moderate DoS, but less hits on very high rolls (like Twin-linked) if it has somewhat dubious grouping? It would be comparable with the weakest cannons in average damage output (2x hits, but per 2 turns), still have issues from giving the enemies a guaranteed "blind spot" every other turn and force predictable "shoot one turn, maneuver one turn" tactics, but it would hit harder when it hits well. Also, it would be better than guns at suppressing shields for lance, but still only 1:2 turns.
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