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  1. The size should matter, but except when the ship is a sitting duck (does not accelerate), it would be always used together with acceleration. Thus since Maneuverability is abstract, you may pretend it's already factored in. E.g. in a debris field what matters is how quickly you can get the ship's cross-section out of the collision course, and whether it can be done would depend on Maneuverability ~ a/r - where a is acceleration and r is radius of cross-section (from the given direction). Granted, it's crude, because proportions differ, MoI differ and thrusters can be distributed differently, so different ships would need different a/r rates for different maneuvers. But the rest of the model is not a good simulation either.
  2. Why would it change performance? As you noted yourself, for most part it's not really their job. Chapter serfs + servitors + probably Mechanicus auxiliaries. While they have Techmarines, engines and to lesser degree cogitators are considered arcane even in Mechanicus. Looking at the list, there are several normally tech-priest roles, one of them is tech-priest only: Drivesmaster (engines - no options here), Omnissianic Congregator (looking after machine spirit - techpriest or a Forge Worlder) and Enginseer Prime (coordinates maintenance and repairs - usually techpriest, both due to required skills and outranking the others involved). Master of Etherics (surely the experienced Techmarines already have worked with sensors and communications) and lesser positions probably can do without. Adjusted values don't get monikers, do they? But +10 is fairly easy: +5 for dedicated training (Crew Improvements - Best Quality) , +5 for having a competent Chief Bosun present. Then there are components..,
  3. So the main accepted architecture is matchlock. Got it.
  4. BFG has Leadership scores rolled. For normal crews: 1: 6 Untried 2-3: 7 Experienced 4-5: 8 Veteran 6: 9 Crack For Space Marines: 1-2: 8 3-4: 9 5-6: 10 In RT Crew Rating has 5 named steps from 20 (Incompetent) to 60 (Elite), so the converted ranges would be 20-50 and 30-60. For basic values, of course. Those who actually try would accumulate bonuses.
  5. ———— > Sure! I'd assume the same group who produces Mariette Cylinder Pistol.
  6. Well, there can be Common/Scholastic/Forbidden Lore on the same subject - e.g. Mechanicus. Fashion may have all 3, why not? On the first:
  7. Relic bump. Also, maybe make Felinids more catlike? So that it looks more like possible "rough world" mod? S and T bonus, but also some trait like Fatigues Easily (like DH Feliraptor - "long" activity tests are vs. T/2 rather than T) and/or something like - Short breath: when the character makes more than TB Strength-based tests in a row (without skipping rounds), must pass a T test (with modifier depending on S tests) or gain +1 Fatigue?
  8. Relic bump. but also: Reliable / Unreliable is a bad name for repair modifiers. In that it can be reliable, but hard to fix, or vice versa. Volatile (X) already exists in various forms (torpedoes, Nova cannon), perhaps it's better to generalise as "Volatile (10% [damage]|[hit] [fire])", using "Hit" for the weapons' own damage and effects (otherwise hull point damage value given) and after that, critical effects, if any. Armoured (X) - there's already save roll mechanics for Armored Bridge in the very first book, so perhaps "Reinforced Armour (4+)" (for the bridge)? Las-burner: Flak? Why one beam would be very useful against bombers, etc? Versatile makes sense - cutting holes in the enemy hull precisely makes the entry easier (and without destroying much loot, at that). Also, if you give Flak property to a macrobattery, why not missiles? Though to think of it, perhaps macro- Flak should not be useful defensively, but only allow a salvo with turret-like effect at a swarm of torpedoes/small craft at least 1 VU away (in transit, or scraping a friendly vessel about to be swarmed by bombers), but give Detection penalty in and out of attacked area, much like flak turrets (proportional to salvo Strength?). Generally with missile batteries variant ammunition can be both more believable and more interesting - it takes more time to change them, so the Captain would have to think ahead and gamble. Crippling (X) looks too tough.
  9. Cool. Could you please ask about Harpoon Needler? It appeared in the profile of Cryon Tech-Priest in The Lost Dataslate, so there's nothing about it beyond (rather nice) basic weapon stats.
  10. IG allows more flexibility for this. Astartes are mostly restricted to a few jobs that they must perform anywhere mostly with the same equipment, while IG regiments can be specialised for any specific local conditions/tasks, use crazy variety of equipment and draw on wider range of traditions.
  11. Rogue Trader has Mono-Sight (camera wired to an eyepiece) and Targeting Monocle (same, but wireless and with extra features). At least some Astartes probably have similar hardware, but except the camera part, this should be a part of the helmet, integrated into autosenses.
  12. +15 and -10. I can remember only one quality giving +10 on a common test without drawbacks: Balanced. Adjustments that apply to the specific tests by the opponent may be greater (Fast gives -20), but these are situational, not the character's choice.
  13. That's okay - 40k already has more than enough of people able and willing to play very rough, sneaky or both. Creating large-scale troubles without a good reason merely attracts excess of unfriendly attention. Nothing all that outstanding - Hostile Acquisitions, Chapter I is named Crimes Against Humanity, after all. But there always are locals unwilling to put up with outsiders' crap, interstellar criminal organisations, heretical cults, Holy Inquisition... nobody likes a loose cannon. “You sir are a liar, and while you may command a flotilla of warships, the fact is that right here and right now there is just you and me and this hammer.“ © Ah, then you won't want to turn it into Black Crusade. But they may be under suspicion of being Nurglites anyway. Not only from Inquisition, but also "rival" heretics, which can lead to false positives for ≡I≡ way too easily. The rest is mostly down to just how gung-ho the Inquisitor deciding the approach happens to be.
  14. Well, yeah, it's silly. I guess, it's for the same reason why most weapons don't use a separate test: "OMG ONE MORE ROLL"! Which IMO isn't such a big deal when there are not 5 different dice, but only one. I agree that it's derp, but how did you end up with 1/6? 0.1+0.4*0.1 = 0.14 = 1/7.14, not quite as bad. Also, "reroll results lower than WpB" means 40% would be for WPB 5. If you don't mind extra rolls, this could be fixed by changing it to "may take WP test to reroll damage", which obviously includes rerolling all jams. This would hit the weightier component - reduce the jam probability from plain 0.1 on the first roll to 0.1*(0.6+0.40*0.1)=0,064 (jam and failed WP test or jam on both rolls), plus jam on the second roll alone 0.4*0.40*0.1=0,016 (assuming you won't reroll other 5+ results anyway), for total 0.08, which is only 4/5 of 0.1 baseline, so there would be noticeable improvement. Or for simplicity give it "Proven (WpB-1)" or even "Proven (WpB)", it's not such a big deal.
  15. 1. Did you ever play Scorched Earth (or Scorched Earth 3D)? 2. Also a moot point. IIRC there were a lot of places named with characteristic creativity "New Cadia" or some other variation thereof - thanks to all the units mustered out and settled in a nearby colony, or plainly given what's left of a planet by Right of Conquest.