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  1. So, this has been an interesting dilemma when facing opponents who also have Int 3 pilots. Do I move first or second? The option becomes important as I need to decide if I want to be cloaked and let my opponent try to shoot through 3 defense dice, then attack. Or should I attack first and then cloak immediately afterwards. What are your thoughts? Especially those who fly Dooku, what have been your observations?
  2. he can remove his opponent's TL, they are red
  3. hmmm, i like this idea of 2 Slavers with the pesky 4LOM
  4. sadly, it's allowed. something I have been doing is having the dial movements on my phone, thru LBN app. That way I don 't bother my opponents during their thinking process
  5. this should be the number 1 rule! lol
  6. nj3478

    What is an "NPE?"

    NPE = Fat Han
  7. Unless you attend one of the FFG tournaments, you can use printouts/proxies.
  8. nj3478

    X-Wing sale

    I picked up the Infiltrator and SOS pack for $38! That's a steal!!
  9. nj3478

    X-Wing sale

    just picked up a second infiltrator and squadron pack..... then I was forced by the dark side to also go back and buy the Republic lol.
  10. these 8 ship list are hilarious! I can't wait to bomb them!
  11. for casual play, i print out proxies for the pilot card and bases. if i like them and end up taking them to an official tournament, then yes, I will need to find legit copies
  12. the double Firespray list is my go to right now for both Hyperspace and Extended. I switch out 0-0-0 in both lists and play around with the crew slots, along with devices. So far it's my favorite and am able to beat lists ranging from 2 to 6 ship lists
  13. this is great news! I own 3 ARCs, so buying another 1 for the new bases and cards sounds like a deal!
  14. I hAve used the Boba Fett crew on Moralo, which as been fun!
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