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  1. Last I checked, bwings have some nasty anti ship firepower
  2. New EA coming out later this year. Hope its good!
  3. dont you need an adepticon ticket to even get in to play? What happens if you dont know if your getting in to worlds, when a prime and the adepticon tickets are sold out. LOL
  4. Wow, this is sad. We only get 1 in texas and none in San Antonio when for the last 4 years we have had one and each year they were at max participants. Isnt worlds supposed to be invite only this year? How are they going to get enough people to play if its only if you win a prime or a past champion?
  5. Calling @Ardaedhel or @Brikhause as they are up in the area and can direct you.
  6. He doesn’t need to be in range of squall. The shuttles that are moving the tokens do and they need to be in range 1 to move the token. I have see him move across the board in one round and shoot while still having range with shuttle support. He is beyond broken
  7. They said it was from the Aftermath novels
  8. Buy it now is $600 and he has a reserve on it. Lul
  9. Good article, enjoyed it!
  10. Star Wars celebration panel that ffg had. Was on twitch
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