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  1. He doesn’t need to be in range of squall. The shuttles that are moving the tokens do and they need to be in range 1 to move the token. I have see him move across the board in one round and shoot while still having range with shuttle support. He is beyond broken
  2. Squadrons? nevermind I see them now
  3. They said it was from the Aftermath novels
  4. Buy it now is $600 and he has a reserve on it. Lul
  5. Good article, enjoyed it!
  6. Star Wars celebration panel that ffg had. Was on twitch
  7. 2 sizeable ships before end of this year?
  8. I get the need, but I have seen people on YouTube with a much higher sub count than that who are unstable. This is not the right answer and it will backfire on them.
  9. Nothing says you can't manipulate it or have it preset to what you need.
  10. The engine techs ruling is just dumb. A legal movement ruler is speed 4. If your smart enough to plan ahead, you put down your speed four to check during your normal movement phase and will see where engine tech will put you anyways. Some ships can get away with this because they dont go speed four however others that do go speed 4 get screwed.
  11. Y’all are crazy. Bring on the clone wars. People complain about thematic but have no problem doing a Vader vs Vader match. If it brings more people to the table I am all for it.
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