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  1. I believe the Marie Lambeau preview cards are for the Investigators of Arkham Horror pre-order only. The pre-order has bonus material. However, Marie Lambeau should appear in a forthcoming deluxe expansion box. Also, if the novellas do well enough, there will be more back story and replacement cards coming, I would assume.
  2. I like this, however the change to class does not reflect all base classes. Perhaps Silas Marsh can go from Survivor to Seeker. He is seeking the truth behind his Insmouth origins.
  3. For all the people talking about equal representation being a good thing to grow the gaming scene, and for those that say FFG bought the license so can do as they chose, I have a simple question? Were are the dark skinned people? 1. Dark skin people make up a huge proportion of the world's population. Does FFG want to include them in gaming or are they not worthy of consideration? 2. Since this is a completely fictional setting, not based on reality, were are the dark skinned people? In our world, it makes sense for "Japan" of that era, but this same is not based in Japan. It is an entirely new world where magic works, they are building a wall to keep out demons(in Japan?, not China). etc. Again, where are the dark skinned people? If that is "pushing" the story too far, please leave details as to why that do not reference the "old lore" or the "real world" and talk about how getting more people into gaming is not in the interest of FFG as a company. Unless having dark skin people in the game, and into the hobby will drive away those who do not like dark skinned people. This is not to say diversity is a bad thing, just to say diversity is diversity and one should not focus on a few types and ignore other types. I am excited to join a new LCG from the start. This looks like a good opportunity for me to join. I just got into board gaming in December of 2015 after having given up Magic the Gathering in the early 1990's. I do not know any of the old lore or anything. But I am willing to learn a new LCG from the start.
  4. That is incorrect. There are three times "In player order" is required according to the rules reference. 1. Mythos Phase 1.4 2. Monster Phase 3.3 3. Upkeep Phase 4.4 A good catch! Thank you. I'll note that none of the other ones particularly changes the game state as much as not following player order when dealing encounter cards. Monsters can in general be fought in any order/ and players drawing new cards and getting resources has practically zero interaction applications. Especially for the upkeep, if people drew out of order, I don't think that is a board state disturbance that would have changed most games -- largely, just be aware of the rule, and follow it if you think hijinks will ensue. I agree. I am trying to follow the turn order and player actions specifically because, in the future we are not sure how new cards will impact the player action windows. I expect and hope this game continues to grow and expand the card actions and possibilities.
  5. I say that if an investigator has Psychosis and Hypochondria, that investigator is a very sick person who WILL take one damage and/or horror and then immediately fall over dead and insane. Will, because it is Arkham horror and something will happen that causes you to death/insanity spiral.
  6. That is incorrect. There are three times "In player order" is required according to the rules reference. 1. Mythos Phase 1.4 2. Monster Phase 3.3 3. Upkeep Phase 4.4
  7. Finally. I have been frantically searching for word of a new Mythos pack, as well as the delivery date for Dunwich Legacy and the rest. Just too bad it will come after my holiday break.
  8. I am losing sanity right now. People I used to recognize have changed. Their faces are now a blurred in my memory.
  9. I just received my boxed shipment. The playmat is 14" high by 24" long. It is artwork from the book itself. No spoilers.
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