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  1. Bolt action has this awesome dice-based initiative system. You blindly pick a die from a bag, it could be an opponent's die or yours, and then roll it to see which action can be made. You then choose the unit.
  2. That "meh" card there will become really troublesome if your slippery, low initiative unit can not outmanuver my flanking Leonx Riders.
  3. The box has 2 champion upgrades. What does this mean? Alternate champion for infantry? or is this hinting at an incoming siege unit for Waiqar, because Carrion Lancers don't have a champion slot!
  4. I would split the archers into 2 2x1-s for an extra attack and extra coverage. Your call, if with CI or rank discipline.
  5. Actually should be used to protect the unit with Ankaur Maro IMO.
  6. Last years worlds champ had a list, which was basically tailored to counter this list. It boils down to lots of roadblocks and a few archers.
  7. They were sore losers I believe this could still be countered one way or another.
  8. One core is about half an army. But if you buy 1 core and 1 of each expansion then you have enough for a full army with reasonable configuration options. Welcome to the frontlines!
  9. Look at the painting and rules subforum. If there's activity there, the game is still going strong!
  10. Search the Runewars wiki. The card was shown on the expansion picture when the scouts were announced.
  11. Sooo... if my archers are engaged from the front and also on the side with a single tray, I still can't disengage backwards?
  12. Thinking about Kari in the upcoming Outland Scouts. It would kick out "Seasoned Pathfinder" but they can still close in fast. Kari's ability with 3 blue dice and surge modifier could be awesome.
  13. "File Leader" was basically made for this.
  14. The Yeron rider is also illustrated and talked about in the lore book for the Runewars TMG.
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