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  1. So I was reading the new rune gollem article and it said the red modifiër adds an extra blue rune. found in the article: While their reliance on runes may make the Rune Golems seem like a risky choice, their modifier dial allows them to count an additional stable energy when they perform a melee attack or special ability, giving them much needed consistency. To me its more a boost on your defense. Like boost the defense by this many blue runes. Is this a mistake I might be overlooking it in the rules I cant find it at the moment.
  2. In the games I had the oathsworn had a hard time reaching other targets. The reanimate archers are deffinetly the right counter against the oathsworn and if played right will absolutely destroy them. However I still only play with the core set and am convinced that you want to play them in a bigger unit then just 2 trays. With all the defense buffs the daqan will be able to do they will absolutely be a force to reckon with
  3. So far I dont really know why I would use multiple lancers in a single unit instead of just spamming them as single models. That way I have more dials and activations and atop of that I can spam multiple blight tokens across multiple targets. As you said, all that for just 15 points each.
  4. Thanks ! First used some sandpaper so the sand sticks a bit better to the base then glued the sand on with pva glue. As for the colors : - primed with black primer - paint al of the sand with stormvermin fur - wash with agrax earthshade - drybrush with codex grey - lighter drybrush with administratum grey - an even lighter highlight with palid wych flesh ( these are all citadel paints)
  5. Thanks looks like I am missing the master crafted weapons card. Going to contact thr customer service. Will delete this post in a minute
  6. So in the learn to play book it says there should be 18 upgrade cards. However I only have 17 i double checked the box but still only 17. Anybody who can make a list of the cards that should be in there ? thanks
  7. Yup when squaring up the first oppertunity to allign is where you stop. As for the threat. I think it stays the same no matter if you are touching 1 or more trays. However if you charge a unit that is 3 by 2 and charge it in the side flank its threat is 2 rather then 3. Please correct me if im wrong tho.
  8. I know it seems almost impossible but yes what I said at question number 1 they collided at the exact same moment. Thanks for taking your time to answer these questions seems like we did good most of the time
  9. So played my first game with a friend rules are pretty clear so far. However here are some situations we couldnt find in the rules ourselves. 1. The spearmen made a charge move that collided with the enemy unit and a piece of terrain at the exact same time. I think this means you have to square up with the enemy unit as normal but still resolve any terrain effects that should happen and are not allowed to enter terrain ? 2. so when its not possible to move through your friendly unit(s) it simply becomes an obstacle that you collide with correct ? The stone golem collided with a friendly unit but its bonus action was a reform action is the bonus action when you collide with anything (enemy or friendly units) cancelled ? Example: stone golem reveals a march speed 2(blue) action with a reform moddifier (white) bonus action. The stone golem moves into a enemy unit (since it did not use a charge modifier it is assigned a panic token. Then after squaring up it performs its reform to turn 90 degrees. I know it doesnt make sense to use reform to turn your flank to your enemy but its just an example is it legal ? 3. A unit of oathsworn cavalry was touching the forest terrain template with its side edge after performing a shift but decided not to enter the terrain. Then my reanimates collided witht he forest and decided to enter the terrain. Are the units engaged now and are the reanimates flanking ? 4. Is there any way to move through terrain without colliding or entering like with allied units ? or does it really mean that when a unit collides with a piece of terrain with just the corner and decide not to enter. you probably have to use shift to get around the terrain otherwise you keep colliding ? 5. Erebus charged into a corner. we used the range ruler to decide if he charged the flank or the front like explained in the rulebook. a single unit always gets the template crossing over it meaning you can basically always choose to charge the flank even when it looks way more like a frontal attack ? Sorry if there are alot of typo's Thanks in advance
  10. Page 10 in the rules reference book under glory kill. you take the highest value
  11. Thanks for the answers guys. It still seems a bit weird to me that so many event cards are just argent energy discards when playing vs a solo marine. I totally forgot about the other squad cards marines get when playing with fewer than 4 marines making my statement about 4 main actions false sorry for that. By the way does it also mean when a marine gets fragged he would then lose his unused glory kill reward cards ?
  12. 1. If a marine gets killed by an attack but would become stunned after that attack, does the marines spawn back stunned ? 2. When playing the ''onslaught'' event card (power overwhelming set) it says perform an additional attack against a different marine. What is the case when playing against a solo marine ? 3. I think I was already doing right with this one but still to be sure. When I spend my argent energy token for my baron of hell to perform the "grand fireball" attack if I would be able to then move and become adjacent to a marine i cannot perform a regular attack right ? since you can only perform 1 attack and its not a additional attack. 4.When a demon figure occupies a space with an item on it can a marine player still spend 2 movement points into that space and pick up the item then move out with remaining movement points to not end on that space ? Since at some points in the book its says you only need to move into a space while at some points it says you need to occupie the space. 5.Does anyone feel like the solo marine is a bit to much ? Played quite some matches 1 VS 1 now and the top amount of frags I seem to get is 3. The additional main action seems a bit to much. If you would play 2 marines you get 2 main actions in a round while a solo gets 4 (not counting the combat shotgun cards).
  13. Absolutely fantastic work. I really need to know how you painted your imps and your barons skin i cant seem to find the right colors.
  14. Read the rules, played 2 missions and absolutely love it. Its fast its action packed and its brutal. First off I love the new cover mechanic, this is what I was missing in Imperial assault. The sculpts of the minis are one of the best I have seen (cant wait to get started with painting). At the moment im fine with no campaign mode since its easier to get a few gamers together open the box set up and go slaughter some stuff. The only 2 minor setbacks for me are the in game screenshots used for art on the marines action cards. some of them are just to dark to see what is really going on. And the lack of the hell knight as demon models. Yet this game has so many expansion possibilities left I hope fantasy flight will consider: - More deamons !!! Hell,knights, Summoners, spider mastermind, possessed security etc. - More marines and the doom slayer himself (using the classic doom slayer pose for a miniature ?) - Map tiles representing mars. At the moment we only have indoor UAC facilities and the bottoms of hell - Companion app. Its always nice to have a solo or co op option - Campaign mode - Skirmish modes. Maybe to somehow represent the team deathmatch modes of doom. like 5 vs 5 marines ? the first to get 30 frags wins ! - Dr. Samuel Hayden. Dont ask me how or what I just feel like this awesome dude needs to be in this game. Just suggestions and personal opinions folks ! how are you guys enjoying the new doom boardgame ?
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