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  1. RejjeN

    A few questions

    Yes. I'm aware. Thank you. However, Meffo, you can't decloak and drop a bomb in the same round. Made that mistake myself, but it's covered in the decloak rules.
  2. RejjeN

    A few questions

    I usually run mine with Cloaking Device and Proton Bombs, can give them that valuable boost of speed (and can surprise people with how fast it can go, or the odd angles you can get to) and defense it needs to get to where it needs to go. It helps that a lot of people are hesitant to shoot at something worth very little with 4 agility xD Of course, however you play it you just be smart about it, otherwise it will just get blown up without accomplishing anything. Another thing I'm trying to figure out a list for right now if two quadjumpers with cloaking device and vizago, (and another ship with an illicit) to make 2 permanently cloaked Quads (at least until I deem it worthwhile to decloak for the movement it would give...), hard to find good teammates for it though, but maybe I just haven't been theorizing enough
  3. Yes, because don't we all miss when ships could advance sensor, push the limit, then clear stress with it's maneuver? Wonderful and balanced! (not)
  4. Where do you find the rule to allow docking during the game? To my knowledge the only way for the Escape Craft to dock is if it's done before deployment, as the title card states...
  5. So... by that logic, can you intentionally fail a decloak to ignore the effects of the Illicit Cloaking device? Doesn't seem right, either...
  6. I mean, you need to get 2 hits through to ionize a small ship (first for damage, second for ion token), so realistically a 2 agility ship ought to dodge once in a while, or the attack ought to blank out... So I'm not sure it should be that huge of an issue yet...
  7. Hold on, hmm.. yes, yes.. I can confirm, there is indeed an error.
  8. I can't even add a ship to the app without it crashing half the time...
  9. I mean I lament Talonbane's drop to 5, but let's be honest. He had no business flying with the likes of Soontir Fell and freakin' Vader. On the plus side, I really like what I've seen of most Scum small ships Starvipers and Kihraxes will be fun to fly methinks.
  10. Yeah... I kinda wish it was "Suffer one [HIT]/Damage" instead, just so that it doesn't turn off if you get unlucky on the first engagement. Oh well, I guess we'll see. (I guess the idea is that you use your power to engage the dampeners... But it would also make sense if you took hull damage from stressing the ship)
  11. We probably won't get any significant details until after they start spoiling Wave3 and beyond.
  12. It's possible you need to have the Boost Action to even be able to equip it. (I sort of hope not, since I really want to stick it on Talonbane )
  13. RejjeN


    I'm fine with the new core even as pure scum, but I wouldn't complain about a cheaper option... Shame for x-wing dads with several children though ?
  14. And here I was expecting it to be a meme thread about "The tragedy of Darth Plagueis". I'm disappointed.
  15. 4x Most Wanted Z-95 1x Z95 2x Most Wanted Y-Wing 4x Kihraxz Fighter 2x GfH Kihraxz 2x Starviper 2x GfH Starviper 3x Aggressor(From what I heard, you can play 3 bare-bones ones, yay!) 2x Firespray 1x YV-999(I modified it to be upside down, looks like a derpy fish ) 1x Jumpmaster 2x Fang Fighter 2x G-1A whachamacallit 2x M3-A Interceptor 1x Croc M3-A 1x C-Roc 2x Quadjumper 2x Kimogila 1x Scurrg 1x HWK-290 1x Lancer So one conversion kit will cover most of it. I'll just have to try to find someone willing to part with 2 kihraxz dials/pilots. (Well... 'willing' is a strong word...)
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