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  1. Depends on the card, really. Some cards have a LOT crammed in there xD
  2. I had this thought as well, but I would make it so that "shooting into or through smoke" you reduce your weapons range by 1 to a minimum of 2. (or rather, when determining range and line of sight I suppose.)
  3. Fair enough, I mistook the question to read: "Does Pierce ignore Armor."
  4. Nope. Armor doesn't add blocks, it cancels die results which is why all(most?) Lightsabers come with Impact. So hope you got as many hits as you have Impact, then rolled the rest as crits :p Edit: from the rules reference. ARMOR (UNIT KEYWORD) During the “Modify Attack Dice” step of an attack, if the defender has the armor keyword, that unit can cancel all hit (󲉠) results produced by the attack roll. • The attacker resolves abilities during the “Modify Attack Dice” step of an attack before the defender resolves abilities during that step. As such, the impact keyword can be used to change hit (󲉠) results to critical (󲉡) results before the armor keyword can be used to cancel hit (󲉠) results. • When a player cancels a hit (󲉠) result, that die is removed from the attack pool.
  5. The Grand Inquisitor could be a Operative or Commander for Empire, other inquisitors should (in my opinion) form the first Force User Special Ops unit.
  6. I was under the impression a unit that was fully immobilized could not engage someone in melee? I swear I read something like that in a news article at least, but maybe I'm wrong..
  7. I would LOOOVE a Super Tactical Droid at about 80-100 points, relatively sturdy but no real combat ability, but a lot of support abilities
  8. That, and considering they were (as far as I know) always used in a bodyguard role, maybe limit them to 1 unit per commander choice. Though I think it's more likely they will specifically get entourage with Grievous only.
  9. When Magnaguards get released they'll probably have a rule that works the same way or very similarly, same with Iden and Inferno Squad. (Also yeah, can't wait for our dedicated melee droids!)
  10. The reason it doesn't interact with Critical at all is due to Critical just modifying Surge Results. But otherwise you're correct, yeah 🙂
  11. Ah, I hadn't read the "margin of error" section yet, so that explains the angle thing. Thank you 🙂 Where do I find the rule about moving over things that you're taller than though? I might have missed it. And yeah, Buckero0 summed it up nicely xD but as I understand it the 45degree thing you mentioned solves that easily.
  12. Oh right, I forgot that was a thing... So I guess the question then is, does the entire base need to fit on the thing you want to move onto, or can you have a tilted base? (kinda following up on the previous question about scatter terrain, aka barricades and small stuff that tend to litter the playmat so you have something to hide behind xD)
  13. Most likely the only representation the LAAT(Or similar things) will get is as part of a commanders command card "LAAT strike" or "Dropship reinforcements" or that kind of thing. Basically giving them a "deep strike" ability. I could imagine Commander Cody or some other well known Clone commander getting something like that, more focused on strategy than gun-slinging like Rex.
  14. As the title suggests, I feel the Hover:Ground keyword is a bit vague. It seems to suggest it can move over most terrain, but has nothing about ignoring terrain of any height? So how can it then move over things, and what can it land on? Obviously in the case of the AAT it has a rather slow Speed 1 move, so while it moves it's base + move 1 it can only really move past small things if it can't land on any terrain at all. Or can it freely land on any terrain, or just scatter terrain? Anyone have any idea how this works? In a game where terrain is such a huge deal, do we HAVE to specifically ask for tables made to accommodate the oversized tanks?
  15. Heya, so I'm trying to come up with a CIS squad I'm happy with for a small local tourney on saturday. Was trying to make a squad of 2 Bombers (the named one that can carry a relay and a normal one with clusters) and 5 I1 drones with 3 energy shell charges and 2 discord missiles, but I've noticed that a squad of all I1's that fly fairly predictably (as swarms often do) can have difficulties against higher initiative jousts... Extra Calculate tokens doesn't matter as much when you lose 2 drones before they get to shoot 😕 So been considering making a list with a Skakoan Ace (I3 Bellyrub) with Soulless One and a Tactical Relay paired with 6 I3 drones and 1 I1 Drone, either with grappling struts or not, depending on if I'm using Kraken or TA-175. But I can't really decide which I like best... Kraken has obvious benefits of making it harder to straight up lose a ship early on, and as long as I don't need to spend all the calculate tokens I'll have a larger amount every turn (but obviously can end up with no extra if I have a bad turn). I guess ideal would be to bank one on the carrier for extra defense or when I'm out on the drones? TA-175 has the benefit of giving me both extra defense and attack when someone managed to kill a drone, which is inevitable with such squishy ships, but also loses power significantly as I lose ships, and is less useful when I shoot first (as may well happen with I3's, which is kinda the point of this list discussion.. xD), so I'm personally leaning toward Kraken, but I'm still rather uncertain.. So hoping people might be able to give some additional viewpoints on the matter! Thank you for your time
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