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    Ok, how is this for Ewok warrior stats: Brawn: 2 Agility: 3 Intellect:2 Cunning: 3 Willpower: 2 Presence: 2 Soak: 2 Wound: 5 Defense:0/1 Skills: Melee, Athletics, Coordination, Perception, Stealth, Survival, Vigilance Gear: Spear- Skill: Melee, Range: Short, Damage: 7, Critical: 5, Qualities: Pierce 3 Ewok Horn- Ewok may spend a maneuver to blow the horn to call for reinforcements that will arrive in 5 rounds -the Ewok's Brawn. Please give me feedback on how I did. Thanks!
  2. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks

    [GAME IDEA] The Crystal Odeium

    Totally going to use this THANKS!
  3. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks


    Thank You! I want NPC stats for Ewoks.
  4. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks


    Plus, I can't find whatever you are talking about
  5. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks


    I am saying for NPC's
  6. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks

    Can you use +Soak +Defense armors together?

    They do stack, I once had a character who eventually amassed 8 soak because we would loot armor from the places we went.
  7. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks

    Pets, How Do They Work?

    Thanks for all the tips, the player that wanted a pet wanted it to be a squirrel with a poison-tipped tail named "Jelli".
  8. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks


    If someone could send me an Ewok Warrior stats along with some other Ewok stats that would be great! Thanks!
  9. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks

    Playing as a GM

    I do not suggest doing that you know what's coming and they don't, and you know where you want the story to lead, it could seriously be not only difficult but unfair as well, and you should try to enjoy yourself with NPCs
  10. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks

    Spending Advantage & Threat in combat

    I have done this from the beginning of my GM career, I have, in some cases, let the players decide what it is that the threat/advantage will be used for, but in other cases, I have overruled them and chosen my own way to go with it. Like, for instance, used a whole ton of advantage against an NPC and I asked the player if he wanted to crit him or wanted me to do something else with it, he chose the latter, thus an Imperial Inquisitor was standing in front of an airlock and then he was jettisoned out into space. So it all depends on your personal preference on how you want to use advantage/threat.
  11. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks

    Dealing With Obligations

    I find it useful to try to keep Obligations to be more literal and leave the motivations up for interpretation. So, for example, Addiction would stay strictly to being addicted to like death sticks or something along those lines. Whereas motivation like Ambition, Love could be interpreted to be something as different as a love of some object they had left in their dwelling place. It works very well for me, it gives the group a uniform standard that they have to stick to.
  12. EmptyCratesOfDeathSticks

    Pets, How Do They Work?

    I have been a GM for a while now and I still don't fully understand the concept of pets... I have had multiple requests to have or get pets during character creation and the game, I had to deny these requests because I am not certain how they are supposed to work... Or even what species are eligible to be pets. Please give me some help on this matter.