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    CIS first draft

    My first idea for a CIS list. Maybe this will inspire other people and together we can find out what's good in there! Sith Infiltrator - •Count Dooku - 68 •Count Dooku - Darth Tyranus (61) •Scimitar (4) Heightened Perception (3) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - •••Precise Hunter - 33 •••Precise Hunter - Pinpoint Protocols (26) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Grappling Struts (Closed) (3) Vulture-class Droid Fighter - •••Precise Hunter - 33 •••Precise Hunter - Pinpoint Protocols (26) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Grappling Struts (Closed) (3) Belbullab-22 Starfighter - •Wat Tambor - 66 •Wat Tambor - Techno Union Foreman (43) Treacherous (3) •Soulless One (10) •Kraken (10) Total: 200/200 For 7 points, Dooku can shoot at I7 and immediately cloak. For a large ship with force, focus and 10 health, this is really solid in my opinion. He's going to need a lot of space though to be able to decloak and move each turn, so it's probably better to leave him by himself on the side of the board with asteroids at range 3 so he can make the most out of his movement. He'll probably need to disengage and come back often. On the other hand, the 3 other ships act as a single unit. First turn, they all calculate, and then keep that calculate with Kraken. This let Wat fuel his own ability by himself if needs be. As Kraken is really important here, the Souless one title is there to keep him alive just a bit more. Then they can enter the battle with a total of 5 calculate token between them and a focus for Wat. They're still all pretty squishy so they probably won't want to straight up joust. Mainly I think they'll thrive in asteroid field where the vulture can more easily turn around and make use of grappling. What do you think? Is there too few ships for a CIS list? Should I just put as many TF Drone with energy shell as possible?
  2. DarthSempai

    New Hyperspace?

    Pretty sure it was always going to be like this, just adding stuff. Hyperspace was specifically to ease new players into 2.0, not to create a standard rotation like in MtG.
  3. DarthSempai


    I mean yes? Force is costed at around 9-10 points, the second force point if cheaper (if we compare blackout to Kylo, it's about the same ratio too!) There's also no denying that Lulo is prob a bit undercosted
  4. DarthSempai

    Fly Casual X-Wing Simulator

    For some reason I couldn't use Oicunn ability to attack at range 0 using my side arc, and Quickdraw's ability to shoot a second time bugged out and didn't let me choose an enemy ship even though they were legal target and flashing. Unfortunately don't have screenshot but if it happens again i'll be sure to send them!
  5. DarthSempai

    つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

    Didnt they say in stream that they would post them only thursday, and that the last time we got them early were because of UK retailers?
  6. DarthSempai

    The value of generics?

    Again what I think is that they already have the design to fix this, if they just decide to errata what is written on the dot : Limited Dot! 5 y wing is too good, but overcosting a platform hurts player who only brings one or 2? Limited 3 then!
  7. DarthSempai

    Training Games

    I like that. I also like to guess the maneuver once the dial are set, and discuss with the opponent why I think he would do X or Y maneuver, then see if my call is right. The same idea you probably be applied to your sessions.
  8. I like that idea. Some upgrade are naturally stronger the more instance of them you have (juke come to mind). Personally I would be all for it. Prevent spam of upgrade that are unnaturally strong when taken too many times, and still like you pick a single instance of a card for a flavour/combo that you particularly love without being a risk of it being nerf to oblivion.
  9. DarthSempai

    So many Buzz Driod questions...

    They're not ship, they're Remote. So they won't impack point and / or final salvo (as much as I can tell.) As for the rest of your queries, they will all eventually be answered when the thing comes out and FFG updates the rule reference with rules for remotes!
  10. DarthSempai

    Inqi Aces

    Why not use advanced sensor in place of grand inquisitor if you're worried about being blocked? You lose the potential 2 actions per turn, but it's cheaper!
  11. DarthSempai

    Wave 3 Release Date?

  12. DarthSempai

    Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10

    The problem is ... is Hyperspace tracking data worth 10 points at all when it is not on Dormitz? Most of the time, the effect is : ''Place your ship at I6, disregard the rest of the card...'' Is that really worth 10 points on any ship unable to capitalize first turn combat?
  13. DarthSempai

    Over / Under

  14. DarthSempai

    The Initiative 5 Design Space Conundrum

    I'm just paroting someone else idea, but this is the one that made the more sense in my opinion : Generic ships are often overcosted by 3-4 points, sometimes more, because of reasoning like : oh being able to put 6 generic of those on the field would be problematic, because of threat saturation / compound effect / etc, so we'll price them at a way that you can only bring one or 2 less that that. However this ends up making a stat line that is out of touch by juuuuuust a tiny bit, but adding +1 to a stat or adding a slot would create over powerfull combo. To fix this, use LIMITED DOT. They have this amazing design space, and they don't dare use it to it's fullest potential. For example : generic t-65 x 5 would be too powerfull because it would be almost impossible to kill 1 or 2 before the whole list shoot you down, even without dice mods. Price them cheap like they're supposed to be, but put 4 limited dot on them! It's the same system that games like warmachine uses, where they understood that it's hard to perfectly price an option in a game, and that sometimes something that is... not so good alone, can be really good in huge numbers! (Looking at you, upsilons!) And this way, you could have for example, Generic Initiative 5 ships or even I6, without ability, that can fill a design space that doesn't exist right now! Elite Generic swarm! And it can allow generics to become more viable again with price cut and help topple the I5 saturation!
  15. DarthSempai

    Sith Infiltrator Preview

    there's ... grievous that plays kinda like an ace, but only PS4. There's Maul at PS5, but with a large ship and a fixed front arc, I don't know how much dodging he's going to do. He play more like a YT-2400 in the he charges straight and deals as much damage as possible I think.