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  1. Normally i'm all in for adv optic. HOWEVER, i think the tie/ba is a bad fit for it, since it's way easier for the ship to Target Lock, then do a repo with either boost or broll, or a focus if you're in a good spot. If you want to leverage the double action for optics, you need to do a broll first as your only option, the a focus. IMO, the silence is a better fit for optic since you have the option to do focus, then your choice of repo depending on position. That being said, list 2 is great. 5 ships is very nice. Holo is amazing with proud and lots of ship, especially tanky ships who don't care too much about stress, and can shoot both way so they just move however they like. There will often be one near holo to shed the stress/bad token. But this is my favorite one. Lower init, but so tanky and consistant, with just the right amount of ace, that can also support. if the silencer wasn't my favorite ship, this would be my go-to list. Good potential there!
  2. Why should it be ''prohibited''? Like what rule occurrence does it break? Me think someone was shot at by a proton rocket and had 5 dice rerolled into 5 hit, and is unhappy about it!
  3. Yeah, i feel like it can also really help some tie fo that arent taken often shine much more, like static or malarus. Getting that third die at range can really help the damage output of a list, and if youre lower initiative like with a fo swarm, the drawback of strain dont really matter anymore
  4. I'm curious what you find so broken in the current game that could only be fixed with a soft reboot of the game instead of, you know, just some card and point tweak. The whole game is pretty healthy and fun to play, even competitively. Do you have an example?
  5. I hate to play against CIS swarm, but the generic is just so cool looking, and the ability is amazing. Best generic by far. I rate roger/roger
  6. lol yeah that ship is still paying the price for it's 1.0 sins. If at least LEAST the left turns were also blue, I think it wouldn't be that bad. or maybe some illicit will come out eventually that will buff it a bit.
  7. Fearless does NOT work on any jumpmaster, that a feature and not a bug. Fearless works with [Frontal Arc] symbol, and the jumpmaster only has a [Turret Arc] weapon. They are not meant to work together at all.
  8. I liked the list. Tried to move some upgrade and ran this at an hyperspace event : "Muse" (30) Proud Tradition (2) Ship total: 32 Half Points: 16 Threshold: 2 "Null" (30) Ship total: 30 Half Points: 15 Threshold: 2 "Holo" (54) Proud Tradition (2) Ship total: 56 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 2 Kylo Ren (76) Advanced Optics (4) Ship total: 80 Half Points: 40 Threshold: 3 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=First Order&d=v8ZhZ200Z235X319WWY290XWY382X319WWWY236XW186WW&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs= You've got a bit of everything. 1 super cool blocker with muse, 2 high I aces that punch hard, and one 1I FO that keep ships with low life honest (like, that oddball in a ywing with 2 hull left might just not get to shoot if he stays there and take a target lock. Wanna risk it? ) Lost one game super hard to dice variance (3 green die will do that to you) and one game with a close defeat (should have ran away with holo at the last round, but was cheeky and tried to get more point. It wasn't worth it) But after I got some more practice with it, the next 2 game were great. 200 points each time, against 5 xwing and 2jedi+oddball+ric. This bid is a bit thigh but if you can plan your block with muse correctly the whole list just hit so hard. And you can do dumb stuff to block like a 4 kturn through a debris field or a 3 bank over debris, still take focus, removes one stress, etc. Debris are definitely the best obstacles here when you have PT.
  9. like, I think I get what you are going for for a lot of those pilot, but you gotta work on them text formatting mate! Most things are usually ''Timing } Condition } Effect''. It also helps to use terms that are rigidly defined in the rules instead of ''casual ''speak so to say. For Example, for Dodge ''If you perform a barrel roll that brings you into an enemy ship firing arc (...) '' bring you into isn't something that's clearly defined. Instead, it should be : ''After you perform a [Barrel Roll], if you are in an enemy ship [Firing Arc], gain an evade token.'' Counterstrike has an ability that ask you to remember if you were damaged this turn, which may sound like it's simple to keep track of but with multiple ships in a scrum, all with some damage and stuff, it's easy to forget. However, charges can also serve as a way to keep track of condition (kinda like a boolean ) The pilot should probably have a charge that regen each turn, and text that says : '' While you perform an attack, you may spend 1 [Charge] to roll 1 additional attack die. After you suffer damage, removes 1 charge.'' (Incidently, this one is exactly a mashup between Wampa, and Stealth Device. It helps to check how things are formatted for similar effect.) Other than that, Touché has no timing (so someone will definitely try to use his ability during an enemy attack, inbetween two hits, and stuff like that, making it some sort of hyper regen) Slash is more complicated than it needs to be : Before the neutralize result step, you may spend one charge to change a [Hit] result to a [Crit] result If you are interested in game design and homebrew, I definitely think it's worth it to take the time to make everything correctly formatted. It makes it easier to understand and also means people will usually be more tempted to try it out because they won't have to ''interpret'' what you meant and can just give it a go.
  10. You sound like you have a really understanding significant other. That's always good in this game I think :P. All in all, yeah even if some ship have really good combo or stuff they can do, in 2.0 the game is more and more about how you play your list more than a combo-card-mechanic. For soontir, yeah he can do a lot of action in a single turn, but the most action economy is usually one that's done over a long time, not a single turn. Targeting computer is the key here. Move super dodgy and safe at all time, and when you see an opportunity, take a lock when no one is looking at you. Next turn, hard turn into combat, focus and reposition to get bulleyes, and enjoy the benefit of your Focus + Focus + lock Also with aces always try to engage with more ship than the opponent. If the opponent has a ship like poe or lando with lots of action, try to move out of the range of everyone else and focus fire that ship. Let him see how quickly 1 focus and 1 evade turns to nothing after a lot of shooting.
  11. DarthSempai


    Other take : PT on Muse is just too cool to remplace it with something as basic as fanatical on LeHuse. PT turn muse into a cheap defender who blocks and is just a very annoying ship. Fanatical is a bit of efficiency on a ship thats already is very efficient. I know which i'd rather play .
  12. wouldn't the lock just happen to be broken in that instance? I thought this was what happen with Holdo too?
  13. Couple small things : When using the configuration with the vultures, if you are getting attacked through an asteroid, the attack should be obstructed and you should roll one extra defense die. But when you are attacking, you should ignore the rock (you are standing on, only, not any asteroid or debris). However here you can see that the game only rolled 2 green dice for me when it should have been 3. Something else i've noticed is that Avenger (Tie-Silencer pilot) ability always lets him do action even when stressed, such as after K-turning, when it should only be active when a friendly ship is destroyed.
  14. passive sensor gives even less that adv. optic in defense. If you are getting shot by higher ps, you don't even have a token to defend yourself with, and will probably die before even getting a chance to return fire. Where with adv. optic, you take a focus token, and if need be you spend it on defense, possibly letting you survive and fire back. And if you didn't need to use the focus on defense, you can use it on offense almost all the time. Also, if you have low ps, you usually bring a larger number of ships. Adv. optic is even better there, letting the ship that takes the brunt of the attack use the focus, and the rest all get to use focus on offense. Even better, you can actually link focus for certain ship like the silencer and the Resistance A-wing, letting you focus then boost/broll into range. Focus is a safe bet when you are not sure how the opponent will move and if you'll get arcdodged, as opposed to passive sensor, were if you did this, then get arcdodged, you are stuck with now mod and a useless action. Adv. optic is just so much better than passive on a low PS, unless you specifically want to launch ordnance.
  15. The probability code has been checked by at least 3 different sources, all saying the same thing (dice are unbiased, and even if they are, the players and the AI uses the same code to roll dice so at least both players should get the same advantage.) The creator of the program has been around and saying, often, that the code is unbiased, and really there would be no reason for him to ever ''cheat'' the code in favour of the computer. Not only that, but ''cheating'' the code in such a manner would be more work the just coding in at fair randomizer for the rolls, since it's already something that exists in C#. And yet some people continue to think that there's a secret conspiracy intent of hiding the true nature of the program, which can distinguish when a player is playing the game and purposefully try to make him lose by having good rolls, but only, like... 20% more often that average. And that point, what do we need to convince people that the whole thing is fair and it's just users perceptions that biased? @Sandrem, I for one deeply enjoy Fly Casual, and I hope the conspiracy theorist won't dampen your enthusiasm! Continue on your awesome work please!
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