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  1. Gotta make those aces shine! No one wants to play anakin just do have him die in 1 turn because he tried to take on 2 decimators! Who even is chiraneau anyway? Who cares about a nameless guy. /s
  2. That means it's time to test Maul / Grievous / Sun Fac builds!
  3. Following this thread. I have a competitive build in mind, and I want to know what you fine folks think about it : Darth Vader - Fcs, afterburner 75 points. The hammer of the list. Will get 2 hit 1 crit per turn and will not let go. Whisper - 5th bro, predator, stealth device 76 points. Running her because i've been playing phantom for a looooong time and i've become pretty dang good at it. Tricky shooter with lots of mod, will usually take no damage from any single shot if it's not a torp. 7th sister - fcs 45 points. The filler. Still unsure about her. Amazing ability and a distracting flanker, but.... is 2 dice crackshot enough to support 2 aces? Is there something there that can go up against 4 ships republic build and win? Should one piece be switched for another?
  4. It better be less than that, passive sensor gives your more utility than just a TL action and cost 3, so targeting computer better cost 2.
  5. He's 2 points more, but ability is actually really good. With QD, QD will usually take a lock in the first few turn of engagement, giving double mod to rivas, making it as efficient as a Advanced optic Tie/FO, for 2 points less. And it still works when Kturning, when opponent self stress, etc.
  6. There seems to be 2 ways to make ps 2-4 more attractive, and that is either stupid good ability, and/or cheap cost. As an example, pure sabacc and countdown both have VERY good ability, and thus cost more than the equivalent ps5. Yet a lot of people still consider them when list building ( Tie-Striker chassis notwithstanding). Or big game changers like Captain Sear which affect the whole list. I think it also has to do with a lot of ingrained x-wing habit. For the entirety of V1, you either took the absolutely highest PS, or the biggest number of low PS. Some people still list build the same way in V2. Yet there's some really powerful PS4 pilot all over the place with amazing ability. I think FFG realised that, and that's why we're seeing more I2-4 pilot with powerfull ability, and I5-6 with useless abilities (vonreg, kylo, blackout, rexler). Given time, I think we'll see more and more people play elite squads of I4 with lots of trick and support, kinda like rebel beef was.
  7. Exactly 😂 ''X-wing is dominated by 3 wildy different type of archetype, all equally represented, and all with varying strenght and counter. Dev plz fix this plz!!1!''
  8. True enough! I just hate to think of him as a simple I5 caddy. It was fun to stop in front of rocks and throw out 5 dice torps before advanced sensoring away!
  9. Someone suggested me a build with advanced proton torp on kylo, and after trying it a few time I can say that it's amazing. Combined with perception it can probably do fine! Make anyone foolish enough to ends up a R1 of you pay! I like this build but I can't help bu think that when Vonreg comes out he'll replace blackout. Maybe play around with the remaining points to have a bit more tricks in the list of something. I6 and a better ability will probably outshine blackout, who really needed advanced sensor to work.
  10. I am now going to exclusively play Snooke / Vi moradi just to do sick tricks! 😂 Amazing.
  11. Counterpoint, they're actually really good at this, and they meant there to be a difference between the two, and the text has been expertly crafted so it's not the same wording, ergo they have different effect. See, the problem is that without word from the creator, it's reallllllly hard to measure intent in a game like this (one of the few ones I can think that EVERYONE seems to agree is landing struts, and.... that's it?) so it's good to take the word as always 100% true, because that is what is written. So if there's a difference in wording between check and/or reveal, I would argue that we have to say they're two different effect.
  12. Exactly, if they cost about 6-7 points, it'll be possible to have quickdraw, swarm tactics, and 3 Tie-SF with passive, and make them all shoot at I6. So my guess is that they'll make them cost around 10 points for things like that.
  13. DarthSempai

    Overlooked ships

    I think it's a combination of factors : X-wing 1.0 Grand Inquisitor was THE pocket ace. Absolutely bonker tanky with evade, focus, autothruster for a very low price. Other V1 might as well not exist compared to him. In V2, he lost some of his efficiency and tricks and I think people thinks he's bad because they compare him to what he was. Same for the rest of the pilot, they all pale in comparison on the previous GrandInqui. And 4 health, 3 green, is very variance prone : sometimes, you will get oneshoted at R3 despite your best effort, and that will suck. But that being said, I also think it's a very good ship! Cheap force user, awesome dial, can double down evade + force for tankyness. I think they day they have a way to reload a missile (either with a particular missile that can be reloaded or with an upgrade) is the day they will really shine!
  14. Ohhhh **** composure is so good. Didn't realise this, but focus+evade is gonna be a thing for 1 point. That's pretty cool. Also let's you focus + boost, which you can't do normally. I was waiting for a good composure ship to come out, and i'm surprised this ship is gonna be one!
  15. Opposite problem for me, is outthinking myself! '' Ok so, my very best move is a 2 bank, i'll have plenty of choices then to boost or broll to evade every shot.'' ''But my opponent is good, he'll never let me do this, so I have to assume he'll block me with this ship and shoot me on the side with this other ship! That would be terrible!'' ''So instead i'll do a 4 k-turn, skip the blocker and shoot him in the back! Unexpected! How devilish!'' ...later ''WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DID A 1 STRAIGHT AND BLOCKED MY kTURN! HOW!?'' If I had just stayed with my first idea, I could have evaded all shot, put a return shot with full mod, and just be merrily on my way to victory! And not just once.
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