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  1. A fully equipped Corran was far more expensive than a fully equipped named defender. Generic E-wing pilots needed a buff, and this is very good for them. LRS is good because it is a free action when you disengage and because it synergizes very well with FCS, and FCS is the best upgrade we have seen. Passive attack modifiers are heavily discouraged in 2.0, and that is why it is so good. It wouldn't be unreasonable to think a fully modded Corran would be half your army give or take 10%, and generics depending on how many generic defenders you can field, but with FCS they are very on par with defenders. FCS should be costing more than 4 points, because it is very worth it on E-wings, and basically must have on Advanceds so they go from very bad to meh.
  2. falveryn

    E-wing strong

    E-wing has +one hull, and the LRS has insane synergy with FCS. LRS is also a very good action economy action, like advanced optics. E-wings can get full modded attacks and FCS predator (best passive modifier).
  3. The advanced is bad anyways. You are forgetting the biggest infractor: E-wing. Now, E-wing is so broken with fcs it will have a good full modded alpha strike and can even keep the TL as a predator if it didn't need to reroll more than 1 dice. It is ridiculously overpowered now.
  4. I hope thermals stay the same with 2 charges, and cluster mines stays the same with only 1 charge.
  5. It is very powerful, but remember it is not max ps and the ship itself is not that nimble, so it is hard to trigger it (it is somewhat conditional, not as bad as krennic, but not as good as luke).
  6. The defender now MUST equip a shield upgrade and old engine upgrade. It will obviously cost more. Unlikely to fit 3 generics in a squad, more likely just 2 nameds. They are NOT the most defensive ships in 2.0. With only 2 defenders, it is very unlikely they will wreck most 2.0 ships. Any ship below will give them a run for their money (more defensive, and higher ps for arc dodging, given how defenders historically have had low ps) The most defensive ships are: Soontir, Grand Inq, Vader (but weak on offense and bad actions, really needed a boost action, but can still token stack), Guri, IG's B/C combo. Luke is far more defensive than Norra. Remember evades now just change a result. Luke basically gets the same if there is at least one eyeball, for free, no other requirements. Han Solo and the new Falcon title are also very good, even with only 1 agility, given you can almost always guarantee 1 evade, which is worth almost 3 unmodded greens. Now, Norra assures you have 1 evade + your regular roll, but the problem is that the ship is not very maneuverable, and has not max ps. So the mentioned ships are still better in most cases.
  7. Jumpmaster also loses the ridiculous white sloop + red sloop for a red sloop in one direction only. I think that triple torp scouts and quad naked scouts might be good if they still costed 25 = 50, since they are good because they are beefy, not because they are mobile or use primaries (quad scouts you plan ahead, no that big of a deal). Dengar would play more like Rey now, with hopefully reduced cost but unlikely. Shadowcaster: Asajj has the force. Asajj now has far more survibability (if latts stays the same, I don't think glitter and cm would stay), but that 2 mobile arc means it would only be decent at r1. So Asajj, instead of playing to keep stuff at R1-R2, you now have to play to keep at R1. I agree the other pilots suck because no force. G1-A: 4-Lom is a bit better, the others worse. Scurrg: It is ok it gets a bit of a nerf since it is nearly as powerful as the toilet, to avoid 3-4 scurrgs running rampant. Unknown if Nym and Sol are good, but unlikely. They were only good with bomblet or clusters. Clusters as action bombs are gone, and bomblet is only decent on Miranda, where it is infinite. Here Miranda really overshadows Nym and Sol. Kimo: It was sluggish and increasing its size makes it worse. Agreed. M3-A: Hard including heavy most likely means increased cost, but hopefully a swarm is still cost viable. Otherwise a couple of named pilots are good if they keep their abilities. Talonbane: Tiny bit of text buff, -1 initiative is bad, but chassis is a lot better. Hopefully ship cost is lowered to keep in line with the old vaksai treatment. I might give a nod to named pilots again. Guri: I disagree completely. It is a Soontir Fel that is easier to activate with -1 initiative and curved barrel rolls, but no double repositioning. It is a mini-Soontir. Dace: I don't care. Palob is still king. Notice a trend? Jabba crew: It is a bit worse, but can now 'overcharge' a single upgrade many times. Again cross my fingers it costs less. Dengar: It is not bad, just different. Obviously old version would be broken in 2.0, but that doesn't mean this card is bad. I would also love to have Boba Fett old crew text, but now we got another card. Not bad, just not that glaringly overpowered, and just different so just treat it as a new card. A minute of silence for the old versions. Bossk still has Zuckuss and Jabba. lol. But again, a named pilot to save the day: Moralo Eval is ridiculously good. You essentially have 2 teleports on a ship that badly needs repositioning. Go to a corner and you can go literally anywhere on half the map on a more advantageous facing. If you got caught from behind, you can reinforce. Yet another trend. Support: Scum is supposed to have no support, same as Imperials, Resistance, First Order. Rebels are supposed because of faction identity. Palp and Manaroo may be a few outliers, but that is the main focus of each faction. I think that focusing Rebels on support is an incredibly bad idea, since rebels are so overpowered in 1.0 exactly because they are full of good supports. YT-2400 is nuts. Defender is strapped on a mandatory shield upgrade, with accordingly increased costs, and a nerfed Ryad. IG's are still strong. U-wing is still kinda bad, but I really like that you can now use the bad configuration side only when you need it and can also turn 90 degrees without having to pay for an imperial crew. X-wing is better than kihraxz, but I really hope that X-wings get a bit of a cost increase and Kihraxz a bit of a decrease. Dash is the new Lothal, agreed. It will be really the dividing line between low and high ps. You either arc dodge it or evaporate. Miranda is not bad, will still do Miranda things, like constant shield regeneration and infinite bomblets. With high ps, it is easy to arc dodge or regen or reload the bomblet. OP Stuff: Guri, IG's, jumps (if you can get 3 loaded or 4 naked in a squad), Soontir, Grand Inquisitor, Generic Inquisitors, Palp, most Rebel and Resistance aces, like Dash, Poe (nearly 100% it will be bonkers). Good Stuff: Most rebel and resistance generics, Asajj, Vader (3 force and the best force spending mechanic is good in a vacuum, but the ship is still a POS for attack and bad actions for the high cost (at least the high cost assigned to Vader). Excited that design space means Vader could exist in other ships. Not excited for Valen Rudor that hogs every ship, lol. Now if there was a Vader in a Defender...). Bad Stuff: Most scum and imperial generics Now, for the conclusion it is very apparent trend: Scum and Imperials have good named pilots and lack good generics. There are a few fringe cases like generic toilet, defender and prototype. In contrast, Rebels have also solid aces but also many solid generics, like generic falcon, x-wing, and so on. I mostly disagree on your specific mentions, but I agree Scum (and Imperials) share that bit of a problem: They have a few "carries" or very strong stuff, that will overshadow and reduce diversity in those factions. Also, their faction identity is not as good long term as Rebels or Resistance (those 4 confirmed: Scum are antisupport, Imperials overspecialize and are still bad for generics, Rebels now must have supports as an identity which means that synergies will again have to be constantly kept in check, and Resistance are a "Dream Team of super stars" while the dev team just chuckles.). It is unknown how First Order will play out, but it will still mean Scum + Imperials get tied for last place for power or fun in the long term, being given only very singular good tools, which means less options when building a squad.
  8. Palp is a support, so unless he gets changed dramatically in 3.0, expect the archetype to live forever. Vader is 100% better in a vacuum and relatively in 2.0. But having little extra action options is bad, so not likely you will burn force tokens to become overpowered. Most likely just an extra TL here and there. Palp is a tiny bit better in that he becomes insurance instead of assurance again, but much worse in that can only change eyeballs, no longer blanks. But having any ship become a force user is strong relatively in 2.0. Lambda having a rear arc will make little difference. It has less attack, a relatively worse dial (since most other ships 'except a handful' have been upgraded). It is like a slower and weaker firespray, so it is really bad. The Reaper as an option, it was good, but remember evade is nerfed and lightweight frame most likely gone. Decimator would be a better carrier, but it would only have 1 ace. Using natively high PS is indeed good, but the costs have been increased, so maybe the aces in palp will get less upgrades... and some bombs exist outside activation (deathfire).
  9. People so entranced by 2.0 they still think anything, including krennic is any good... Nope. It is really boring for people to think the change is perfect. It has good and bad things. Krennic's best ability is providing a targeting computer to a crewed ship, in a faction which most ships have one. And the TL action is nerfed to possibly miss, so it is not a big deal for the reaper to have TL. The condition itself could have been blank text, and it would have been 90% as effective. As it stands, it is almost worthless. Too situational: Requires a ship with a crew slot to acquire and maintain a TL, and another ship to attack that same ship. So it requires having 2 ships alive, one close enough to acquire a TL and another in arc and range for the attack. Then, it also requires to spend a potentially useful dice (crit, hit or eyeball). Effect is too weak: It only nets a positive result if you wouldn't had hit or can consistently flip a nasty crit worth at least a hit (very unlikely for a ship to only have nasty crits, and just flipping for the information is not as worth as 1 more damage). It would be worth canceling eyeballs if you have no modifiers just for the information, but this effect has very little value, even less than flipping the weakest of crits. Ships that would want to use it: You are more likely to be slapping this prototype on a high ps ace so it is easier to keep the TL'd ship in range and arc, but it would also be a waste to use this on a force user, because force users can just infinitely modify eyeballs. Ships with low attack, being more likely to not hit and use the effect more often would make the upgrade more costly relative to the ship, so not worth it. The most appropriate user so far is Fel. You would have to come in with Krennic, TL and then run forever, most likely in a Reaper. Is this effect better than palp? Even with palp being nerfed, palp is still stronger, and only 3 (6) points more expensive, and if reduced to what it should cost, but what FFG is likely to cost Krennic (3/6 points, instead of 2/4 points), then the difference would be around 5 (10) points. Another good vehicle is the Phantom (if they keep the crew slot, and have access to FCS). This way, the Phantom can TL, shoot and still be able to modify its attack without spending the TL, allowing the prototype to benefit from the effect. This would be a different type of support, a very aggressive one, but one you would still want to keep alive to prolong the effect. This is more likely the ideal support, rather than a Reaper running away forever. So, how much would krennic be worth on whisper, prototyping Fel? between 4-6 points. On a Reaper? between 2-4 points. I think those are good numbers to even consider running Krennic. Costs for ships are otherwise mostly the same (doubled), even for fully armed ships (but increased for high ps ships, where you would ideally want to slap krennic and prototype), so what else can accommodate Whisper and Fel? Maybe Countdown if the effect and cost are similar, most probably just a tie fighter. So whisper + fel is strong, but the remaining points can't be spent effectively. The last option would be RAC + Fel, if RAC kept 3 crew slots and had no gunner slots instead, since RAC has a passive modifier plus palp, so it is less likely to need the TL reroll. It also can live long enough to make use of the prototype effect. The cost of krennic should be near the cost of him on the phantom. People will eventually realize they are better off with another crew on the support ship anyways, unless imperials keep getting more underwhelming crews, which is also likely. I am still not impressed and it needs a moderate (in phantom and decimator) to severe (everywhere else) cost reduction to be usable... on Fel only. And since the target of the prototype can't alter the cost of the crew of the host ship, Krennic will have to suffer the whole burden of the cost (leading to common builds, reducing diversity), and always be limited by its best prototype target. So basically, 2.0 krennic is bad design, very situational, has a weak effect, leads to very static builds because only a few hosts and targets are able to use it effectively and because it is hard for the cost to be balanced because it buffs another ship that can't modify the host's cost. Another bad side effect would be if the best krennic targets, like Fel, received increased costs just because they can be used together. Krennic is one of the few bad things of the change, just analyze properly instead of being blinded by the hype.
  10. And Tie Fighter (missing 1-2 for swarm counting core) and X-wing. Most of everything else will have a reduced cost.
  11. People playing epic will be slapped in the face. Not only do they have to pay for enough to field standard squadrons, but also much more for epic sized squads (if you wanted to swarm a particular ship), and the future epic conversion kits. For standard players, one kit will be enough to play most stuff (minus swarms of x-wings or tie fighters). So the question is: -Will you be happy with one kit to play most standard squadrons? If yes, then just buy one of each. If you want 2.0 epic then you are probably at a loss and just keep playing 1.0 epic. For me, one kit will cover most stuff and only play standard, so I will do that.
  12. Digital games give like a 2-4 weeks (definitely a cash grab). I guess it is hard because you have people complaining it was a scam on one side and people crying for nerfs on the other, impossible to keep everyone happy. From what they have said, they don't want people to be constantly checking if something is legal or not, so it will not be very frequent and most likely used in place of FAQ's.
  13. Focus on skills that will transfer over: -Small and Large base: Learn to eyeball the maneuvers. You can practice this solo with a lot of asteroids and check if your maneuver will put you or not on the asteroid. This year's world champion, Sim, is a master in that. Watch how he confidently takes a 2 straight facing the board edge, knowing he will not get out of the play area. -Analyze what ship you should focus on: At the start of the match, know what your list can do, what your opponent's list can do and what will be your target priority, and your opponent's target priority. This analysis will not go with 2.0, just the specific matchups, but you better learn it. -Asteroid placement: Obstacles are not going out in 2.0 and placement appears to be the same. Do you put them near you, near the opponent, in the middle, in the edges, in the corners, spread or clustered? You should try brobots (the same list as the champion) and imperial aces (Kylo, Quickdraw, Epsilon Ace). Those will train you in the skills required.
  14. falveryn

    Soontir Fel

    Soontir Fel: Initiative 6. If an enemy ship is in bullseye arc at the beginning of the Engagement Phase, gain a focus token. Autothrusters: Can do a red linked barrel roll or boost (it would be awesome if ships could do the same action more than once, but more likely not and it will be as close as PTL as we get). The interceptor's flavor is its repositioning. Most imperial ships have abilities to reflect their specialization, so they are good against bombs and fixed arc clumsy ships. Soontir will be good against turrets because of high ps repositioning, but the rest won't be as good against turrets. With ordnance being stronger, you don't really want to joust missile or torpedo users, but flank. Knowing its full ability, I think it is not as strong as 1.0 in its glory but also not as bad as I initially thought (I thought it was the same as 1.0 but with bullseye requirement). Interceptors are more viable because bombs are more predictable, and his ability is good as long as you chase another ship. It is easier to get bullseye if you are closer to the enemies, so just chase and reposition at high ps to try to keep bullseye. If you fly Soontir chasing dead on all the time, it will be a pseudo force user. When Soontir is not chasing, he wants to arc dodge (again at high ps), just without the defensive stack of old. He is definitely in a better position in 2.0 than he is right now, and likely popular at launch. Overall, I am happy how Soontir turned out (far stronger than the average interceptor). Darth Vader has an even better PTL, but no boost. Harder to kill in arc, but Soontir is better to get out of arc altogether. Conclusion: Soontir will be the best or one of the best arc dodgers and chasers. The design really wants you to have Soontir play cat and mouse (and dog, because you don't want anyone to have arc on you).
  15. You have literally described the metagame evolution of every collectible game. People are used with that. 1.0 was the same, and we always had complaints for nerf this or why did you nerf that. Don't expect 2.0 to not have those problems, because even the most heavily playtested games (and games with far more logical tools to prevent broken stuff) have those cycles and complaints. I am not saying FFG should get rid of playtesters, but it would be more fair, because we won't have insiders having competitive advantage, and this new tool alleviates that. I maintain, like MJ, that an a priori solution is better for the game, but FFG has chosen to do an a posteriori one, and makes other solutions more redundant and less needed. In fact, with the app, more complaints about having playtesters with insider's advantage will surface, precisely because they are no longer essential. 2.0 I'm ambivalent on, but will upgrade. It has some neat stuff but at the same time a few details they could have done much better. It suits them that they choose an after the fact balance solution, because they really have a blind eye for some common sense stuff.
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