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  1. Ajones47

    Somebody at FFG destroyed Rey's 2PG illustration.

    FFG isn't Disney (yet) but I agree, the rework you did looks better and fits with Poe's card. That's a darn shame. I wonder what reasoning they might have had? As someone whose work often involves commissioning artists (and recutting their work for the product) they must have had some reason for making the change.
  2. Ajones47

    tearing my hair out

    You mean the bit labelled 'Dice Symbols' on this image, right? It exists so that you know which faces exist on the associated die, as others have mentioned. Why is it there? What function does it fulfill? Mostly it means in-game, when you are prompted to change a die to a different side, you won't need to pick up the die and physically flip it around to remind yourself what sides it has (and in the process, forget which side it was on originally, disrupting the game if you decide not to change it after all). In practice, the latter happens anyway.
  3. Ajones47

    For home/casual play, ONLY buying starter sets?

    Assuming you want to play at home using the proper rules, you need two copies of every starter you intend to buy. Each starter contains a 20 card deck, and the two-player game contains two 20-card decks. For full decks, you need two copies of each starter, so that you can cull your 40 cards into a playable 30-card deck. Further, each of the hero starters has one elite character and one non-elite character, and each villain starter has the same except the second character is generic. The two-player game has four non-elite characters. To get all your characters elite (two dice), you need two copies. Unfortunately a Destiny starter is not as good a value as, say, Magic Planeswalker precons. It’s designed so that you’ll buy a starter and a few boosters to get your 30-cards. If you do elect to buy two copies of every starter, I’ve found them to be fairly well balanced against each other, but only when you’ve combined the two copies of your starter into a single well thought-out deck. Single starter 20-card decks tend to favour the heroes, while the two-player 20-card Villain deck is very strong. You don’t need the older starters, but it’s always fun to have the variety. There’s a set out now/soon (region dependent) called ‘Rivals’ which is also worth picking up for its characters and upgrades. I haven’t experimented, but I have a feeling you might be able to use the cards in Rivals to help pad out a starter and keep it interesting. If you buy your starters from an established gaming store, you could also ask them if they have a ‘chaff’ box you could pick from... I know at my LGS there are about 500 commons from all three sets in an old box, and whenever a new player comes in we drown them in these old, unwanted cards. Look for a few clutch commons like ‘Doubt’, ‘He Doesn’t Like You...’ and ‘Manipulate’ for villains, ‘Destiny’, ‘Lightsaber Pull’ and ‘Field Medic’ for hero. And anything Neutral that takes your fancy. Use these to pad out your starter decks for free. Hope this poorly formatted and rambling explanation helps!
  4. Ajones47


    I like the idea of eKallus/Jango for some quick, hard-hitting plays.
  5. Ajones47

    Original GenCon promos

    I believe promos are printed ‘in-house’ by FFG - either on a card printer they own, or one they rent locally. As such, the cardstock and quality are different from the actual cards, which are printed in China. The colours are usually a little bit different on FFG in-house cards, but it’s a subtle difference. Apart from the feel, that’s the only noticeable difference between the two. If it feels wrong - too similar to a normal card - and the colours on the back are identical, you may have a fake. But as far as I know there’s no reliable blue-filament test for Destiny cards.
  6. Ajones47

    10 Questions for FFG

    Australian players laugh at your pettiness. I’d love a Rivals set or a few Legacies boosters.
  7. Ajones47

    Legacies Starter Decks - Full Breakdown

    Appears to be true, but we still have the same issue where buying two copies of the Starter is necessary for a full playset of the Starter rares/uncommons, and to build a legal deck.
  8. Ajones47

    eKylo Tormented One/Grevious advise.

    What about alternate routes for resource generation/conservation? Like Imperial HQ, that can save you some money on Grevious’ expensive Damage dice. Electrostaff does the same (but I’m sure you’ve already got that). Or if you’re playing fast and claiming consistently, you could use Moisture Farm to drum up that third resource for the next turn’s upgrades. Between Logistics and Enrage I’d take Logistics. Grevious should die last, so the ‘spot a Red’ will remain useful longer than ‘Damage a Blue.’
  9. Ajones47

    Kanan ability and synchronicity

    I think it’s just to prevent NPE. I can’t think of any current interaction that would hinge on you knowing your opponent’s action before they resolve Kanan’s die.
  10. Ajones47

    Adjusting Trash Characters Costs

    Seem to be fair assessments, especially for Luminara. I know a guy who runs a pretty mean Jyn deck which utilises Infamous to ambush Never Tell Me The Odds at 2 Resources and basically OTK you with a well-upgraded Jyn. Ackbar serves as her off-sider, opening up Field Medic and Draw Attention to keep her alive. It’s a combo deck so it doesn’t always work, but bringing Jyn down to 18 would open up two-die Snap or one-die Leia, probably propelling it up to tier 1.5. I think IG-88 is unsalvageable at this stage.
  11. Ajones47

    So who’s getting the nerf: Rey, or Poe?

    Yes they did. It’s not even subjective: that deck has won the majority of all regional tournaments since the nerf.
  12. They’ve swept the regionals scene with the same force that Kylo2/FN swept nationals, so which of the two is getting their force balanced? Or does it not need adjusting, and is this winning streak just a honeymoon period before the meta adapts? Having not versed or played them, I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts.
  13. Ajones47

    Legacies ETA?

    About six weeks ago some of the big websites listed ‘Dec 14’ as the release date for the gravity feeds. From there, we all mentally locked that in as the release. Though I just checked again now and they’ve switched back to ‘TBA’ so either the websites jumped the gun, or FFG made a prediction that has proved to be too optimistic. I hope we get *something* for Christmas though... Rivals, or even just the Starters. I need something to put under the tree to myself from ‘Santa’ (I can’t cop flak for buying Destiny if it’s actually from Santa!)
  14. Ajones47

    Seriously ffg, what exactly are you doing!!

    You don’t have all the info. Until you do, any cry of ‘imbalance’ or ‘overpowered’ is premature.
  15. Ajones47

    Looks like Yoda to me...

    Based on his known die faces, and the fact that it’s old man Yoda and not young sprightly Yoda, I imagine he’ll be Rare rather than Legendary. Unless his Special is amazing. The one that was leaked today that I’m excited about is Saw Gerrera. I hope he’s both amazing and thematic: like he can take Yellow Villain stuff, or can only be paired with Neutral characters! Sure, he’d be about as useless as Finn, but dat theme...