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  1. Based on his known die faces, and the fact that it’s old man Yoda and not young sprightly Yoda, I imagine he’ll be Rare rather than Legendary. Unless his Special is amazing. The one that was leaked today that I’m excited about is Saw Gerrera. I hope he’s both amazing and thematic: like he can take Yellow Villain stuff, or can only be paired with Neutral characters! Sure, he’d be about as useless as Finn, but dat theme...
  2. I agree with the bones of this post, but the tone of it is absolutely toxic. If you want to drive away new players there’s no better way to do it than by insulting them when they raise concerns, and treating them with condescension.
  3. There’s only one new set coming out. It’s called Legacies. Anything else you’re seeing is related to the Rivals pack, which is a fixed rarity starter pack which allows players to play in the new Draft and Sealed formats. It’s a totally optional purchase. Hope this has cleared things up and helped quiet your panic.
  4. Ah right, I didn’t know if it had some wider implication beyond being a great bargain.
  5. Is that good, bad, or just a thing?
  6. Might be better placed in a Palpatine/TIE-Pilot deck. That way, you've got the Pilot's die protecting Palpatine's damage, and if you've got access to Red there might even be a vehicle support worth bringing to the party.
  7. I think the first thing you should do is establish if there’s a local player base that you can tap. Visit some gaming stores - of if you’re not comfortable with the local language, then try to find an international board game group on something like meetup.com. It’s just not much fun having a game if you have no one to play it with. Worst case scenario: there’s a Facebook group where people play over Skype. Although the content of the starters is not known yet, it’s fair to say you’ll want one of each and maybe a second copy of your preferred faction. To get a good spread of cards you’ll want at least 18 boosters, but if you have the money a sealed feed (36 boosters in an unopened box) is better value, because then you’re guaranteed six Legendary cards. Once you have a few boosters open, work out what kind of decks you want to build, and then fill them out with singles from websites like coolstuff. There’s also a wholly digital option in the form of Tabletop Simulator. It gives you immediate access to all of the cards. It’s not official, but it’s pretty tight. Being in a country where maybe the game won’t be widely played, TTS might be the best option for you at this stage.
  8. eCad/ePhas isn’t even a deck anymore, friend. How can it be the cornerstone of a deck that doesn’t exist? 🤔
  9. I’m not sure if that’s a fair argument. Can the flash ever really be separated from the substance? I mean, would people buy three copies of a 90 minute card game if it weren’t branded with the L5R IP? We can’t say for sure, because the system is indivisibly linked with the IP. I can say, though, that most of the players at my local got into it to relive the heyday of the old CCG. Had it been the same system, but Runewars rather than L5R, perhaps it would not have sold as well. That being said, having experienced the system through Destiny, I’d totally buy a duel-dice system game in the Runewars IP.
  10. It was the cornerstone weapon of a meta-deck (eCad/ePhasma) but that deck will be invalid after the latest rules update comes into effect on Nov 6, so I expect its price will decrease in a few weeks. That being said, it’s still a fine weapon. Paying a resource to flip it to a damage side can help when all your other dice are stuck modifiers.
  11. I actually don’t prefer the LCG format, if we’re all having our say. I probably wouldn’t have gotten into this if it was an LCG.
  12. Hate to say it but this is incorrect. The Vibroknife modifier makes the base die unblockable, and modifiers increase the value of that unblockable base die. So a base die showing 3M, modified by the Electrostaff with +3M damage, and the Vibroknife +2M damage, is 8 unblockable damage. Consider the FAQ on Dooku, which clarifies this point: a modified die is one base source of damage, the value of which has been increased by modifiers. The Vibroknife gives the base die unblockable, regardless of its value. So any number of modifiers can be unblockable, so long as they’re affecting the same base die as the Vibroknife.
  13. Please post an Empire At War checklist so they'll hurry up and post one too.
  14. I played against this deck at Aus Nationals and it trounced me. At times it felt as bad as going up against Thrawnkar. https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/14719/rieekanpillowfort-1.0
  15. It would be an avaricious shop owner indeed who forced you to buy a new Draft pack every time you came in to play. It could happen, but I feel like most would be fine letting you bring your cards from a previous draft. Hey that's not bad. You could pack two Riot Batons, two E-11D Rifles, and two DT-29's. Give Anakin the Baton, and either equip the guns to Finn, or throw them out with the special for a sneaky bit of damage. I like it!