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  1. Still, I think we're entering territory where the game is ripe for a hard counter to Ambush. A zero-cost support that reads "After your opponent plays a card with the Ambush keyword, you may exhaust this support to strip that card of its keywords." Or something.
  2. Wow, that's a lot of content!
  3. Excess space for dice, not quite enough space for two decks? That confirms it: they're planning to add a 12-card sidebar to the game...
  4. 1. The keyword there is 'one' - "resolve one of your dice" means you can only resolve one die. No like symbols. No modifiers. 2. Generally you can only give shields from dice resolutions to one character, although the card Diplomatic Immunity lets you split the shields between different characters.
  5. I think having Empire/2PS not released in time for Nationals is something of a strength. I'm going to Australian Nationals in about three weeks, and it's all legal. I have no idea what the meta is going to look like, and it's a little off-putting. If it was just Spirit and Awakenings stuff, I'd be feeling a lot more confident.
  6. I got two out of one box. There was one of these last set as well, wasn't there? A common that was unusually hard to get. Was it 'No Disintegrations' or something?
  7. That's what I was trying to say. It's all one thing, not many little things.
  8. Just to get ahead of a potential future question, 'one damage per source' also applies to card effects. So you can't play 'Entrenched' (Give 5 shields to your characters, distributed as you wish) and then decide to give them to Qui-Gon one at a time, trading each off as a damage. His particular set of skills aren't that special.
  9. Hey now I've spoken to the other two Genesys fans and can confirm we're very happy with that article.
  10. Can your opponent find anything in the rules to prove that a character dealt the "maximum number of damage" cannot be dealt more damage? I believe the burden is on him to back up his argument, rather than on you to disprove his argument. There's nothing in the rules that says a character cannot have more damage on them than their health allows, therefore you can keep damaging the MagnaGuard until he is defeated.
  11. It does, but there are also some neat exploits. Ruthless Tactics means resolving that Hounds Tooth resource face for six rather than four, and on the Heroes R2-D2 ups the value of any Resource-Cost face.
  12. With these additions, I think I know of 17: Thrawn Ion Disrupter Seventh Sister Grand Inquisitor Inquisitor's Lightsaber Cad Bane Hound's Tooth K2-SO Ghost Ahsoka Tano Mace Windu Master Of The Council Sabine Wren Chopper Sonic Cannon Night Sniper Ancient Lightsaber
  13. Just an alternative idea, Skywalker2B. If you're in good with the Tournament Organiser, you could suggest mixing up the format a little - make every third tournament a 'budget' tournament (no deck may have a Legendary card) or run an event where players can only use generic characters. Mix things up, and move away from the top meta.
  14. No you cannot. When a die has a 'cost' that cost appears on the face of the die as a tiny resource symbol accompanied by a number. Crime Lord's special does not have a cost; instead, the resources you pay are part of its card ability, and therefore not affected by anything that lets you resolve a die without paying its cost.
  15. My local store posted a picture today of their Empire At War boxes in the stockroom just waiting for the release date. And I'm in Woop Woop, Australia. So rejoice fellow Ausfriends, we're getting our stock on Thursday. I guess that evens things out for the Two Player Game not hitting our shores until next week.