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  1. I've also been struggling. Granted, I've only played twice, both times solo with Captain Marvel against Rhino, but didn't make hardly any progress before there was 7 threat on the main scheme. Need to try staying in hero form and getting allies out.
  2. A second core set is hardly the breaking point of this game. It's another $40. If you keep up with the cycles, which is the intention for a LCG, you are buying monthly packs for $15, and once or twice a year spending $30 on a cycle starter. There are currently 5 cycles, at roughly $120 each. That's already $640 for the core and all the cycles, not to mention standalone scenarios, player mats, return to boxes, sleeves, etc. And that's all just the FFG produced stuff. A lot of us have also put $ into coin capsules, elaborate storage solutions, 3rd party resource tokens, cool leather chaos bags, etc. If you wanted, you could go $1000 in on this game without having to try very hard. So assuming you get into this game, $40 on a second core is really the least of your concerns. That being said, you can easily just buy the core, play solo or possibly 2 players at just the 3 scenarios in the box and it'll be loads of fun. It's up to you.
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