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    I see myself as a 60% Ritualist/ 40% Nihilist. The deck construction aspect of the game is probably my favourite part, and I can spend hours playing around in Arkhamdb. I probably spend somewhere around 7 hours/week on ArkhamDB, on average. I don't care too much about solving the scenarios as puzzles, so when I replay scenarios it is mostly to test out a new deck idea I've had. As for when the game starts, there are two things that really gets me pumped: Successfully landing a planned combo/synergy, and when things go terribly, horribly wrong (but still being able to scrape out a win). I find easy games where everything goes according to plan to be anticlimactic and, at times, boring. My most memorable games have all been when the challenges seem insurmountable, but I manage to eke out a victory despite it all - usually coming down to a single win/lose token draw. As for play style, I unquestioningly prefer survivors. There's something about turning a bad situation into something favourable that really resounds well with me. Additionally, I find that survivors provoke a diverse deckbuilding pattern, which makes them feel unique to each other in the way they play. I also enjoy playing Sefina and Lola for the same reasons, but over these past couple of years survivors have become my go-to faction.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. Now that you've pointed it out it seems so obvious that aloof works like that.
  3. I include Hiding Spot in most of my survivor decks, even combat focused ones. It's a guaranteed evade for 1 resource that can be played anywhere at any time. I usually use it to bail out a friend who has no chance of evading or fighting a monster, or to give our fighter one more turn to put out some damage. It also allows us to focus on the scenario boss and ignore the smaller monsters if just need to grab the win. In a Wendy deck it can be an absolute beast if you've got her medallion out, so you can re-use it every turn.
  4. During my playthroughs with Calvin I find that buying Devil's Luck early helps alot against the inevitable bad draw you're going to get. You will suffer some XP-loss due to exiling it, but it's usually worth it to keep Calvin in the game once he's become a monster.
  5. Will Snare Trap trigger if an enemy spawns at the location it is attached to? My literal interpretation is that it only triggers if an enemy moves into the location. Am I wrong?
  6. Yes, it's possible. I made Roland a while back: https://www.heroforge.com/load_config=1285363