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  1. You're just guessing. The FFG article gives no indication that the book will receive a wider release. In fact, I tweeted FFG, who told me the book was being exclusively sold direct "for right now". When a movie, DVD, videogame, book etc is announced, it's given a release date. FFG still don't have a release date for Arkham Horror LCG on their website, even though it's apparently due next week!
  2. I'm becoming increasingly frustrated by FFG's poor communication to it's customers. Particularly when it comes to release dates. In relation to this book, the article leaves several unanswered questions... 1) Is the book exclusive to FFG's webstore? 2) Is the Premium set exclusive to FFG's webstore? 3) When is the release date? 4) Will it be released simultaneously worldwide? Basically, I'm not paying $69 postage for a $40 book. I'm hoping I'll be able to buy direct in the UK, and I'm really hoping it'll be released by Christmas, as it would be a great gift to receive.
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