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  1. Weak. Force your fans to show their commitment to the cause!
  2. It's a shame there isn't a cheap way to get Intensify Firepower into the list, that could really kick it up a notch I think. 8+ Drops is pretty healthy and should help against Onager/SHawk lists. Curious to know how this does!
  3. Imperial Support Ship!
  4. It's very strong, but it's also a Commander ability that's just weaker effect Sato without the restrictions. That in mind I haven't been overly bothered by it. Fighter Group Leader....may be too strong, but again, consider that it's essentially BCC/Toryn as your Commander. (Granted it stacks with those upgrades...so if you really want you can super combo) Pricing wise the Commander abilities didn't receive points costs so it's difficult to say.
  5. I like the "deal damage your ships, deal more damage to opponents's ships" as an effect. Not sure I'd want auto- face ups running around though.
  6. Jar Jar would either be worthless, or absolutely game-breaking and I refuse any card effect in between.
  7. 2 yearly releases is about all we've ever gotten. Look not at X-Wing and Legion and their excess of expansions with an envious eye. There are releases in the pipe and I'm sure restocks down the line for Armada. Remember that just before the pandemic FFG also had a large-scale layoff, which I'm sure has negatively impacted production and logistics. This
  8. I would agree with your first statement for sure. I'm still a bit surprised the Starhawk and Onager made it from such obscurity into the game. Chiss would be a fine faction I think. I don't recall the Grysk being robust enough of a civilization to play ball with the other factions. The Empire took out an entire invasion force with rather minimal expenditure. Shame about your stance on the books. Many of the new ones are very good.
  9. Interesting Finn plotlines would be seriously great. He was so good in TFA and then....he was there?
  10. Hmm, your schemes are maybe a little too blocky for my taste, but well executed! Wish my painting was that crisp.
  11. We did have a Sato infestation that got some really nasty APTs off (Comms noise on a SPD 1 ship at long with a last-first, GG). Fortunately we "deported" it to Germany. The thing to remember is how absolutely devastating black criticals are, as well as the amount of raw damage that can provide. How about a Dip-Caps mimic, "enhanced torpedo thrust" that you could discard for med-range? I'd say probably 5-6pts for it though because an Ackbar Torpedo Frigate getting 12 dice at Medium sounds like my own personal Kessel.
  12. FFG is rather limited to what Lucasfilm allows them to run, so I generally count EU stuff right out for Armada. And let's be honest, getting rid of the crazy sucker who turned himself into a laser canon tripod is better for everyone involved.
  13. I'm a big fan of Gauntlet Fighters thematically. Not terribly threatening as weapons platforms, but full of terrifying shock troops that are in your ships killing your dudes. Now if only Raid was good....
  14. Still love Cienna most. Followed by generic TIEs
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