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  1. I've played 3 of them thus far. Primarily raw damage output combined with 1st player has been the most effective situation for winning such an engagement.
  2. I played mine in a 3-round event this weekend and it was an absolute blast. Feels just like an immense indomitable warmachine that just keeps fighting.
  3. Little late on the post, but we now have episode 8 live! AFFM #8
  4. Welcome! Glad you were, blown away, by your first game!
  5. ATN!!! Bring on the Decimator screens
  6. I'm realy excited with how the Onager looks. That mega-railgun feel is super cool. StarHawk is a Chunk. Eeally fascinating elements, I had not envisioned it being so front heavy while reading the Aftermath books.
  7. Welp, looks like I have some reading to do
  8. I believe LFL has to sign off any any new product they produce. Things they designed pre-mouse were grandfathered in, and are still made but likely fall under Legends until further notice. Just like how you can by newly printed copies of Heir to the Empire, but it has the Legends stamp.
  9. Doesn't save anyone scrolling casually from hitting them.
  10. @Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun There are spoiler tags mate.
  11. Yeah, and I'm saying the perspective seems off to me. I wasn't thinking of it in Armada terms. The engine block is oddly aligned on the CR90 and at that angle it should appear larger. I feel like if that was re-rendered it would balance it out. There is a significant size difference between the two ships but I've never been of the impression that a Corvette would fit inside the prow structuring of an ISD.
  12. Honestly the corvette looks a touch small in that.
  13. Have Treason. If anybody needs me, too kriffing bad, I'm busy
  14. Hey folks, finally stopped procrastinating on getting this up. Here's the AA link for our Itunes episodes http://www.thearmchairadventurers.com/thearmchairadmirals
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