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  1. Talent "Grapple" You can grapple (maneuver) once per turn, enemy need now to spend 2 maneuvers to leave engaged range. Maybe house rule, that a melee character with free hands, can grapple someone with 2/3/4 advantages on a combat check? Or trigger it by threat/despair, which would circumvent the two maneuvers per turn limit.
  2. Paris Teta


    There is a total conversion for fantasy rpg (for free) called Sky Wars. Maybe you find some ideas you need there?
  3. Paris Teta

    Suggestions for dps?

  4. Paris Teta

    L Master List (9.0)

    Starships, Vehicles, attachments for them. Adversary skills/talents List. Special Rules List maybe? Like Mass Combat , maybe this Link helps to look where. https://www.reddit.com/r/swrpg/comments/6hatfg/updated_list_of_random_rules/ And Happy New Year!
  5. Paris Teta

    Help with making a custom weapon

    Combined with Dual-Phase Modification (change blade length as incidental, once per round, to ignore melee defense).
  6. Paris Teta

    Bothan spotted!?

    Racial: You may suffer a critical wound to upgrade and allies next social by the seriousness/difficulty of the critical wound.
  7. Paris Teta

    Attacking with two weapons

    To make them paired weapon you need a hard points, so two ranks in tinkerer ( or a lenient GM, who says, ok your TDs is your tinkered weapon, and the mod buyed is for all). Then the paired weapon mod (makes it bola). Still you need 1 adv for the extra hit, and 2x2/3 if you want the blast also to trigger on both (Master Grenadier helps).
  8. Paris Teta

    Player on foot against a vehicle

    Well, there is a chance to crit a vehicle dead. You just need to do damage over the Armor Value, not a full Hull Trauma Damage. i.e.: The Vehicle has Armor of 1 (10 Soak), and you do 11 Damage, that is enough to critical hit, you don´ t need to do 20 Damage. Size difference can matter, sil1 vs sil3 makes the attack from sil1 to sil 3 easier. AT-ST has an armor of 3? ouch!
  9. Paris Teta

    L Master List (9.0)

    Thank you, Merry Christmas to you too!
  10. Paris Teta

    Snipers in combat?

    Could you by RAW, mix them with a minion group? So they act as the minion group, just the sniper is further back?
  11. Suez Canal, Straight of Gibralta, other Ports, are all choke points you have to pass, and un/loading a 21.000 TEU Container ship isn´t that fast either.
  12. Paris Teta

    Exogorth stats

    Then Zombie Exogorth happen, or Exogorths, when a lot of smaller but undead Exogorths live inside it!
  13. "Mu-moolee u, ree grancha mu-moolee" Payment you, very large payment. Hutts don´ t have a word for please and thank you, so i decide, getting paid is there equivalent for thank you.
  14. Mhh next Char, Hutt Peformer.
  15. Paris Teta

    new HWK-290

    No, this is new life, not a used one. Good Work @denzuk