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  1. Paris Teta

    Cybernetic writers block. Need help.

    Hope this helps a little: http://deusex.wikia.com/wiki/Augmentation And how about a detachable Hand? Who can be used at range?
  2. Paris Teta

    Ship art

    Everything is better with A-Wings!
  3. Paris Teta

    DC-17m for EotE/FaD/AoR

    Somehow i forgot about the +1 damage from success. I omitted the blast quality on purpose. How does Extra Reloads preven from slow firing taken effect? Wouldn´´ t a problem with Limit Ammo 1 more?
  4. Paris Teta

    DC-17m for EotE/FaD/AoR

    Anti-Vehicular mode: Skill Ranged(Heavy); Weapon us the following charistics, DMG 11, Crit 2, Breach 1, Slow Firing 2, looses Pierce 1 and Vicious 2.
  5. Paris Teta

    Star Wars Forgotten Weapons

    SWG *nostalgia* http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/DE-10_blaster_pistol
  6. Paris Teta

    Padded Armor

    Yeah the dreaded helmet, ah well just use RIS armor helmet.
  7. Paris Teta

    Padded Armor

    Source: Star Wars Galaxies *sniff*
  8. Paris Teta

    You can't save everyone...

    Just ignore it for now, be happy the player was motivated about the NPC (or maybe just wanted to use that power for the first time). Adapt, make the choose next time whom he want to save, and sometimes allow them to save all.
  9. Paris Teta

    Ideas - Submarine in Space Adventure

    Season 1 *sniff* Episode 4 "Mutiny"
  10. Paris Teta

    Ship art

    Adam´ s West Bat - A - Wing!
  11. Paris Teta

    Crafting a unique saber

  12. Paris Teta

    Silhouette 5 ships and Maneuvers

    Does the Genesys System have a better way to handle silhouettes? And just keep it simple: Ship Typ X is now treated as sil 4. It´ s not a pvp game, where you have to balance everything out. Rule of Cool!
  13. Paris Teta

    Silhouette 5 ships and Maneuvers

    No there isn´ t, but you can houserule it, because the Ghost or Serenity would be on the lower end of Silhouette 5 Ships ( CR90 Corellian Corvette the upper end).