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  1. Paris Teta

    new HWK-290

    No, this is new life, not a used one. Good Work @denzuk
  2. Paris Teta

    Ship art

    Well, if it that close, i would call that a success with such an big ship. Did you count the red dots?
  3. Paris Teta

    Ship art

    Let me add to your fine collection:
  4. Paris Teta

    Tie Mangler

    Maybe the Rebel A-10 is good comparison? You know the B-Wing.
  5. Paris Teta

    Opposed checks

    If Youtube presents you videos, you watched 3-5 years ago, so why can´t the FFG Forum
  6. Paris Teta

    Social check modifiers

    A success should be a success, not a part success, that was threat is for. Civilian should distract a guard? 1 Success the guard is distracted for 1 minute, + 1 minute more per success. Success + threat, the Civilian need some money (maybe for himself, maybe to buy a map and play the tourist).
  7. The Progression System is also a little bit flawed: 1.) First you can only raise your Characteristics with XP at Char creation. 2.) But the same XP is in the same pool for your Skillranks AND Talents. 3.) You can raise 2-4 Characteristics, which you can later do for whopping 100+ XP once in a Talent tree. So usually you want to spend all XP on talents. What you could do, as human for example, don´t or just raise one characteristic to 3, but spend the rest XP on Talents and Ranks only, so your body is weak (i.e. untrained) but your skills are still there. P.S.: FFG should really do an addendum so Talents works like in Genesys.
  8. Umbrella called, they want their B.O.W. back!
  9. Do you ask really for "Jedi" or rather "Force Sensitive/User"?
  10. Paris Teta

    Social check modifiers

    "Congratulation, you have made your first step in a larger world" - Obi Wan. It is really hard to reduce difficulty (few talents do), so yes for circumstances use black dice, but keep base difficulty low. When you really need higher difficulty, oppose checks like above do the trick.
  11. Paris Teta

    Social check modifiers

    Like that, though i would use just 1 setback due sworn to serve the empire, well if it is the 501st i would use 3 setback dice and upgrade difficulty once "Still if there´ s only one remaining, that dosn´ t help him or her much" exactly, as it should be, far more likely to drop his/her weapon.
  12. Paris Teta

    Military Punishment

    Have you asked your player what he thinks the consequences are for that action? Maybe he want to be a die hard fanatic rebel, like Saw Guerra?
  13. Paris Teta

    Social check modifiers

    If Stromtroopers are minions = Disciplin as a group skill, so willpower 3, with up to 5 ranks in disciplin (at least 6 minions) would be a Coercion check vs 3 red, 2 purple + x setback (being in a group, knowing support is near etc.).
  14. Paris Teta

    Ship art

    VSD <3