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  1. Maybe this gives some ideas: Stealth, Armor, Firepower, Intimidation, more then 1 turn per round.
  2. That´ s Ephialtes compared to the rest of the Spartans...
  3. Did we have this A-Wing pic already?
  4. Little Neon, a little Rain, would be the perfect crossover of Star Wars and Blade Runner!
  5. If you want a mentor in your game, Kanan is the wrong idea! He is a part of the team, another player character so to speak. Rather look at Uncle Iroh in the Last Airbender. Very wise Mentor, but his adventure is long over, which he archived great things and also suffered great losses. He always helps other to find ways to better them self, make the stronger, help them to reflect, tries to avoid fighting but can do that if necessary. Usually he never takes the spot light or the lead, but makes suggestion. And Tea, he always makes tea, sometimes with poisonous plants, though mistaken them for a deliciouse tea plant!
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10ptE6veAlSFwprTNxB-6BC2e1PXkPKUV/view First hit from this threat:
  7. Needs more infos, can you make a simple sketch? Was it a a crossover with a f14 tomcat? Where the wings level? or upright (see Tie Predator)? Where was the cockpit placed, front? mid? back?
  8. Shistavan Combat Utility Vibroblade? Counts as a tool kit to allow Mechanics checks to repair devices and to "heal" droids but adds a ⬛ (Setback) to such checks, additionally it adds ⬛ (boost) to the characters Survival checks Forged in Battle
  9. When using second chances, player can choose to also roll a force die, if one of the rerolled dice shows blank, may spend Light Points as advantage or success (players choice), dark side points are threat.
  10. Not yet, but maybe i should with Mandalore the Insane
  11. Zenna the Hutt - A Hutt with one simple goal, be the fastest Hutt in the Galaxy...besides his size and the modification needed to fit him/her/it in a Cockpit or on a speeder bike. Drivers everything, flies everything as long as it fast. Sings in his free time as hobby. Grok - Dowutin (Sil2) Colossus, likes a good fight, very good at it, but try to head butt every worthy animal, even rancors aren´ t save. Likes to sing with Zenna! Skitter - Kyuzo Spy/Slicer - Not good at combat and a laughing stock for his people, his talent to evade trouble get him in positions he shouldn´ t. Kleptomaniac. Kaf addicted. Mandalor (the insane) - Not really a mandalorian, just believes he his, loves Flamethrower. Often mumbles. Never takes of his (or her, not one knows for sure) Helmet/Armor in puplic. Glee fully burns down enemies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUhOnX8qt3I
  12. Talent "Grapple" You can grapple (maneuver) once per turn, enemy need now to spend 2 maneuvers to leave engaged range. Maybe house rule, that a melee character with free hands, can grapple someone with 2/3/4 advantages on a combat check? Or trigger it by threat/despair, which would circumvent the two maneuvers per turn limit.
  13. There is a total conversion for fantasy rpg (for free) called Sky Wars. Maybe you find some ideas you need there?
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