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  1. Paris Teta

    You can't save everyone...

    Just ignore it for now, be happy the player was motivated about the NPC (or maybe just wanted to use that power for the first time). Adapt, make the choose next time whom he want to save, and sometimes allow them to save all.
  2. Paris Teta

    Ideas - Submarine in Space Adventure

    Season 1 *sniff* Episode 4 "Mutiny"
  3. Paris Teta

    Ship art

    Adam´ s West Bat - A - Wing!
  4. Paris Teta

    Crafting a unique saber

  5. Paris Teta

    Silhouette 5 ships and Maneuvers

    Does the Genesys System have a better way to handle silhouettes? And just keep it simple: Ship Typ X is now treated as sil 4. It´ s not a pvp game, where you have to balance everything out. Rule of Cool!
  6. Paris Teta

    Silhouette 5 ships and Maneuvers

    No there isn´ t, but you can houserule it, because the Ghost or Serenity would be on the lower end of Silhouette 5 Ships ( CR90 Corellian Corvette the upper end).
  7. The Rancor is the main character and the humanoid the sidekick...
  8. Paris Teta

    The old tap on the head.

    Suggestion, handle it like Gain the Advantage or a Vehicle Gunnery Check. Your Brawn/Brawl/Melee is equal to the target = 2 Difficulty Dice vs. your Brawn Melee You are stronger = 1 Difficulty Die You are weaker by 1 point = 3 Difficulty Die etc. To easy? Give targets Brawl/Melee Ranks as upgrades.
  9. Stalking (EX) Girlfriend get a whole new meaning with the Phantoms.
  10. Paris Teta


    Now i wanna play this character!
  11. May i help you with a different Viewpoint on skill ranks and abilities? Not everything your character is good at, is because of the ranks, maybe he has just a good basis ability in it? Your character was a soldier, so he trained in Ranged - Heavy, get a rank in it. Athletic is pretty important too, but you never trained it, you just had the ability, proably from playing in your youth, so you have no ranks in it, but your Brawn is 3 green die, because you where already fit in your youth. Maybe you are a good Pilot because of your hand to eye coordination and body control, rolling 4 green, maybe you loved it so much, so you read alot, tried alot, and now your are a good Pilot, rolling 2 Yellow 1 Green. Hope that is helpful and understandable what i mean.
  12. Paris Teta

    Ship art

    So, the Junk Fighter is actually and imperial U-wing? Interesting. Thank you for posting.
  13. Paris Teta

    Ship art

    Is there more of the Junk Fighter?
  14. Paris Teta

    FF SW Group on FB Admin is a sexist

    Smells like Regressiv Left. WWLD.. What would Leia Do? Laugh at it, and lead the Rebellion!