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  1. Personally, if the player spends some sort of resource then I'll have a commensurate effect in game; the more they spend the greater the impact the companion would be. Most likely the thing I'd do is to provide an "ability" or equivalent with a boost die in certain situations (as drainsmith said above). If it was an animal with sil 1 or more, I'd start to flesh out some permanent stats and that's about it.
  2. Thanks for your awesome reply! I hesitated in saying something because I didn't want to be a **** about anything, but the distraction is my honest appraisal. Still, I'll keep on listening and definitely recommend the work you all do for a great system! Making it accessible and understandable is not an easy thing sometimes and you've really nailed it.
  3. I think this is one of the better podcasts out there! You guys keep to the point, have a humorous aspect though you don't simply go completely goofy which I appreciate. Most of the podcasts I've listened to, especially actual play podcasts, go complete goofball and I get soooo tired of it. Only criticism I have is please use some sort of foam or other microphone dampener. The breathing and inhalations are clearly picked up and I find it very distracting. Other than that, I am still putting your podcasts on my permanent listening list and when it comes up in my gaming interactions, I'll recommend others to listen. So thank you for all your efforts!
  4. I like the idea. Partially because this sort of thing is exactly what I'm doing with various games, but also because whatever can be done to highlight the flexibility of this elegant system is well worth the effort. So you've got a good start as far as the dice and various levels, so all there really needs to be done, In My Humble Opinion of course, is to decide what multiple successes means, multiple failures; what your advantages/disads mean in the game world and what the triumphs/despairs are. If you'd use the boost & setback, you'd need some sort of framework for when they come into play. Sounds like that's about it. I personally wouldn't stat out weapons or armor or that kind of stuff; but if you want, there's a good amount of examples you can draw from so far.
  5. LOL I guess I was half-right. And half-wrong but in a funny way. I love being wrong like this!
  6. It's a (I think) class element used in writing HTML and CSS code. I could be wrong on the specifics, but it isn't a player's handbook, amusing though that little joke is , but it's some referral to a different part of the code block.
  7. Amazing work, thank you! Another errata for you though: Under Vehicles —> Actions —> Additional Vehicle Actions crew there is a misspelling of "Scan the Enemy". Currently, a player is scanning her Enermy and not her 'enemy.'
  8. I finished bingeing the entire seven seasons over the past... three... weeks? And I even sent a fawning email of praise like, last week! Different user name from here, though. Great job on everything! <rant>I tried listening to other FFG SW podcasts after D4B and they all really suck so far, in comparison. The three others I've sampled are simply hours of goofy characters and unfunny jokes and lame attempts at accents, virtually no editing for story cohesion, Galaxy-Quest-Hitchhiker's-Guide-wanna-be's and ain't-gonna-be's. That's all fine and dandy if I'm sitting in on a game that's supposed to be casual and goofy, but not fun as a listener who wants a decently serious with some humor thrown in story told in the SW universe using FFG's ruleset. </rant> But. Character feedback time. So, Bher wants to try and redeem herself? Three words for ya: Act. Like. Xen. The two already had a connection since the beginning and it was Xen's use of a Triumph which literally saved Bher's life at the end, especially as he didn't even have to spend it on that. Throughout the entire series, David has been carefully walking through his use of the Force and why Xen chooses to use light pips rather than dark, for example. Xen always reached out to others in a friendly manner and was genuinely concerned for their well-being. Bher didn't and really wasn't. She was always self-focused, even from the beginning. She bossed everyone around including the other PC's. Though she was the only one with medical skills, she even joked once that she'd heal Gree first to "test it out" to make sure it was safe to heal herself. It was a funny moment, unscripted, but in a way, it was kind of insightful to how Bher really thought of even her closest friends. Bher isolated herself from everyone, probably to prevent her from becoming hurt when loved ones die or even unintentionally hurt you. The antidote isn't to withdraw further, it's to reach out more. Gree and Xen are still there, somewhere close and haven't abandoned her yet.
  9. Okay. I'll need more information then. Maybe someone with more experience can figure it out with what you've provided, but personally, I'll need to see your document in order to figure it out. Up to you if you're willing to share or perhaps wait. I'm okay with whatever you decide.
  10. My understanding is you have to use the <div class="wide"> tags around the picture you want centered. Since you've already set the picture size, then it should be no problem. It will affect the entire document from that point forward if you don't close it, as a reminder in case you are unfamiliar. In other words, <div class="wide"><img class="non-blended" style="width:300px" src=(link)></div>
  11. Just a bump to say I haven't forgotten, just life got really busy (my schedule just got an additional nine hours per week on top of my regular stuff) and I'll post what I have come up with ASAP.
  12. No, my fault for not paying a little closer attention to your OP.
  13. Sorry. I don't own any Star Wars books.
  14. How about setting the initial dice score by size modified by upgrading the dice based on strength? So 250 units would be 2 green dice but they're elite warriors, so upgrade to two yellow. Something along those lines maybe? Or vice-versa. Treat size and strength just like a skill & attribute. ETA: And then superior/inferior weapons can get boost/setback dice and terrain mods can earn boost/setback and etc. etc.
  15. According to the app link in the Google App Store, it's softwaresupport@fantasyflightgames.com But there's also the dice app forum here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/284-star-wars-dice-app/ That's for the Star Wars app, however. At least, this is the only one I could find after a quick search.
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